7 Creative Ways To Reuse Glass Jars At Home

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Do you reuse glass jars for anything at all?

Or you just toss them once you are done with the contents in it?

That’s not cool.

Glass jars can be used for so many things within and outside the house.

As we speak I have almost twenty glass jars I use in the kitchen and bathroom.

So in this post, I will show you 7 creative ways to reuse glass jars at home.

7 Creative Ways To Reuse Glass Jars At Home

7 Ways To Upcycle Glass Jars At Home

1. Reuse glass jars for condiments/ingredients

Reuse Glass Jars At Home - 7 Creative Ways To

Let’s start with cooking because I like food. lol

You can reuse glass jars for condiments and cooking ingredients.


Most of us use onions a lot, but cutting them is the part we don’t really enjoy.

So on the days that you are actually ready, just chop a whole lot and store in a glass jar in your refrigerator.

And you can use it when you are frying eggs and other simple recipes that call for onions.

Tomato paste

There are times when you’d cook with tomato paste but end up not using all of it.

Instead of leaving it in the can, you can transfer it into a small glass jar and store in the fridge.


This would be very helpful for those of us that always cook with pepper.

Just blend your jalapenos into a puree and save it in a glass jar with a lid.

This way you can add a little to your cooking as needed.

Another pepper I always have pureed and frozen is habaneros.

My chicken is incomplete without habaneros.


Did you know that storing garlic in an empty old glass jar actually makes it easier to peel off the skin?

Yes when you separate garlic cloves and put them in a glass jar, you can literally take the skin off in a few seconds.

You can put as many as the jar can take, and tomorrow you will be glad you did.

So no need to roast your garlic in the microwave to get the skin off.

Dry condiments and Ingredients

Let’s not forget that we can reuse glass jars to also save dry condiments and ingredients for easy use.

I currently have a glass jar of ground crayfish that I can add to my soup when cooking.

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2. Cosmetics organization

Apart from food, you can reuse glass jars to organize your cosmetic brushes.

I currently use a small thyme glass bottle for my makeup pencils and eyeshadow brush.

If you have lots of brushes, just pick the glass jar that works for you.

No more storing your brushes in a bag.

3. You can reuse glass jars for homemade yogurt

Are you a super fan of homemade yogurt? Because I am.

Do you know nutritionists advise making your own yogurt at home?

And most people say yogurt loves glass bottles.

Since I read that, I have stored and cultured my homemade yogurt in glass jars.

And I enjoy eating it from the jars.

For more enjoyable yogurt moments, use small glass jars that make a serving of yogurt.

So you can pick one and enjoy it straight from the bottle.

I usually add dried raisins to my homemade yogurt, and it is delicious.

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4. Homemade skincare products

Reuse Glass Jars At Home - 7 Creative Ways To

If you have been following my DIY skincare category on this blog, you’d notice that I use old glass jars a lot.

And it works for me because I am on a tight budget, so reusing jars is budget-friendly.

You can reuse glass jars for DIY body salve, sugar scrubs, salt scrubs, homemade wax for hair removal, etc.

I mentioned this in the post about 7 things you should know before joining the DIY skincare bandwagon.

Make sure to read that post.

7 Creative Ways To Reuse Glass Jars At Home

5. Reuse glass jars to give food to your friends

Furthermore, you can reuse glass jars to give out food instead of plastic.

This is also good for those friends of ours that usually don’t return our Tupperware. *wink*

When you make chili or soup, just send them some in a glass jar.

Because most of them don’t need or use it, they will return it to you.

Or they may learn from you how to reuse empty glass jars.

Whichever way, it is a win-win.

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6. You can use glass jars for one serving foods

Glass jars are perfect for one serving foods just like yogurt mentioned above.

However, if you like oatmeal, you would enjoy overnight oats from a glass jar.

Just make sure it is a wide mouth jar with a lid and enough space for your toppings.

That’s pure indulgence.

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7. You can reuse old glass jars for food bottling/canning

Lastly, if you like to bottle your own tomatoes and pickles, then make sure to save that glass jar for it.

Big jars like the ones that come with El Classico pasta sauce are perfect for food canning.

If you take a look at the jar, you’d see the mason jar written on it.

This tells you that store-bought mason jar lids will work perfectly with them.

That is if you don’t like to use the lids that come with the jar.

I know this because I sometimes use my regular mason jar lids on the pasta jars.

As long as it is not a wide-mouth mason jar.

And make sure it is airtight in order to keep your food well-preserved.

Other Simple ways to reuse glass jars

  • for storing craft materials like buttons, bobbins, needles, thumbtacks, etc,
  • all your loose coins can be stored in glass jars too.
  • glass jars are also great for cocktails, ice-tea, and even water.

Benefits Of Reusing Glass Jars

  1. It helps DIYers save money on containers when creating DIY skincare products.
  2. Reusing glass jars is way better than using plastic containers.
  3. Glass jars make anything(ingredients or food) inside look pretty.
  4. Using glass jars can be your own little way of saving our environment from glass and plastic waste.
  5. You can make money from selling used glass jars to small businesses that actually need them.

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7 Creative Ways To Reuse Glass Jars At Home


That’s 7 creative ways to reuse old glass jars at home.

I hope you find them helpful and fun.

How do you use empty glass jars at home?

Please share in the comments.

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