WhatsApp Group Chats – Why You Should Avoid Them For Good

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Are you as sick of WhatsApp group chats as much as I am?

This is a message I got recently.

Hi Bree, please send me your number.

So I did.

Biggest mistake ever!

Before I knew it, “everyone is good to add you”

I was like WTF!

What are you talking about?

Everyone is asking after you in our High School WhatsApp group chat, so I have added you.

Then the chat notifications started rolling in…

Do you see how messed up that is?

This happened to me just last Saturday morning.

Mehn I ain’t got time for this sh…

So I muted notifications.

Honestly, I have been in way better group chats with several women, some I have met and some never met.

And we chat and have good sensible and sometimes crazy conversations.

And I can call them friends.

However, group chats with people you may not want to connect with can be annoying.

So in this post, I will express my distaste for WhatsApp group chats and why you should avoid them for good.

Why You Should Avoid WhatsApp Group Chats For Good

1. Whatsapp Group Chats Can Be A Total Waste Of Time

Firstly, I am a parent and also a wife, I cannot spend time chatting with a group of people every day.

After my preschooler leaves for school, I am stuck with my 3-year-old, house chores, and my business(this blog).

So my time is really precious and I have to use it well.

And I believe most parents know this too.

Even if you are not a parent and you have a job or business, you wouldn’t want to waste your time conversing.

Apparently, some peeps have way too much time on their hands to have meaningless conversations.

Dude, time is money, and I ain’t got lots of it.

That’s why I think Whatsapp group chats are not worth my time.

The same goes for Instagram follow loops.

I wasted my precious time looping on Instagram instead of being more productive.

I had to stop to gain my sanity back, but that was time lost forever.

If you haven’t read that post, here it is 5 Reasons Why Instagram Follow Loops Suck!

2. Group Chats Guilt-Trip You Into Forced Friendships

Let’s be real here.

Whatsapp group chats are sometimes made up of people you’d rather not be friends with (even if you know them before).

And just because your friends are cool with them, they will try to guilt-trip you into being friends with those people.

Do you know what happens when you don’t reciprocate the so-called friendship?

You would be termed proud and full of yourself.

So because I don’t want anyone guilt-tripping me into faking friendship, I prefer to not be in the group chat.

I do not conform and won’t start now just to please anyone.

Whatever you do, someone will always find a fault somewhere.

So just be yourself, and learn how to say “NO”.

3. WhatsApp Group Chats Can Be An Invasion Of Privacy

You know the people you would rather not give your contact to?

They will have access to you once y’all are in the same group chats.

And they will message you whenever they feel like and make you feel bad for not replying.

If that’s not an invasion of privacy, tell me what is.

For goodness sake…what if I don’t want to talk?

There’s someone I know that keeps messaging and guilt-tripping me when I say “I am busy”.

Funny enough I was working 9 to 5 then.

My dear, I had to cut him off.

WhatsApp Group Chats - Why You Should Avoid Them For Good

4. WhatsApp Group Chats Make Room For Unnecessary Competition

While my family does not have a group chat, I know of families that do.

It is fine if it is just me, my siblings, and my mom.

Of which it would be boring at some point.

But you see group chats with extended family members?

It is just a place where parents compete with their siblings about whose kids are shining.

Showing off about anything and everything.

Then aunties and uncles choosing whose kids they prefer and all that crap.

It must be a toxic environment to be in.

I am not cut out for unnecessary competition.

5. Keeping Tabs On You

There are and will always be people who do not really care about you but want to keep tabs on you.

They want to know everything happening in your life, not so that they can celebrate or sympathize with you.

It is just for them to have something to gossip about.

Where do you work now?

Are you married?

Why are you not married yet?

When do you plan to have babies?

All that nonsense.

As I am not keeping tabs on other people’s lives, I can’t stand anyone keeping tabs on mine.

Even if you are, keep doing it from a distance.

But don’t drag me into silly WhatsApp group chats to make the job even easier for you.

Let’s Wrap Up!

So that’s my take on WhatsApp group chats and why you should avoid them for good.

Are you currently in any WhatsApp group?

Please share how you find it.

Thanks for reading!

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