What I Wore Today – Thrift Store Fashion

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What I Wore Today - Thrift Store Fashion

I tried to take a good picture of what I wore today.

But the light keeps reflecting on my shirt, walls, and mirror.

Though my phone camera is excellent, I couldn’t get a great shot.

Please bear with me.

This blog will show you pictures of what I wore from the thrift store.

And I’ll also mention how much each item cost, where I got them, and where you can find similar ones.

I hope you like it.

That said, let’s get into the post.

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What I wore today from the thrift store.

Everything I’m wearing in the picture above is thrift store fashion, except the button-down shirt.

But I guess it still qualifies as it was a hand-me-down.

Cream button-down shirt by Susan Graver

This shirt is a hand-me-down from an older friend.

She shops a lot, and this shirt wasn’t working for her.

So she gave it to me.

I remember telling her that I’m open to hand-me-downs.

I’m not proud.

And when I wasn’t expecting, she gave me this shirt.

I’ve worn the shirt only once.

This is the second time I’m wearing it.

And I had fun pairing it up with the black leggings and shoes.

Check out more Susan Graver button-down shirts.

Malvin black leggings

I got the black leggings on Thredup.

I love it so much that I searched for the brand on Thredup and found a purple pair.

The leggings are stretchy, soft, and stay in place.

You know those leggings that keep moving down that you have to adjust repeatedly?

Yeah, these leggings are not like that.

The brand is called Malvin. Sign up for Thredup with my link; maybe you’ll find it.

But these Felina leggings are a great alternative if you can’t find them on Thredup.

I have Felina sweatpants.

They’re of excellent quality.

So, I trust the brand.

Between the Felina leggings have many good reviews on Amazon.

Check it out!

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Madden Girl black block heel shoes

What I Wore Today - Thrift Store Fashion

The black Madden Girl block heel sandals were from Poshmark and cost only $14.

They’re stylish and very comfortable.

Meaning you can wear them all day.

I wore these shoes from 9.30 am until after 3 pm, and I felt no discomfort.

I’ve also worn these shoes to places where we have to park far and walk to restaurants, movies, etc.

And even then, my feet or ankles never hurt.

So they’re a great buy.

Check out Burlington Clothes Haul – Pros & Cons of Shopping at Burlington.

Black leather totes

Selling On Poshmark For Beginners in 2023 | Tips To Make Sales

I also got this Neiman Marcus black leather tote bag from Poshmark for $9.

These totes are fashionable and practical.

This means they add style to your outfit and also help you carry everything you need in one place.

I had my thermos coffee mug, lunch, and a small makeup bag in this bag.

Between, I heard totes are coming back into fashion.

So, if you’re someone who follows trends, check out more Neiman Marcus toes here (affiliate link).

Conclusion on what I wore from the thrift store

So that’s what I wore from the thrift store.

I hope you enjoyed the post.

Thanks for reading.

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