10 Tips To Dress Confidently & Rock Your Favorite Outfits

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10 Tips To Dress Confidently & Rock Your Favorite Outfits

When I didn’t own my style, dressing confidently was a hit or miss.

I wore almost anything my friends recommended or thought would look good on me.

However, with time, I learned how to curate a wardrobe based on only what I like.

Since then, I’ve dressed more confidently and enjoyed my style.

So, let’s explore ten tips to dress confidently and rock your favorite outfits.

My top 10 tips to dress confidently

Before we go further, I just wanted to say that style is personal.

And we all have different body types, which affects how clothes look on us.

But by finding what works with your body type and, most especially, what you love, you’ll be well on your way to dressing confidently.

So here are my tips to dress confidently:

1. Prioritize fit when choosing your outfits

When it comes to fit, focus on how clothes fit your body, not the model in the ad.

Does it flatter your body?

I love boxy-tops, but they don’t look good on me.

I prefer clothes that are more shapely and curvy.

Think about what you like and focus on that when shopping for clothes.

And if the clothes don’t fit perfectly, can you tailor them?

I know of someone who tailors most of her clothes, and they look perfect on her.

Yes, she’s rich.

But you don’t have to tailor your clothes.

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2. Discover fabrics that feel good on your body

Some fabrics flow and make you feel good when wearing them, while others can be uncomfortable.

I had a stiff but cute denim dress.

As much as I liked it, I felt uncomfortable wearing it.

Because the fabric was too stiff and restrictive around my neck and shoulders.

But lighter fabrics like cotton, chiffon, silk, and blended cotton are some of my favorites.

So, focus on materials that make you feel comfortable, and buy clothes made with them.

3. Choose colors that flatter your complexion

to dress confidently, choose colors that flatter your complexion

This is not always black and white.

No pun intended. Lol.

But choosing colors that flatter your complexion is another step to dressing more confidently.

My favorite colors are blue, red, brown, white, and black.

I used to like green but discovered it doesn’t flatter me.

So, I stopped buying green clothes.

When shopping for clothes, pick the colors that flatter your complexion.

You can also try other colors you haven’t tried before and see if they also work for you.

You might surprise yourself.

4. Focus on your body type to dress confidently

As I said about focusing on how clothes look on your body and not the model, make it about you.

Embrace your body and why it’s beautiful.

So if clothes don’t fit your body, don’t turn into negative self-talk.

Just know that some clothes won’t work with your body type, and it’s okay.

Instead, show off your favorite parts.

If you love flaunting your legs, wear skirts, dresses, shorts, etc.

And if you have strong shoulders, jackets will always look good on you.

And you’ll see that when you wear those clothes, you’ll feel confident in them.

You’ll always catch me wearing some sleeveless top or clothes that show legs.

5. Find your unique style

Another tip to dress confidently is to find your unique style.

Do you like simple, classy, or edgy fashion?

I have a friend who loves edgy fashion.

And I even tried dressing edgy with her, but it wasn’t my thing.

I prefer a simple but classy style.

I wouldn’t say I like drawing too much attention to myself.

So experiment and find your style.

If you love vintage fashion, try on outfits at a vintage clothes store.

And see how it goes.

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6. Don’t be afraid to bring in the accessories

10 Tips To Dress Confidently & Rock Your Favorite Outfits

Another tip to dress confidently is to add accessories to your outfits.

Think of belts, scarves, bags, and even necklaces.

If you like bold necklaces, a statement piece can upgrade your outfit.

But if you like thin necklaces, layer a few gold necklaces under a plain white button-down shirt.

Just play with your favorite accessories and see what suits your style.

And for bags, do you like oversized totes or prefer small shoulder bags?

These items can elevate your outfit and make you feel more stylish.

7. Don’t forget your wardrobe staples

Wardrobe staples are versatile pieces worn for several occasions.

These are well-fitting blue jeans, a plain white button-down shirt(mostly cotton), a classic black dress, and black pumps for shoes.

Having these staples ensures you have something to start an outfit with.

And when buying these staples, make sure they’re of excellent quality.

Read this post about fashion items to splurge and save on to guide you.

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8. Take care of your clothes, but don’t take chances

care for your clothes to dress confidently

To dress and feel confident, take care of your clothes.

So follow the instructions on the care label to make your clothes last longer.

I remember ruining a new dress the same day I bought it because I tried to iron a non-iron fabric.

Also, don’t take chances when getting dressed.

If your clothes are missing a button, replace them before wearing them again.

And if it’s torn, please don’t wear it hoping no one will notice the tear.

Even if no one notices, you know it’s there, and you’ll be self-conscious, ruining your whole outfit.

So either sew the tear or don’t wear the cloth altogether.

9. To dress confidently, quit following trends

Another confidence killer when it comes to dressing is following trends.

Following trends can make it challenging to choose your own style and what you feel comfortable in because fashion trends are constantly changing.

I remember I used to like boot-cut jeans, but not anymore.

I only wear straight-cut or skinny jeans, even if boot cuts are back in style.

And I don’t see my style changing.

So, find your style without relying too much on trends.

10. Build your confidence

The truth is, no matter what you wear, even if you love it, your whole outfit will look or feel like rubbish if you lack self-confidence.

Trust me, I’ve been there.

It was so bad that I’d try so many outfits and finally give up that I was not enough.

But I had low self-esteem, and it was eating me up.

However, my self-esteem has improved with time, daily practice, and the influence of good friends.

And I’m more confident in my skin than before.

So, work on your self-confidence, dress up, walk with your head held high, and you’ll rock any outfit.

When you’re dressed, look in the mirror and admire how lovely clothes look on you.

And take the same energy when stepping out to wherever you’re going.

You got this!

So that’s ten tips to dress confidently and rock any outfit.

If you find this post helpful, please share it.

Thanks for reading.

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