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September/October 2021 Blog Income Report – $714.34

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Last Updated on by Buayifa Ojeogwu

Whew! Another month just flew by. So it is time to do my September/October 2021 blog income report.

To be honest with you all, the past two months were crazy.

My traffic tanked in September, sort of picked up in October, and that was reflected in my ads revenue.

Though I didn’t lose so much, I just didn’t make as much as I would if my traffic was at a steady high.

Anyway, in this post, we’ll break down how Budget & Mom Jeans performed in the last two months.

We’ll talk about ads revenue, blog expenses, and other things.

Let’s dive in.

September/ October 2021 Blog Income Report - $714.34

September/October 2021 Blog Income Report

September 2021 ads revenue – $356.38

September/ October 2021 Blog Income Report - $714.34

While my traffic was tanking, I sort of depended on Upstyle for the monthly blog feature hoping that would increase my revenue in September.

Unfortunately, my post wasn’t featured in September.

But look how much I made even without the feature – $356.38.

It would have been more but I’m glad I made this much just from you guys’ (existing and new readers of Budget & Mom Jeans) regular visits.

I know I don’t say it enough, but you guys are the best. I appreciate every one of you.

September expenses

My only expense for September was a Cloudflare speed tool on automated payment -$5.

September 2021 blog numbers

  • 16,200 sessions
  • 19,403 pageviews

These numbers dropped drastically compared to July 2021. Honestly, it broke my heart to see my ads revenue drop due to low blog traffic, but I’ll keep moving.

October 2021 ads revenue- $357.96

October 2021 blog numbers

  • 19,457 sessions
  • 23,493 pageviews

Thankfully my traffic picked up in October, and I hope it keeps going up from there.

Of course, I know numbers would fluctuate year-round but I’m hoping it doesn’t drop as much anymore.

September October 2021 Blog Income Report - $714.34

October 2021 expenses

Cloudflare $5

Keysearch $13.60

At the beginning of October, I purchased Keysearch based on recommendations from a blogger I trust and admire.

She swears the app is great for keyword research and all that.

I’ve already started using it and will continue working with it to improve my search rankings, blog traffic, and income.

Mediavine Trellis theme – $14.95 monthly

Since the release of this theme, I’ve only heard good things about it.

And since site speed is one of many ways to increase blog traffic and income, I purchased the Trellis theme.

It’s on the blog right now.

I kind of like the simplicity and of course, how fast it loads.

Plans for the coming months

I’ll keep doing keyword research with Keysearch, and also continue my SSSEO course to prepare my blog for a bigger ads network.

Hopefully, by the end of this year or the beginning of 2022, my blog should be ready for Mediavine.

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September/ October 2021 Blog Income Report - $714.34

Conclusion on September/October 2021 Blog Income Report

So that’s how Budget & Mom Jeans performed in the last two months.

Thanks to you all for the support. It means a lot to me.

If you have any questions regarding my income report, please ask.

Are there any particular topics you’d like me to cover on this blog/

Please share them in the comments.

Thanks for reading.

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Saturday 1st of January 2022

I have never read a report like this: a blogger being so open about blog revenue and expenses just to run the blog. Thank you for sharing, it's awesome and it's encouraging!

Buayifa Ojeogwu

Monday 3rd of January 2022

Hi Jen, Thanks for the comment. Yup, running a blog costs a lot. And it is only wise to be open about it, so aspiring bloggers would know that it takes a lot of work, time, and money to run a blog and then make money from it. I'm glad you found this blog income report post encouraging. All the best, Jen. xx, Buayifa.