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8 Shower Essentials You Need For Better Bath Time

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Bathing is vital, and so are the products and tools in your shower essentials caddy.

And over time, I have found a few products I can’t do without in the shower.

And I believe you have some yourself.

But for the sake of learning and cultural differences, I am bringing you eight shower essentials you need for better bath time.

These are products I use myself, and I think you should try a couple of them and see how they work for you.

Let’s dive in.

8 Shower Essentials You Need For Better Bath Time
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8 Must-have Shower Essentials To Add To Your Caddy

1. Exfoliating Gloves

8 Shower Essentials You Need For Better Bath Time

The first product on this shower essentials list is exfoliating gloves, also known as bath or shower gloves.

These gloves are great for bathing daily and guarantee cleaner and more refreshed showers.

They are convenient to use. You can easily put them on and wash your body with a soap bar, shower gel, or even with foaming scrubs.

And you can use the softer ones to wash your face occasionally.

See Exfoliating Gloves: How To Use, The Benefits.

Here’s a comment from a friend of mine about how she uses her exfoliating gloves.

These gloves are really good, I have something similar and I use them regularly with a good body scrub, and they really invigorate my skin. I’ve picked up a lot of tips here about how to improve my usage! Thank you!”

Rachael at All That Glitters Blog

2. Bath Brush

The bath brush is one of those shower essentials you use maybe once a week for serious skin brushing. Then you can use your exfoliating gloves or sponges on other days.

Because of the long handle, it can reach places that your arms cannot bend to wash, like your back. Also, you can use the shower brush to clean the parts of your body that tend to hold on to dirt like,

  • your butt cheeks and thighs,
  • underarms and bikini area,
  • the backs of your arms and elbows,
  • and your back, obviously.

And don’t forget to moisturize your skin immediately after to prevent drying.

3. Pumice Stone

8 Shower Essentials You Need For Better Bath Time

If you don’t have a pumice stone, please add it to your shower essentials list right now.

So that you can buff your feet as often as you want in the shower, instead of waiting for weeks to get a pedicure.

Also, don’t forget to moisturize your feet after buffing with a pumice stone.

4. Foot file

The foot file is an alternative to the pumice stone, and you can have both.

But you really need to be careful when using the stainless steel foot file. You don’t want to overdo the filing and bruise your heels and soles.

Also, make sure your feet are wet whenever you are filing them.

And if you are doing an at-home pedicure with the foot file, always follow with the pumice stone to smooth out any roughness.

8 Shower Essentials You Need For Better Bath Time
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5. Epsom Salt

This shower essentials list won’t be complete without the amazing Epsom salt.

You can add Epsom salt to your bath water for a relaxing bath time. Or use it for a DIY foot scrub or foot soak when doing a pedicure at home.

And did you know that you can use Epsom salt to clean itchy underarms and prevent bumps before they grow?

Yup, you can do that!

Lastly, you can make a variety of bath salts at home with Epsom salt. Just mix some Epsom salt with any citrus fruit zest of your choice, add your favorite essential oils, and maybe some baking soda.

Add this to your bath water to relieve sore muscles and help you sleep better.

6. Soap bar/shower gel

Another must-have product to add to your shower essentials basket is soap bars and shower gels.

Yes, you should have both and switch between them in the shower.

Plus, when you have both soap bars and shower gel in your bathroom, you’d always have a backup if one product runs out before the other.

You don’t want to be in the shower only to realize that your shower gel bottle is empty or your soap is so flat it won’t lather.

7. Foaming body scrub

8 Shower Essentials You Need For Better Bath Time

The thing about foaming scrubs is that they are a two-in-one product. So you get to wash and exfoliate your body at the same time when using them.

And don’t forget that exfoliating gloves and foaming scrubs work hand in hand for an invigorating shower.

So the next time you’re in the toiletries aisle, remember to pick a foaming scrub and a pair of shower gloves.

But if you are looking for a much cheaper option, here’s a DIY foaming coffee scrub recipe I trust you’d love.

8. Shaving stick or waterproof shaver

Another important product you must have in the shower is a shaver or shaving stick.

For those of us that are not comfortable with waxing, a shaving stick is a must-have product for hair removal.

Even if you are used to waxing, sometimes you may be in a hurry and have to shave instead of sugaring.

So for me, it’s more of an emergency hair removal product when I can’t use sugar wax.

Of which I haven’t used a shaving stick in a very long time for fear of bumps.

Anyway, there are shaving sticks with replaceable blades, which I think makes a lot of sense.

Do you have a particular shaving stick you really like? Please share it in the comments.

I’d love to try shaving my legs when I can’t wax them.

Thanks in advance.

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8 Shower Essentials You Need For Better Bath Time
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Other must-have shower essentials that work with bath time

After showers, you need several other products to add a finishing touch to your shower routine.

If not, your skin would appear dull or dry due to a lack of moisture.

So check out these products.

1. Body lotion or cream

Creams and lotions are essential for daily skin moisturization. Use them every day immediately after a shower.

2. Vaseline jelly

You can use Vaseline to moisturize your heels, elbows, and knees.

It also works as an overnight lip care product during winter or as part of your nighttime beauty routine.

3. Shampoo & hair conditioner

Washing your hair is also a part of shower time, so remember to add your hair-care products to your shower caddy essentials today.

8 Shower Essentials You Need For Better Bath Time
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Boom! Shower Essentials For Game-changing Bath & Shower Time

There you go! 8 shower essentials you need to get the most refreshing bath and shower time.

Try to add these items one at a time to your shower routine, and share your experience with us.

What are your must-have shower essential products?

Please leave them in the comments. Maybe we’ll find something new to add to our own shower caddy.

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Thanks for reading!

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