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17 Things To Declutter In Your Bedroom Right Now

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When last did you declutter your bedroom?

Today I am sharing with you 17 things to declutter in your bedroom today.

When cleaning our homes, we often forget to declutter our bedrooms.

The bedroom is considered your place of peace and serenity but when it is cluttered with unimportant stuff, it becomes a crazy corner in the house.

So in this post, we’ll cover several things to declutter from your bedroom, and tips to keep your bedroom clean and be a place you love to spend time in.

Let’s dive in!

17 Things To Declutter In Your Bedroom Right Now

17 Things To Declutter In Your Bedroom

Declutter your closet

1. Clothes

Go through your closet, take out clothes you haven’t worn in years, and know you may never wear them.

Bundle them up and donate to ThredUp, Goodwill, or any other charity organization of your choice.

2. Shoes

Declutter old shoes sitting in your closet collecting dust because at some point they won’t be wearable anymore.

What I mean is that the glue starts wearing off or the material if it’s not leather, begins to peel.

So send any shoes you are currently not wearing to thrift stores.

You can do it online with ThredUp, that is if you can’t go to thrift stores in your area.

3. Underwear

Some of us keep old underwear for years. That cute wire bra that pokes out and hurts your chest.

You don’t wear it anymore, but it’s too pretty to let go of, right?

Please toss it with old panties, pantyhose, and socks in the bin.

4. Handbags

If you have problems organizing and keeping your handbags in order, you probably have more than you need.

Also, most of us have our everyday bags and the ones we use for special occasions.

But if you have some you haven’t used for months whether every day or parties bag, then maybe pass it on to someone else.

Sell or donate them.

Declutter your dresser

Yup! Unnecessary stuff on your dresser.

4. Makeup

I hardly check makeup for expiry dates, and I’m possibly not the only one.

And because of that, some of us would keep and continue to use expired cosmetics. I’m guilty of keeping old lipstick and eyeshadows.

Once I find a lip color I love, that lipstick might stay 5 years in my makeup bag until the brand name fades off. Likewise my eyeshadows.

But recently, I bit the bullet and put them where they belong “in the trash”.

5. Jewelry

Sort through your jewelry box or trays and throw out old faded jewelry.

If you feel they are still in wearable conditions but you may never wear them, then sell or donate them.

Even missing pairs of earrings can be sold.

Some resellers sell one-piece Kendra Scott earrings. And buyers are also looking for a single piece to pair with theirs. So…

17 Things To Declutter In Your Bedroom Right Now

6. Lotion bottles

Some of us (me inclusive) are guilty of keeping empty lotion and cream containers.

I understand you may be keeping them as a reminder to buy them again. Or in my case, the container is too cute to be thrown away. Bath and bodyworks anyone?

But they are unnecessary stuff that keeps falling over and knocking down other things on your dresser.

Also, they just take too much space. Consider recycling them.

7. Empty perfume bottles

Oh! I used to keep empty perfume bottles to show off the kind of perfumes I’ve used.

But who cares? Nobody gives a rat’s a** about it.

So please throw out empty perfume bottles.

8. Scrunchies

If you have old and slack scrunchies in your dresser drawers, toss them in the bin.

No need to keep those old dirty stuff cluttering your drawers.

9. Nail polish

Clear the top of your dresser of old nail polish bottles and throw them out.

Maybe look for that nail color – if you can’t do without it – buy a new one, and throw the dried one out.

10. Cloth tags/labels

Oh yeah! I know of people that keep clothes tags. I even did it to a degree, and it messed up my tiny dresser space.

So one day, I cleared the whole damn thing and tossed them in the bin.

Even recently, I was tempted to keep a few clothes labels, but I didn’t let the thought come to fruition.

Moving on.

Declutter your bedroom of books

17 Things To Declutter In Your Bedroom Right Now

11. Writing pads

Declutter your room of those small pesky writing pads that fall apart with any tiny move.

If you use them as grocery shopping lists, then maybe create a tiny station for them in your kitchen.

12. Books

It’s okay to have a couple of books on your nightstand for nighttime reading.

Any other book you’re not currently reading can stay on your bookshelf (hopefully in your living room or office).

Also, old textbooks and novels you’re done reading can be donated or sold.

13. Fliers and pamphlets

Another thing to declutter from your bedroom is those annoying fliers and pamphlets. They pile up quickly.

After reading and getting whatever information is written on them, toss them in the trash.

Declutter your bedroom decor

14. Chair

If your bedroom is big enough to add a chair, fine. But if not, take it out and give yourself more room to move.

15. TV

As kids, we had a TV in our bedroom, and I liked it. Now an adult, I can’t stand it.

Can’t stand the light in my eyes and the sound waking me up in the middle of the night.

So if your TV disrupts your sleep, then you know it doesn’t belong in the bedroom. You know what to do.

16. Lamps

Bedside lamps are good for decor and of course nighttime reading.

But if they take too much space on your nightstand, then maybe they shouldn’t be there.

Or find a minimal lamp for reading at night.

17. Trash cans

Keeping a trash can in your bedroom means keeping rubbish in your bedroom, and we don’t want that.

So get rid of the waste bin in your room, and make the trip to use the one in your kitchen.

17 Things To Declutter In Your Bedroom Right Now

How To Keep Your Bedroom Clean And Clutter Free

Now how do you keep your bedroom clean?

Use hampers with lids

Storing your dirty clothes in a hamper with a lid keeps your room tidy, and also locks in odors, if any.

Do laundry

You don’t have to do laundry every day. But do it before the hamper overflows with dirty clothes.

An overstuffed hamper makes your room appear dirty and cluttered.


I hate sweeping, and I know I’m not the only one. But sweeping my room at least once a week helps a lot.

And when you do clean your room, don’t forget the areas between your dressers, beds, and walls.

Cleaning those crevices makes a huge difference to your room.

Also, move things on your dresser or nightstand around and dust.

Organize your closet

No, you don’t have to go all out and arrange your clothing by category.

But you can invest in a few dozen hangers and hang everything.

All my clothes are on hangers, except gym clothes, t-shirts, tank tops, and underwear. Those belong in the dresser drawers.

Also, I don’t have the time to organize different clothes in separate corners of my closet and whatnot, but it is a great idea.

Makes it more effortless to find clothes.

Use over-the-door shoe organizers

Instead of taking floor space, consider using an over-the-door shoe organizer or – if you can afford it – a wall organizer.

Use under-the-bed storage

While I’m not a fan of under-the-bed storage – because I’d forget stuff there and collect more dust – I understand its usefulness.

So if you need extra storage then it should work for you.

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17 Things To Declutter In Your Bedroom Right Now


Boom! 17 things to declutter from your bedroom today.

I hope this helps you put away clutter, and organize your room for relaxation.

What other things do you think we have in our bedrooms that belong in the trash?

Please leave them in the comments.

Thanks for reading.

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