10 Tips On How To Beat Social Media Negativity

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You may have wondered how do you beat social media negativity.

Social media used to be fun, but now it is full of bullies behind keyboards.

And no matter what you do, they’d find a way to throw dirt on you.

You see, these people are very miserable and would go out of their way to make others unhappy too.

Now, some of us can deal with it and dust it off our shoulders. However, it may affect others seriously.

So today, I want to share 10 tips on how to beat social media negativity.

Let’s get started.

10 Tips On How To Beat Social Media Negativity

How To Beat Social Media Negativity

1. Take breaks from social media

The first tip to beat social media negativity is to take breaks from it, every now and then.

Take as much time as you can to clear your head, think about why you are there in the first place, and also heal from whatever negativity you must have experienced.

But if that’s extreme for you, read on.

2. Quit reading comments

Like most people, I have the habit of reading comments under random posts on social media.

And it gets to me when I see how selfish, insensitive, and horrible some people are in the comments.

I don’t really go to Instagram, so this is mostly Twitter posts.

Because of that, I uninstalled the Twitter mobile app for a while, and only use it in my browser mainly for blogging.

But I recently downloaded it again, and I really struggle to avoid comments.

3. Don’t engage in personal attacks

The next tip to beat social media negativity is not to engage with ugly comments.

If someone leaves a nasty comment on your or your friend’s post, do not reply to them.

Don’t give the commenter the attention they seek.

Instead, leave a good comment for the original poster. That would encourage others to do the same.

Have you heard this saying?

Never argue with an ugly person because they would drag you down to their level, and beat you with experience.

4. Delete, report and block

Recently someone insulted me on Pinterest.

At first I laughed about it, then it hit and destabilized me for maybe an hour or so.

I couldn’t work, I started doubting myself.

Then I told my husband. He was like “unfortunately, you’d get more comments like that but don’t let them bring you down”.

Do you know what I did?

I deleted the comment, reported, and blocked the faceless account.

The funny part is…this person has saved some of my pins, but I just wasn’t interested in them pinning my pins anymore.

Anyway, that’s by the way.

So what I’m saying is, you have the power to delete nasty comments, block and report ugly people from your account.

But under someone else’s post? See point #3 above or keep scrolling.

Ignoring horrible comments does not imply weakness – it means you know where to channel your energy.

Keep reading.

10 Tips On How To Beat Social Media Negativity

5. Don’t leave comments – it’s not your fight

Sometimes you’d find an insensitive post that really hurts you and you’re tempted to reply and cuss the poster out.

You know what? Don’t!

Instead, scroll through the comments, you’d see at least one person has already made that point you were going to make.

Plus replying to that post makes the original poster feel important, and happy that they stepped on many toes.

So there’s no need to add yours to the mix.

Replying to them only leads to a dirty argument that you can’t win because they have lots of experience in that matter (being stupid) than you.

6. Keep your opinions to yourself

Now let’s talk about opinion.

Everyone has their opinion about particular topics and all that.

But you don’t have to share or give your opinion all the time.

Some people are really good at misconstruing comments or facts to fit their narrative.

And even if your points are valid, they would close their minds to what you are saying, and continue to misconstrue your words.

I know how annoying it is when people intentionally misinterpret what you’re saying.

So there’s really no point going back and forth with such people.

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7. Don’t take everything you hear or read seriously

Just the way you have your beliefs, others have theirs.

So when you read a post, comments and all that; just read it and move on.

You need to acknowledge and live with the fact that there will always be things that don’t align with your beliefs.

And that’s the beauty of life, even if some are ugly.

Plus, there are all kinds of people on the internet, and there’s little to nothing you can do about it.

But one thing you have control over is not engaging with them.

8. Unfollow if you have to

We innocently follow people that enjoy similar social media content like us.

But if you begin to notice negativity – for your own sanity and reputation – feel free to unfollow them.

Because the more you see such post, the more they affect you negatively.

Either you start believing them or they rub off on you by association.

Meaning, people begin to think you are like that person.

9. Apologize and move on

Because social media is a crazy place, you can easily misunderstand posts or comments.

Plus you can easily jump to conclusions, and end up in a fight on the internet.

But when you realize your mistake, have the dignity to apologize for taking someone’s words out of context.

It shows you are a sensible person, and not afraid to apologize when you are wrong.

10. Practice self-care

The last but not least tip to beat social media negativity is to practice self-care.

Remember what I said at the beginning of this post “some people are miserable.

So whatever hurtful things they say to you is a projection of their insecurities.

Like the person that called a blogger I really love, “fat ugly b*tch”.

It is not you, it’s them.

Don’t let it break you.

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10 Tips On How To Beat Social Media Negativity


So that’s 10 tips on how to beat social media negativity.

I hope these help you deal wisely with internet trolls and bullies, and also enjoy the fun part of social media.

Has social media affected you negatively?

Please share with us your experience and tips for dealing with them.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. A really good read, can really identify with this right now! I’m not sure if it because people are cracking under the current situation but they seem to think they have permission to be the worst possible versions of themselves.
    Well done for speaking out and thank you for sharing!! Keep strong and remember a mean individual is generally a jealous individual. ❤️

    1. Hi Rachael,
      Seriously, they think they have permission to be horrible people.
      We are all going through hard times, so nobody has the right to make it worse for another person.
      I’m happy you found my 10 Tips On How To Beat Social Media Negativity informative and helpful.
      Thank you, my friend.
      Sending you lots of love.
      xx, Bree.

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