What I Wore To My Husband’s Graduation Ceremony + Outfit Ideas

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What I Wore To My Husband's Graduation Ceremony + Outfit Ideas

I’m excited to share what I wore to my husband’s graduation ceremonies.

Yes, there were two ceremonies: the hooding and the general one.

So I had to pick outfits for both days.

And you guessed right; the outfits were thrifted.

But would you know if I didn’t mention it?

Anyway, I’ll show you my outfits and how much I paid for them and share other graduation ceremony outfit ideas.

Let’s begin.

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What I wore to my husband’s graduation ceremony

It took me weeks to months to plan my outfits for the graduation ceremony.

I sourced everything from thrift shopping platforms like Thredup, Poshmark, and the discounted store TJ Maxx.

So here’s my outfit and how much each item cost.

A wine-colored lulus dress for the hooding ceremony

I opted for a dress since the hooding ceremony is a formal event.

So I searched my one-stop shop, Thredup, for affordable clothes and found a wine-colored Lulus bodycon dress.

Retail price: $64

Thredup price: $22

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A nude-colored urban clutch

Nude clutch, part of the graduation outfit

Then, I also found a lovely Urban Expressions clutch on Thredup.

It was in like-new condition.

Retail price: $75

Thredup price: $7.50

A nude-colored shoes

As for the shoes, I’ve always had them.

I bought the nude shoes from DSW for my anniversary dinner last year and wore them only once.

So they’re still in excellent condition to wear on special occasions.

Earrings from TJ Maxx

Earring I wore to the graduation

Yeah, I also bought a pair of dangling earrings from TJ Maxx.

I opted for long earrings and no necklace because I love that simple, classy look with minimal jewelry.

I can’t remember how much the earrings cost as I lost the receipt.

But they weren’t expensive.

Bracelets from Amazon

Lastly, I bought these cute bracelets from Amazon(affiliate link) as I didn’t want my hands to be bare.

The bracelets were gold-plated and were more yellow than real gold.

But they were pretty and blended well with my outfit.

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Wide leg pants – for the general graduation ceremony

graduation outfit ideas

As for the general ceremony, I chose wide-leg pants and a top, which I bought from Thredup.

I found a Donna Morgan dress pants.

And they’re the best dress pants ever.

The material is of excellent quality, the fit is perfect, and it is high-waisted.

My only drawback about the pants is that they are dry clean only.

So since I bought them, I haven’t washed them.

Meaning I wore them before washing them.

I know, I know. I always advise that you wash secondhand clothes before wearing them.

But I didn’t have time to take the new pants to the dry cleaners.

However, I read that you can handwash dry-clean only clothes.

Anyway, moving on.

Retail price: $127

Thredup price: $36.99.

A cropped lace top

white lace cropped top

Next, I bought two lace tops to go with the pants.

One was nude-like, and the other was white.

After much contemplation and asking friends, I wore the white with my black pants.

And it worked out so well.

Retail price: $34

Thredup price: $12.75

Red pumps

I bought a pair of red pumps from Poshmark to spruce up the outfit.

Yup, Poshmark and Mercari are my go-to spots for shoes.

But with Mercari’s rising shipping fees, I shop more on Poshmark.

Anyway, I found a pair of red pumps with two-inch comfortable heels.

Poshmark price: $15

Red Karen Millen clutch bag

Red clutch I used for my husband's graduation

To accessorize my outfit, I added a red velvet clutch bag, which I also found on Thredup.

This bag was brand new with tags.

Pictures don’t do it justice.

It is pretty, soft, and very stylish.

Retail price: $150

Thredup price: $34.38

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5 Graduation ceremony outfit ideas

Now that you’ve seen what I wore to my hubby’s graduation, here are some graduation outfit ideas:

1. A dress with high-heeled shoes

When choosing dresses for a graduation ceremony, think of bodycon but not too clingy.

Or you can pick a knee-length flared dress with comfortable shoes.

Nothing too flashy or showy since graduations are formal events.

2. A formal jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are another excellent outfit idea for a graduation ceremony.

And it’s easy to pick an outfit if you’re going for a jumpsuit, as you don’t have to worry about a top or bottom.

Because a jumpsuit is just one outfit.

I found a couple of lovely jumpsuits on Lulus.

My favorite styles of jumpsuits for formal events are wide or tapered-leg jumpsuits.

Make sure the material is good quality and matches your body type.

Read this post about the best shoes to wear with jumpsuits.

3. Pants and a nice blouse

Another excellent outfit idea for graduation ceremonies is dress pants and a top.

If wide-leg pants aren’t your style, go for a tapered cut.

But make sure the fit is perfect and you’re comfortable in them.

Remember to consider the style when picking a top to wear with dress pants.

Wear a plain blouse if your pants have a waist tie, like paper bag pants.

I mean, don’t choose a pussy bow blouse to wear with dress pants with a tie waist.

You’d have too much going on.

You want to keep things clean and simple and also stylish.

I hope that helps.

4. The blazer dress

The blazer dress is another great outfit to wear to a graduation ceremony as a guest.

It’s stylish and dressy.

Choose a blazer dress of good length, and rock it with strappy heels or any other comfortable shoes you like.

5. Two-piece outfits

Before I forget, the two-piece top and pants or skirt outfits are also great for graduation ceremony guests.

And it’s an excellent substitute for jumpsuits.

Lulus has some beautiful two-piece sets.

I found a top and pants set on Lulus when looking for graduation outfits.

The pants were okay, but the top didn’t fit because of my wide back.

So I had to return them and choose a different route.

But you might find a set that works for you.

Those are five graduation ceremony outfit ideas for you as a guest.

Wrapping this up!

This concludes my blog post about what I wore to my hubby’s graduation and other outfit ideas for you.

I hope you find it helpful.

Did you attend a graduation ceremony recently?\

What outfit ideas do you have to share?

Please leave them in the comments.

Thanks for reading.

Please share this post.

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