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I Stopped Wearing Foundation For Months – Here’s What Happened

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Since you started wearing makeup, have you ever stopped or taken a break from using foundation?

I believe I have been on and off foundation over the years.

But sometime this year I stopped wearing foundation, and it’s been on for several months now.

Though it wasn’t a skin detox, a cleanse, a challenge, or anything of the likes, but my skin benefited from it.

I guess it was a compulsory break from the foundation my skin was forced to take.

And it was worth it.

So this is what happened to me after I stopped wearing foundation for months.

Don’t forget to read why I stopped in the first place.

Let’s dive in.

Why I Stopped Wearing Foundation

Firstly, I didn’t wake up one day and decided to go on a no-foundation challenge. No.

But I woke up to realize I had been using the wrong shade the whole time like so many women out there.

Now I’m not sure if it had always been too dark for my skin tone because I used it for months without any problems.

Maybe I got lighter and the foundation became too dark for me, I wouldn’t know.

But it took a long time before I actually noticed my face gets a tad darker after foundation application.

And it is also possible I was blinded by the coverage that I didn’t take notice of the shade.

If I tell you the coverage was awesome with a matt finish, you better believe me.

So the day I noticed the foundation wasn’t my color, I was getting ready for church.

Once I applied it to my face, for the first time in months I saw it was too dark.

I had to wash my whole face.

Then I wore my makeup all over again, but this time without foundation.

And from that day up until now, no foundation has not touched my skin.

But I still wear makeup, do my normal facial routine, and other regular stuff.

What Happened After I Stopped Wearing Foundation

Now you know what inspired me to quit foundation.

Here’s what happened during the course of stopping and my little struggles.

1. I increased the number of times I do my facials and got a more glowing skin

Since I wasn’t wearing foundation anymore, I made sure to do my facials as often as needed.

Sometimes with DIY skincare products, other times with store-bought ones.

At least if my face is going to be bare, it might as glow naturally.

And I attribute the glow to regular exfoliation with a DIY coffee honey scrub and of course moisturizers.

That coffee scrub is one of the best homemade scrubs I have ever made and used.

It sloughs off dead skin, moisturizes my skin, and improves its elasticity.

Even today that I am writing this post, I exfoliated my face and body with this scrub.

You should see my skin popping!

2. My skin took lots of breathers

For someone who always preaches “let your skin breath after exfoliation”, my skin definitely got lots of breathers.

After my facials, the only thing that touches my skin is a light moisturizer.

No foundation blocking my pores week after week.

And I don’t have to worry if I am too tired to wash my face before bed.

I guess that’s a win.

3. I got comfortable going out with little to no makeup.

Though it took some time and eyes rolling at myself, but I got comfortable with it.

And my go-to light makeup was and still is:

  • eyebrow pencil,
  • eye pencil,
  • eyeliner,
  • lip liner and,
  • lipgloss or a tinted lip balm.

Sometimes I take it one step further with red lipstick.

I Stopped Wearing Foundation For Months - Here's What Happened

4. Wearing makeup takes less time.

After I stopped using foundation, the time it takes to wear makeup was shortened.

I could wear my makeup pretty quickly without spending so much time blending foundation into my skin.

And my husband don’t have to say “babe, hurry up”. Lol.

Cool right?

But you know what’s not cool?

You’ll find out in the next point.

5. I realized how important Foundation is to my makeup

Even if it takes me a shorter time to wear makeup, what’s the point if it won’t work with every outfit and place you need to be?

I realized how vital foundation is to my makeup when after everything my face still looks dull.

You know even a little foundation goes a long way.

And for someone who doesn’t wear lots of makeup, taking foundation out of the equation messed things up.

The brightest thing part of my serious makeup is my red lipstick.

And even that won’t really pop without foundation on my face.

For some people, it is their eyes.

Nobody wants to look sleepy after getting all dressed.

If you know what I mean.

Will I Ever Go Back To Wearing Foundation?

Yes, I will. When I find the right color for my skin tone.

And hopefully, when I find it, it would glide on smoothly and blend easily into my skin.

But until then, this girl will go foundation-less. If there is any such thing.

Anyway, that’s that.

You may want to check out the post below for tips to find the right foundation shade for your skin tone.

Are YOU one of the 80% of women wearing the wrong colour foundation?

I definitely have picked some tips to guide me when I am ready to buy a new foundation.

I Stopped Wearing Foundation For Months - Here's What Happened

Let’s Wrap Up!

There you go!

That’s what happened since I stopped wearing foundation.

It wasn’t planned but I just had to do it.

And it is one of the best things I ever did for my skin.

If and when I get a new foundation, I would try to take short breaks once in a while.

Just because…

So back to you.

Have you taken a break from using foundation?

Or do you have any tips for glowing skin without foundation?

Please share them with us.

Thanks for reading.

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