How To Make Money Selling Semi-finished Craft Supplies

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Do you want to learn how to make money selling semi-finished craft supplies?

When you own craft business, there are several ways to make money from it.

Some crafters design and sell finished products while some sell semi-finished craft supplies, and some only buy semi-finished pieces and customize them for sale.

So in this post, we’ll be talking about how to make money selling semi-finished products, examples of semi-finished craft supplies you can make and sell, and also the perks and downsides of selling semi-finished handmade goods.

Let’s dive in.

How To Make Money Selling Semi-Finished Craft Supplies

How To Make Money From Semi-finished Craft Supplies

This is how it works:

First example: Let’s say you make and sell only plain sinamay hats in different colors. But your buyer sells hats but does not have the time to mold hats from scratch.

So they’d buy already molded hats from you, then design, and sell them to their clients.

Second example: A seller is skilled at embroidery but not at sewing, so they’d preferably buy semi-finished pillowcases and design them with needlework.

Third example: A bag designer sells sequin tote bags but doesn’t know how to sew. So they buy plain totes, then put sequins on and sell them.

Semi-finished products do not take time to create, and they speed up the production time for other crafters.

So if you can create little accessories or base supplies that other crafters can use to beautify and make their work progress quicker, then you’d make money selling semi-finished products.

And that’s how selling semi-finished products work. I hope this is clear.

How To Make Money Selling Semi-Finished Craft Supplies

Here are examples of semi-finished products you can sell for money

  1. Sinamay hat base,
  2. Plain felt hats,
  3. Hat trimmings,
  4. Satin, silk, and felt roses,
  5. Bridal robes,
  6. Handmade millinery supplies,
  7. Turbans,
  8. Knitted hats,
  9. Crochet baby shoes,
  10. Wig caps,
  11. Notebooks,
  12. Journals,
  13. Plain tote bags,
  14. Shoe bags,
  15. Pillowcases,
  16. Throw pillows,
  17. Curtains,
  18. Table cloth,
  19. Millinery flowers.

These are just a few, check out 50 Easy Unfinished Handmade Items To Make And Sell for more ideas.

Benefits of selling semi-finished craft supplies

  1. It saves time and makes money fast.
  2. Selling semi-finished craft items makes you the go-to person for specific craft supplies.
  3. Also, selling semi-finished products can be beneficial to you if you are good at only one skill like sewing, knitting, etc.
  4. You do not need too much equipment to start or even run a semi-finished products business.
  5. Moreover, you can produce more craft supplies in a shorter time when you sell only semi-finished products.
  6. You can start a semi-finished craft business and still make money with a little experience.

Just pick the craft you know you are good at or learn how to do it, then you can start making money from it.

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Downsides of selling semi-finished handmade goods

In as much as you can save a lot of time and make money selling semi-finished craft supplies, there are some downsides to it.

  1. The profits made from selling semi-finished products will not be as much as when you complete it and sell it as a finished product.
  2. It can be boring mass-producing the same item over and over.
How To Make Money Selling Semi-finished Products

How To Make Money Completing Semi-finished Handmade Goods

Making and selling semi-finished products is not the only way to make money with your craft.

Moreover, you can be the buyer and not the maker, if you know what I mean.

So instead of starting your products from the very beginning, you can buy semi-finished products, customize them, and sell them too.

Now, if you have beading or embroidery skills, you can buy already made but conventional products, then embellish them with beads, sequins, or threads.

So don’t say you can’t say make that item because you can’t sew as someone else has done that for you.

There are lots of semi-finished craft items you can customize and make money from for your own business. I have a few examples below for your inspiration.

Ideas to customize and make money from semi-finished craft items

Customizing semi-finished goods varies with the kind of item, so I’ll share some ideas to make it easier for you.

  1. Working with a ready-made hat base, and only adding feathers and millinery flowers to it.
  2. Embroidering brides and bridesmaids’ robes for your bridal business,
  3. Accessorize already made plain turbans with your choice of jewels,
  4. Sewing sequins to wool hats.
  5. Adding some exquisite finishing touch to a plain fedora hat.
  6. Embroidering totes, pillowcases, curtains, etc.
  7. Sewing tassels on finished but plain jackets.
  8. Hand painting on mugs, drinking glasses, etc.
  9. Accessorizing Alice bands and bows.
  10. Branding toiletries/makeup bags for other businesses (contract jobs).

Benefits of customizing semi-finished handmade goods for sale

  1. Working with semi-finished products is easy because you already have a foundation.
  2. If you are a milliner, hat blocking has already been taken care of for you.
  3. When working with semi-finished craft supplies, you’ll have time to focus on your design, not cutting and sewing materials from scratch.
  4. It saves time, and you make money fast.
  5. Asides from working on your own projects, you can make money helping other businesses complete semi-finished products.

Downsides of customizing semi-finished handmade goods

The disadvantages of working with semi-finished craft supplies are not so many, in my opinion, but I’ll see what I have.

  1. Sometimes semi-finished craft supplies are too expensive, and the buyer-crafter may not make a lot of profit after customizing and selling them.
  2. Some semi-finished products may not meet your specification like color, size, quality of material used, etc.
  3. A seller may fail to deliver your supplies on time, and that can delay production for you.
How To Make Money Selling Semi-Finished Craft Supplies

Boom! Make Money Selling Semi-finished Craft Supplies

So that’s how to make money selling semi-finished products from home.

Remember the two ways to go about this:

  • Person A: Creates handmade craft supplies halfway, good enough to sell to crafters, and makes money.
  • Person B: Buys semi-finished products from Person A, customizes, or completes the work, then sells the finished product to their own clients.

Both parties make money fast while saving time.

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