10 Shoes To Wear With Jumpsuits

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10 Shoes To Wear With Jumpsuits

If you’ve been wondering what the best shoes to wear with jumpsuits are, this post will answer your questions.

So we’ll discuss different kinds of jumpsuits, the occasions you wear them to, and the best shoes to pair with them.

Let’s begin.

10 Stylish shoes to pair with jumpsuits

Before we begin, it’s important to note that style is personal.

And this is just a guide to help you pick the right shoes when lost.

So feel free to experiment and find what works best for you.

Also, these shoes are selected based on my style, which is feminine, trendy, and dressy but not edgy.

Here’s my list of shoes that pair well with jumpsuits:

1. Stiletto pumps

white blouse with black tapered pants with nude pumps
I know it’s not a jumpsuit. But focus on the tapered-leg pants and shoes

To me, stiletto pumps work with almost any style of jumpsuit.

That’s why they’re a wardrobe staple.

But the best jumpsuits I’d wear stiletto pumps with are the tapered or cigarette-cut jumpsuits.

The slim design of the pants and the shoes elongate your legs, making you look stylish and classy.

But stiletto pumps also work with wide-leg formal jumpsuits for weddings and graduation ceremonies.

Just make sure they’re heels you feel comfortable in.

Because if you’re uncomfortable, your whole outfit will be a disaster.

However, you’ll love what’s coming next if stiletto heels aren’t your style.

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2. Kitten heels

The kitten heels are a must-have shoe, in my opinion.

They are a great option to wear with your slim-leg or wide-leg formal jumpsuit.

They’ll add style to your outfit without losing comfort.

The best kitten-heel styles for formal events are pointy-toe pumps or slim strappy sandals.

Anything higher than two inches isn’t kitten heels.

I just wanted to let you know because some resellers call three-inch kitten heels. They are not.

3. Strappy high-heeled sandals

Oink jumpsuit with Y-shaped sandals

The strappy, high-heeled sandals work well with slim-leg or even wide-leg jumpsuits.

Choose strappy, high-heeled sandals with a clean design without too much drama for formal occasions.

But for casual events, you can be a little edgy by picking ones with bold designs like the picture above.

And whatever shoes you choose, make sure they’re comfortable.

Sometimes, you can wear the strappy high-heel sandals with a utility jumpsuit (again, slim-leg and ideally ankle length.

4. Flat sandals

casual flowy jumpsuit with flat sandals

Flat sandals are ideal for casual, long, flowy jumpsuits for summer.

And because of the flowy nature of this jumpsuit style, you know comfort is key.

Besides, you don’t wear these jumpsuits to special events.

If at all, maybe you wear them to the park or a coffee shop.

So, flat sandals are the perfect match for this jumpsuit style.

And if you’re not into open sandals, flat pumps (covered or slingbacks) also go well with summer jumpsuits.

Flat sandals also go well with casual rompers.

Almost forgot to add that.

5. Block-heel sandals

Hmm, block heels.

I love block-heel sandals.

They’re the best shoes to wear with cropped culotte-style jumpsuits.

And the styles of block-heel sandals to wear with cropped jumpsuits are endless.

Here are a few I can think of at the top of my head

  • The two-strap block heel
  • The criss-cross block heel
  • The gladiator-style block heel
  • The platform block heel
  • The strappy block heel

So pick any of these and pair them with your favorite cropped jumpsuit.

And you have a cute outfit ready to go.

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6. Sneakers

utility jumpsuit and sneakers

Wondering if you can wear sneakers with a jumpsuit?

The answer is yes, you can.

The best jumpsuits that pair well with sneakers are utility-style, rompers, and cropped jumpsuits.

Because I love the Adidas court shoes, I’ll always recommend those with your utility jumpsuit.

But sneakers also go well with your cropped culotte-style jumpsuit for a trendy touch.

So, if you want a cute, trendy, and comfortable jumpsuit outfit, sneakers are the best gals for the job.

7. Dressy ankle boots

The dressy ankle boots are another great style to wear with cropped jumpsuits.

They’re your best bet for looking stylish during fall or spring when the weather is chilly but not too cold.

So they add style to your outfit and keep your feet warm.

I’ll wear round-toe, one- or two-inch ankle boots for a casual event.

But for a more dressy look, pointy-toe ankle boots with a slim or block heel will do the trick.

8. Wedges

There are several kinds of wedges.

But let’s go with the regular wedges that are not espadrilles.

These kinds of wedges pair well with cropped jumpsuits for a different touch.

That is if you’d rather not wear block heels or ankle boots.

Now let’s talk about the espadrilles.

9. Espadrilles

The espadrilles are another option to wear with your casual summer-inspired jumpsuit.

I know I said flat sandals are the best to wear with casual jumpsuits.

But espadrilles are also a good match.

So, if you want some height and still want to prioritize comfort with your casual jumpsuit, choose the espadrilles.

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10. Military boots

If you’re into the military boot style, the best jumpsuit they pair well with is your utility style.

And if you’re edgy, you can wear the military boots with your regular cropped jumpsuit.

I’ve seen that outfit several times and think it looks great.

Again, remember, style is personal.

What I think is ideal might not work for you.

And that’s okay.

So pick your outfits, and get a few ideas from other people.

And choose what you feel the most comfortable in.


What shoes do you wear with a black jumpsuit?

Nude or brown shoes always work with a black jumpsuit.

But you can push the bars and go with colors like light grey.

Still too dull?

Then red, light blue, yellow, I could go on and on.

Black is versatile.

It goes with any color of shoes.

As for style, think pumps, sandals, boots, and more, depending on the occasion.

What shoes to wear with a wide-leg jumpsuit

Wide-leg jumpsuits always call for slim, barely-there shoes.

So think about your open one-strap, ankle strap sandals, or those pointy-toe skinny-heel pumps.

Because the legs of these jumpsuits are wide, and probably longer than ankle length, ensure your shoes add height and style to your outfit.

Shoes to wear with a jumpsuit to a wedding

I’ll assume that you’re wearing a formal jumpsuit to a wedding.

So the best shoes, again, are sandals, high, medium, or even kitten heels.

But you can also wear slingback pointy-toe pumps with a jumpsuit to a wedding.

Let’s wrap it up

So those are ten shoes you can wear with different jumpsuit styles for various occasions.

These are just my thoughts.

What are your ideal shoes to wear with jumpsuits?

Please share with us in the comments.

Thanks for reading.

If you find this post helpful, please share it.

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