50 Easy Unfinished Handmade Items To Make And Sell!

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No time to finish craft products? There are lots of unfinished handmade items you can make and sell right now!.

Making and selling semi-finished goods is a quick way for both the first and second crafter to create products.

Also when you make unfinished handmade items, other crafters can create and get their handmade goods to the market on time.

So if you have no idea what kind of half-made items to sell from home, keep reading.

Because this post will cover 50 easy unfinished handmade items you can make and sell today.

Let’s begin.

50 Easy Unfinished Handmade Items To Make And Sell!

50 Unfinished Items To Make And Sell

Handmade jewelry items to make and sell

These are items jewelry makers use to get their work done in a short time.

1. Earring hooks

You can easily make earring hooks from copper or sterling silver wire. Then other crafters can use them to make earrings and sell them too.

2. Jump rings

Jump rings are used to make handmade earrings, bracelets, and even necklaces.

They don’t take time to make.

And you can make them in different sizes.

Take a look at Silver Marker Supply on Etsy for inspiration.

3. Wire hair-accessory combs

CaSales on Etsy

If you are good with making stuff with wire, you can create wire hair combs that other crafters can make hair accessories with.

Look what CaSales is selling on Etsy.

Unfinished fashion items to make and sell

4. Plain robes

This is for anyone who can cut and sew robes.

You sew the plain robes in different colors and sell them to someone who then customizes them according to their client’s needs.

It could be for brides and their bridesmaids, etc.

5. Headbands

There are several kinds of headbands you can make and sell to others to finish and resell.

Examples are

6. Turbans

50 Easy Unfinished Handmade Items To Make And Sell!
Photo by Mwabonje from Pexels

Do you know how to sew turbans?

You can sew them with stretchy fabrics, and sell them to someone who then accessorizes them with beads, stones, etc.

You’ll get your money fast.

7. Earrings holder

Earring holders and made with either plastic or paper. And earring designers always need holders to attach and sell their finished product.

8. Silk drawstring bags

Small drawstring bags made with light silk is what most crafters use for packaging earrings, rings, bracelets, etc.

So if you can sew them, you’d be saving another crafter time and making your money fast.

9. Wig caps

Wig makers would always need wig caps to make new batch of wigs.

And you can try to make several sizes with durable material to work for different kinds of wigs.

10. Plain tote bags

People use tote bags for shopping.

And the ones made with dry cotton are reusable, so they are in high demand as everyone is buying reuseable items instead of the other way round.

Plus some crafters would buy plain totes and design them for reselling.

11. Leg warmers

If you are good with knitting or crocheting, you can make plain leg warmers, and someone else can buy them and decorate them with whatever accessory they like.

Then they can resell the leg warmers to their own clients.

50 Easy Unfinished Handmade Items To Make And Sell!

Handmade household items to make and sell

12. Laundry bags

Laundry bags are easy and straightforward to sew and sell.

And your customers may be crafters who print brand names on finished products.

So they can ask you to make certain sizes or colors according to their client’s brand colors.

13. Shoe bags

Photo by ready made from Pexels

These can be used both at home or in hotels to organize shoes. Some people even need them for traveling.

Some shoe bags are made with very light materials for one-time use, while some are made with dry cotton.

14. Hampers

This is another unfinished handmade item you can make and sell quickly.

15. Lamp-shades

Did you know that some sellers buy old lamps, change the shade and resell them?

So if you make lamp shades, they are your ideal customers.

16. Throw blankets

Everybody needs blankets.

And some crafters go all out to add extra details to blankets before selling them

They just need someone like you to sew the blankets.

17. Throw pillows

Photo by Designecologist from Pexels

You don’t need to make a complete throw pillow.

All you need to do is make the inner pillows that another seller puts into their custom-designed pillowcase.

18. Pillowcases

Now, some people sell unfinished throw pillows to those that make only pillowcases.

You can make only pillowcases for throw pillows to sell as well.

19. Gift baskets

Some crafters specialize in decorating gift baskets, and they’d always buy plain already made baskets for their craft business.

20. Toiletries bag

Toiletries bags are sometimes used as party favors.

And if you are good at sewing them, you can sell them to handmade businesses that customize them for resale.

50 Easy Unfinished Handmade Items To Make And Sell!

Unfinished millinery supplies items to make and sell

21. Hat base

Instead of making a complete hat and selling it, you can make just the base. And you can create as many as possible within a short period of time.

Between, your buyer doesn’t have time to make them, so they’d always come to you for hat bases to make their own finished products.

22. Felt flowers & hearts

This is another millinery supplies you can make and sell to milliners.

23. Flower petals

Artificial flower petals are needed for several romantic occasions. And wedding or party planners will be your customers.

24. Hat trimmings

Hat-makers always need hat-trimmings to design beautiful hats. And you’d be saving them a lot of time by creating pretty trimmings they can use to design hats.

25. Satin bows for children

Photo by Kseniya Mazaeva from Pexels

Bows are the cutest especially on little girls hair. And you can easily make them at home.

Of which they do not always require sewing.

Which makes them the easiest and quickest unfinished items to make and sell.

26. Hat boxes

Hat-makers need boxes to package hats for their clients.

Handmade kitchen items to make and sell

27. Placemats

You can make placemats from several kinds of materials. Then your crafter customer can buy them, add more details and resell.

28. Dishtowels

Even if dishtowels look like plain basic kitchen items, they make great party favors.

So I can imagine some crafters add an extra touch to dishtowels and sell them to their customers.

29. Table cloth

Embroiders that do not know how to sew would buy already made plain table cloth and design them to resell.

So you need some cutting and sewing skills for this.

Unfinished wooden items to make and sell

For anyone good at woodwork, below are examples of unfinished handmade items you can make and sell.

30. Chopping boards

As long as it is made of good wood, it can still be retouched and resold by other crafters.

31. Wood coaster

Photo by Vitaly Vlasov from Pexels

You can craft a wooden coaster then your buyer can design and sell them.

They too are great ideas for party favors.

32. Spice racks

This is another item that can be made with wood and customized as mothers’ day gifts, etc.

Other unfinished items to make and sell

  1. wooden signs,
  2. planter,
  3. Basic wreath,
  4. Hanging planters,
  5. Wooden shapes,
  6. Dry erase board,
  7. Plain notebooks,
  8. Laptop & Ipad sleeves,
  9. Curtains,
  10. Scarves,
  11. Plain mugs for others to decorate and sell,
  12. Handmade wallet,
  13. Keyrings,
  14. Doormat,
  15. Handmade cards,
  16. Ornaments,
  17. Coin purses,
  18. Brooch pins.

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50 Easy Unfinished Handmade Items To Make And Sell!


Boom! That’s 50 unfinished handmade items to make and sell from home.

Remember, you only have to make the item halfway, then your buyer finishes and sells them.

So you both are saving time and getting your goods out in the market as soon as possible.

I hope with this list, you can find a new business idea to start today.

Thanks for reading!

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