Thredup Haul – What I Bought From Under $50

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Thredup Haul - What I Bought From

I’ve shopped from Thredup several times but haven’t done a Thredup haul post.

So today I’ll show you everything I bought from Thredup during the holiday sales.

Between, the sales are still on.

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That said, let’s get into the post.

Thredup shopping Haul What I Bought From During The Holiday Sales

Thredup Haul - What I Bought From

If you love designer clothes but can’t splurge on expensive clothes, try shopping on Thredup.

Though Thredup has downsides like other marketplaces, it’s still a great place to buy secondhand clothes.

This post shows that most of the items I bought from Thredup were new with tags.

That’s to tell you that Thredup sells brand new-with-tag clothes and others in great or good condition.

But I decided I’d only buy clothes that are new with tags or at least in excellent condition.

Sometimes, the clothes that are described as in excellent or good condition might have flaws.

So that’s a tip for you when shopping on Thredup.

Always pick new-with-tags over like-new or good, especially when buying tops.

You know you’re shopping online and not seeing the clothes until you receive them.

That’s why choosing brand new with tags is always better.

Anyway, here’s what I bought:

1. Mi Ami Tank Top from

Mi-Ami Top Thredup Haul

According to Thredup, this top normally retails for $19.

But I got it new with tags on Thredup for only $7.11.

2. Charlotte Russe White Chiffon Long Sleeve Blouse

Charlotte Russe White Chiffon long Sleeve Blouse - Top Thredup Haul

This Charlotte Russe chiffon wrap blouse retails for $38.

But I got it for $7.15.

This is one of three items in my order that wasn’t new with tags.

But it’s in excellent condition.

3. Banana Republic Factory Blouse – Thredup Haul

Banana Republic Factory Blouse

This top retails for $19.98.

I bought it new with tags on Thredup for $4.95.

4. Nylon Apparel Sleeveless Blouse

Nylon Apparel Sleeveless Blouse

This is one of my favorite tops in this Thredup haul.

I love how the buttons are slanted.

The back of the top is longer than the front.

So it has that crop style in front but longer at the back.

The estimated retail price is $38.

But I paid only $7.15.

It’s also new with tags.

5. J.Crew Factory Store Sleeveless Blouse – Thredup Haul

J.Crew Factory Store Sleeveless Blouse - Thredup Haul

This J. Crew top is one of those you can wear under a jacket or balzer.

Or wear it alone during summer.

The estamtaed retail orice is $53.

But I got it for $3.85.

It’s in excellent condition. Not new-with-tags.

6. Six Degrees Of Seperation Sleeveless Blouse – Thredup Haul

Six Degrees Of Seperation Sleeveless Blouse

This top is not new with tags.

But in excellent condition.

Estimated retail price is $19.

But I got it for $4.40.

7. Fashion Nova 3/4 Sleeve Top

Fashion Nova 3/4 Sleeve Top - Thredup Haul

I bought this off-shoulder Fashion Nova top for $5.50.

Its estimated retail price is $13.

Not one of my faves.

But I’ll rock it all the same.

It kinda feels like the off-shoulder won’t stay in place.

If it starts to bug me, I might resell it.

8. Kourt Tank Top – Thredup Haul

Kourt Tank Top - Thredup Haul

I was really rooting for this tank top.

I loved it the moment I saw it.

But Thredup never mentioned that it’s a cropped tank top.

At least, that would’ve been a deciding factor.

Also, the wide square neck feels like it might be a problem.

But we’ll see.

The estimated retail price is $64.

But I got it on Thredup for $6.60, new with tags.

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How much I spent?

My cart before applying the discount code and store credit was $84.92.

After using the discount code and my store credit, the total plus tax was $44.19.

Yup, the shipping was free.

So that helped keep the cost down.

Tips for shopping on Thredup

Always choose new with tags clothes.

The chances of the clothes having any flaws will be much less.

What I do is filter my search based on new with tags.

So I won’t be tempted to buy things in good condition and hate them.

The lowest to go is to pick excellent condition items

Items in excellent condition are usually worn maybe a few times.

Or the person pulled out the tags but never wore them.

The clothes are mostly in great condition.

But not always.

I bought clothes that Thredup described as in excellent condition that were in good condition.

So, the items in excellent condition are a hit-or-miss thing.

Shop during sales

This is just something I do.

I don’t shop a lot.

But when I shop on Thredup, it’s only when they have sales.

And this time the discount code also offered free shipping.

Which was a win-win for me.

So you can try that too.

But the thing about waiting for sales is that most of your favorite items would be gone.

Because other shoppers like them, too.

So do what works best for you.

Check out 20 Tips For Buying Designer Clothes on Thredup


So that’s all about my Thredup clothes haul.

I bought eight tops, paid under $50, and even got free shipping.

Don’t you think that was a good deal?

Well, I do.

Thanks for reading this post.

If you like it, please share it.

What have you bought from Thredup recently?

Please share your experience with us.

Also, if you have any questions about shopping on Thredup, please leave them in the comments.

See you in the next post.

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