ThredUp vs. Poshmark: Which Is Better For Closet Cleanout?

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ThredUp VS Poshmark: Which Is A Better Closet Cleanout Platform?

Do you want to know between Thredup and Poshmark which is better for closet cleanout?

Then stick around.

This post will compare selling and buying on Thredup vs Poshmark.

And by the end of the post, you’ll be able to choose the best for you based on your needs.

Let’s begin.

Which Is Better For Closet Cleanout? ThredUp or Poshmark?

Before I compare ThredUp to Poshmark, let me show you how they work.


An online consignment store where you can buy secondhand fashion—some new with tags—at an affordable rate.

If you plan to declutter your closet and sell or donate your clothes, ThredUp is a quick option.

To learn more about ThredUp, read this post: Selling Clothes on Thredup – Tips To Make Money & Benefits.

Sign up with my Thredup referral link and send in your first cleanout kit to receive a $10 store credit.


An online selling platform and a mobile app for selling stuff and making money online.

To join Poshmark, sign up with my link, download the mobile app, and start listing your items.

Poshmark vs. Thredup Buying

Buying clothes on ThredUp is like shopping from a regular online store.

You pick items, add them to your cart, make the payment, and receive your purchase.

There is a drawback to buying on ThredUp.

Your clothes may not all arrive together in one box because sometimes items are shipped from different ThredUp stores in the US.

On Poshmark, if you buy stuff from several sellers, you’d pay different shipping rates for each purchase.

So buyers would rather buy bundles from a particular Poshmark seller and have everything shipped together.

Winner: Thredup wins because you can buy clothes you love from several sellers and ship them as a bundle, even if they arrive days apart.

Shipping rates on Thredup vs. Poshmark

For purchases under $89 on ThredUp, you pay a $10.99 shipping fee, but if it is over $89, you will get free shipping.

But Poshmark shipping is $7.97, whatever you buy, unless your bundle is over 10 lbs.

Winner: Poshmark wins here because whether you buy a couple of things or a bundle, you’ll pay only $7.97.

ThredUp VS Poshmark: Which Is A Better Closet Cleanout Platform?


When you request to return an item to ThredUp, they’ll email you a free return label and charge you a restocking fee of $3.99, which will be deducted from your refund.

Then, the balance will be sent to your original method of payment.

Poshmark, however, does not charge you restocking fees. They’d only send you a return label to ship the item to the seller.

Winner: Poshmark wins returns.

Though both platforms offer free returns, I’d rather not pay a restocking fee.

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Selling On Thredup vs. Poshmark


Once Thredup has your clothes, they take pictures, list them, and price them.

Then, you are free to adjust your prices in hopes that they’ll sell faster.

While on Poshmark, you take pictures, price your listings, ship orders, and even share your listings within and outside of Poshmark.

Winner: Thredup wins here because some of us do not have time to take pictures and list stuff.


ThredUp usually gives sellers a period to sell their clothes.

Afterward, the clothes are returned to you or become ThredUp’s property.

Also, if and when those clothes sell in the future, you won’t be paid for them anymore.

However, Poshmark, on the other hand, does not place a time frame on your listings.

So even if the listing has been on Poshmark for over a year, nobody will send you messages about them expiring.

Winner: Poshmark is a better selling platform because you’re not pressured to sell your clothes or lose them to anyone.

Shipping as a seller on Thredup vs. Poshmark

Regarding shipping, ThredUp handles all that for you since the clothes are already in their possession.

And you only hear that your item is sold and then wait for your money.

But a Poshmark seller packs and ships purchases from their home with a prepaid shipping label($7.97).

Winner: The winner here is ThredUp because they save you the time to pack orders and make post office runs.


The way selling on ThredUp works is that you send in your clothes, Thredup lists them (the accepted ones), sells them, and pays you a small percentage of the sale. Sometimes as low as $0.30.

On the other hand, on Poshmark, the seller makes sales, pays Poshmark selling fees, and takes a higher share of the sale.

Winner: Poshmark wins here because you only pay the required selling fee and keep the rest.

Getting paid plus payment methods

Thredup pays sellers ten days after the buyer receives the item and does not return it.

You can receive your funds through direct deposit, store credit, and PayPal.

While on Poshmark, you get your funds immediately after the buyer accepts and rates you.

The longest you’d wait is three days. Poshmark pays sellers by direct bank deposit or store credit. There is no PayPal option here on Poshmark.

Winner: In terms of how fast you get your money, Poshmark wins.

But Thredup wins payment methods because of PayPal.

ThredUp VS Poshmark: Which Is A Better Closet Cleanout Platform?

Poshmark vs. Thredup: Which Is Better For Decluttering Or Shopping Secondhand?

So that compares ThredUp vs. Poshmark for closet cleanouts and buying secondhand fashion.

You’d decide which platform you prefer based on your needs.

I prefer Thredup over Poshmark for shopping, but I like the other way around for selling.

I hope this post helps you choose the best platform to declutter your closet and sell and buy new fashion items.

Are you currently selling on ThredUp and Poshmark?

Which of them do you prefer and why?

Let us know in the comments.

Thanks for reading!

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