20 Tips For Buying Designer Clothes on Thredup

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This blog post discusses tips for shopping designer clothes on Thredup and getting the most bang for your buck.

Thredup is an online consignment store where you can buy fashion items for a fraction of the retail price.

I’ve been shopping on Thredup for years.

At the beginning, I made some mistakes.

But with time, I got better at shopping on Thredup.

And it’s now one of my favorite places to buy clothes.

So here are my best tips for buying clothes on Thredup.com.

20 Tips For Shopping On ThredUp

1. Get a measurement tape to make buying on Thredup easier

The first thing I’d suggest you get before you start buying clothes on Thredup is to get measurement tape.

Thredup uploads just three pictures of clothing.

The first two are the back and front of the cloth, and the third picture shows the measurements.

So, owning a tape measure gives you a better idea of how the cloth would fit.

2. Know your measurements before buying on Thredup

Another helpful tip for shopping on Thredup is to know your measurements.

Well, if you don’t.

Just use the tape measure and take your measurements.

3. Compare Thredup measurements with clothes you own


Another thing I do when shipping on Thredup is compare their measurements to my clothes.

When it comes to pants, you must measure the inseam, the rise, and the length.

So check your favorite high-rise jeans/pants and ensure they’re the same as Thredup’s measurements before buying them.

4. Know your sizes to shop on Thredup

On Thredup, you can enter your sizes for tops, bottoms, shoes, etc.

Once you enter your sizes, Thredup will customize your search results.

So, if you’re a medium, your search results will be only medium.

And you won’t be overwhelmed by clothes that aren’t your size.

5. Filter your search when shopping on Thredup

When shopping on Thredup, make sure to use the filters.

The filter options are on the left side of the page (if shopping on a desktop) or at the top of the screen (on mobile phones).

You can filter by category, style, condition, price, etc.

I only use the condition filter because I prefer to buy new-with-tags and like-new items.

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6. Save your favorite items when window-shopping on Thredup


If you’re buying clothes on Thredup, save your favorites.

Mind you, other buyers are saving clothes too.

So know that someone else might buy that saved item before you.

Because it is not reserved.

The only way to reserve clothes on Thredup is with the bundling option.

But we’ll get to that soon.

7. Check Thredup often

Thredup adds new items every day, I guess.

So, I’d advise you to check frequently to find more treasures to add to your cart.

Again, please use Thredup bundling, and you won’t lose your faves.

8. Buy high-end brands on Thredup

The main reason we’re talking about shopping on Thredup is so that you can score designer clothes for less.

So if you spend money there, you might as well buy high-end clothes.

They are well-made and fit better.

I bought this pair of jeans for $11.99, retailing for $71.


I usually can’t afford that, but I can on Thredup.

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9. If you like it, put it in your cart

In addition to adding items to your favorites, sometimes you should add clothes to your cart and buy them quickly.

If you find an item on Thredup with many likes, you better know buyers are interested.

And the fastest buyer gets it.

So, if you like it, add it to your cart or bundle.

10. Shop Thredup sales

Even if clothes are cheap on Thredup, you’ll pay even less when you shop the sales.

Thredup sales are sometimes 50 to 60% off.

So please take advantage of it and add your favorites to your cart.

11. Use coupon codes when shopping Thredup sales

Thredup sales usually have coupon codes.

You’d pay full price if you fail to add the code at checkout.

So make sure you enter the coupon code at checkout when shopping Thredup sales.

12. Buy final sale items on Thredup

Aside from regular sales on Thredup, there are also the final sale items.

The prices of clothes in the final sale have been slashed low.

And you’d notice under the price “final sale.”

That means you cannot return that item for whatever reason.

So make sure you like the cloth and you’re sure of the fit before buying it.

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13. Take advantage of the Thredup free shipping

It doesn’t make sense to shop on Thredup and pay almost $10.99 for shipping.

So, I, and you can, too, can spend up to $89 and get free shipping.

Because $10.99 can buy one or two tops in the clearance sale.

14. Return clothes that don’t fit for a restocking fee of $3.99


Yes, you can return clothes that don’t fit on Thredup.

For items to qualify for a refund, you must return them in the same condition you bought them.

If it’s new with tags, that’s how you must return it.

So don’t pull off tags until you’re sure you want to keep that item.

In short, please don’t cut the tags until the day you wear them. Lol.

But remember, you must return items within 14 days of purchase.

And you’d be charged a restocking fee of $3.99 for every item you send back to Thredup.

15. Make sure you buy bundles on Thredup

Another tip for buying on Thredup is to use the bundling feature.

So here’s how it works:

Add the clothes you want to buy to the cart, then select bundle and ship.

And you’d be charged a refundable shipping fee of $8.99.

But you can still add more clothes to your bundle over the week and qualify for free shipping.

Once you reach the free shipping threshold, your $8.99 will be refunded.

And when you are done adding to your bundle, you can say close bundle and ship.

And Thredup will ship your box.

16. When buying on Thredup, view other items from the seller

When you shop on Thredup on a desktop, you can check more items from a particular seller.

Scroll to the bottom of the page to see “more from this seller.”

You might find a few things more things you like.

I’d use that if the seller has new-with-tags items.

17. Don’t just buy on Thredup because it is cheap

While Thredup is cheap, you don’t have to buy clothes when you can’t afford them.

And even if I say to check often, only buy what you need.

Wear them, and enjoy them until the next time you need to change your wardrobe.

In short, only shop on Thredup when you need to.

So ignore the sales notifications and save your money for other things.

18. Sell on Thredup to make money to buy more

Aside from buying designer clothes on Thredup, you should consider selling too.

Just request a clean-out kit.

  1. You can choose a bag to be shipped to you with a return label.
  2. Or you can ask for a shipping label to be emailed to you.

With the second option, you’d have to use your box but with a Thredup return shipping label.

So fill the box with clothes you want to sell.

Then schedule a pick-up with USPS, and the mail person will pick your box up.

That’s what I do.

And when your clothes sell, you can get paid via Paypal or ask for Thredup store credit.

But if you don’t want to sell, you can donate your clothes to Thredup.

19. Buy on Threup for reselling

If you love reselling, you can buy clothes on Thredup to resell on other marketplaces.

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20. Join the referral program

Did you know you can earn money from referring your friends to shop on Thredup?

Sign up with my Thedup referral link for 45% off your first order.

If you invite your friends, you’ll receive a $40 store credit when their first Thredup order ships.

That’s extra money to shop for you and me to shop.


Conclusion on shopping designer clothes on Thredup

Boom! 20 tips for buying clothes on Thredup.

I hope with these tips, you can score great deals on the online consignment store.

If you have questions about shopping on Thredup, please leave them in the comments.

I’d be happy to answer them.

Thanks for reading.

Please share this post; it would mean everything to me.

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