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How To Start A Reselling Business With No Money

Starting a reselling business is a great side hustle you can do from home.

But how do you even start a business reselling stuff?

Sometimes, buying and selling apps are overwhelming that you don’t want to get into all that.

Also, you may be stuck on deciding what to sell online, where to find things to sell, and how much money you can make.

Well, that’s the way it is when you are new to reselling from home.

How To Start A Reselling Business With No Money

But in this post, we’ll talk about what a reselling business is, how to start a business reselling with no money.

Yup, you don’t have to spend any or a lot of money to begin selling.

So let’s dive in.

What we’ll cover

    What Is A Reselling Business

    An online reselling business – just as the name goes – is buying and reselling online.

    Do you need money to start a reselling business?

    Starting a reselling business requires little to no investment, at least at the beginning. I really advise you don’t invest any tangible amount as a newbie reseller.

    The business of reselling generates money you can now use to buy and sell again.

    So make sure to sell free stuff first, and you’d know if you need to invest some money as time goes.

    But can you make money buying and selling online?

    How To Start A Reselling Business With No Money

    Yup, you can make money right away by becoming a reseller. Yes, it may not be a lot, but with time you’d begin to sell more and make more money.

    I started selling on Mercari, in 2018, and I made my first sale on my first day.

    Then I think I sold a couple more and started enjoying reselling. And I still do to date.

    How many marketplaces can you resell?

    If you are a beginner reseller, it is best to start with one marketplace and see if a business of reselling is something you really want to do.

    With time you can try other marketplaces, and make more money from home.

    Steps To Start Reselling Online Without Money

    1. Search for, install and test online reseller apps

    How To Start A Reselling Business With No Money

    Before you start a reselling business, you – at least – need to know or check out the best reselling apps to see which works for you.

    Don’t just rely on reviews you see on the App Store or Play Store about reselling websites.

    You need to download the reselling app, list a product, enter the description and price, and hit publish.

    Even if you don’t make a sale immediately, you’ve already had a feel of how to list and sell on a reselling marketplace.

    Some things to consider when checking out these reselling marketplaces are shipping costs, selling, and processing fees.

    Yeah, I’ve made it clear several times how I feel about the Mercari processing fees that were recently added.

    Okay, that’s that.

    2. Start reselling stuff from your house

    How To Start A Reselling Business With No Money

    Now I always advise that you sell things from your house first, use them to test the reseller marketplace.

    So look around your house for things to resell, take pictures and list them, and see how it works.

    Then if you make a sale, ship the item with shipping boxes or poly mailers you got from your personal online shopping.

    So make a habit to save shipping supplies like boxes and envelopes to reuse in your reselling business.

    I repeat, don’t spend your money on inventory yet. Because if you wake up one day and decide that reselling online is not for you, your money will be tied down in inventory.

    So take your time and maybe, ask yourself the following questions:

    • Am I okay with the time it took me to make my first sale?
    • Am I fine with the selling fees, the payout, the buyer/seller ratings, and all that?

    These are things you’d learn when you are testing the selling apps.

    How To Start A Reselling Business With No Money

    3. Decide what you want to sell

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    Now you’ve tried maybe two or three reselling marketplaces, and you understand how they work.

    It is now time to decide what you want to sell.

    But the thing is, you really don’t have to sell a specific item if you don’t want to.

    Most resellers, me inclusive, just sell whatever we can lay our hands on as long as it is not prohibited on the marketplace.

    And some people exclusively go online reselling products like sunglasses, gadgets, games, etc.

    So if it is sellable, what are you waiting for? Please sell it!

    Do you want to start reselling gadgets? Or do you want to resell shoes?

    My point is, you can still make money selling a particular category of items as long as it’s not prohibited on the reselling website.

    And if you can list the items, describe them, and buyers want them; then you would sell.

    4. Source for the best items to resell

    How To Start A Reselling Business With No Money

    Since we’re talking about starting a reseller business with no money, you can continue selling stuff from your home.

    But at some point, you’d run out of things to resell in your house, and maybe you are serious about running a reselling business.

    That’s when you start considering buying and reselling online.

    And of course, the product you want to sell determines where you’d shop for it.

    So where do you find things to buy and resell?

    You don’t want to go shopping for retro fashion from a gadgets store, do you? Check out 7 great places to find items to resell.

    Also, when buying to resell, make sure the items are in great condition. Like the kind of items you can use.

    You can’t buy anything in meh condition and expect that people would pay money for it.

    So open your eyes, shop for great things to resell, and factor the price and your profit too.

    How To Start A Reselling Business With No Money

    5. Gather reseller supplies

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    If you sell on Poshmark, you’d need to ship with USPS priority mail shipping boxes.

    Luckily you can order the boxes free of charge from the USPS website, and they will be delivered to you.

    Or you can pick them up from the USPS closest to you.

    But Mercari ships with first-class mail, so you can ship with boxes you have at home.

    Now, boxes are not all you need, here are more reseller supplies that make reselling much easier and fun.

    And you don’t have to buy all of them at the same time. Just get what’s more important for now, and add others as you make progress.

    Remember to save boxes and envelopes from your online shopping too. That’s what I use.

    I have never bought shipping boxes before.

    6. List and sell your stuff

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    At this point, you are already an online reseller whether as a side hustle or full time.

    Go ahead, take pictures, describe your items, make sales, ship stuff on time, and get your money.

    And let me tell you, some buyers would ask you to combine and ship several items for them. That’s what we call bundles.

    Read this post for steps to make bundles on Mercari.

    So that you can add it to your profile that you sell bundles.

    7. Open a bank account for your reselling business or connect an existing one

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    Once you become an online reseller, it is good you have a bank account to receive your earnings, as most marketplaces prefer direct deposit over PayPal.

    If you don’t have a bank account, you can open a Chime bank account (not an affiliate link) and connect it to all your online reselling marketplaces.

    This way you can get your money after making sales from several places.

    But if you don’t want to transfer your funds yet, you can leave them in your store credit to shop later.

    The only reselling website I know of that pays through PayPal is ThredUp.

    Speaking of which, let’s look at the best reselling websites to list, sell things, and make money.

    How To Start A Reselling Business With No Money

    The Best Reselling Websites To Sell Your Things

    I started reselling on Poshmark, then I found Mercari, and also Facebook Marketplace.

    And among these three, Poshmark and Mercari are two of the best reselling websites with lots of buyers and sellers.

    I’ve never tried eBay, but I heard it is a great place to resell online too.

    But they all have their issues. So not one is entirely better than the other.

    Anyway, let’s talk briefly about them.


    If you want to start an online reselling business selling high-end fashion, then Poshmark is the way to go.

    Just download the app to your phone, and create an account, and start listing.

    But keep in mind that, to sell on Poshmark, you need to list lots of things and share your listings every day.


    But if you want a reseller marketplace with an easy listing process, and selling a variety of items, then you’d love Mercari.

    Here’s a post about How Mercari Works.

    Here’s a post comparing Mercari vs Poshmark. Please read it.

    You may also love Mercari Buyer Review: How It Works, The Buyers’ Perspective.

    Facebook Marketplace

    Another place online resellers love is the Facebook marketplace.

    It is like a local market where you resell things both locally and outside your community.


    Now, ThredUp is a little different from Poshmark, Mercari, or even Facebook marketplace.

    The thing is that you won’t make lots of money selling on Thredup as you would with the others. And that’s because Thredup is a consignment store for affordable fashion.

    But what you can do is shop on Thredup and resell online.

    Here’s a post that answers your questions about making money on Thredup.

    Other marketplaces to explore

    Make sure to read the posts below to understand the differences and similarities with these reselling apps.

    Mercari VS Poshmark – Which Is Better For Selling Online?

    How To Sell On Facebook Marketplace | Make Money From Home

    ThredUp VS Poshmark: Which Is A Better Closet Cleanout Platform?

    Can You Make Money Selling Clothes on Thredup?

    Tips To Make Money In Your Reselling Business

    Crosspost in several marketplaces

    One of the ways to make more sales and money as an online reseller is by cross-listing your items.

    Crossposting or cross-listing means listing your products in several marketplaces, which results in more views and possibly more sales.

    Now, cross-posting manually is tiring, but using the Crosslist app makes it so much easier.

    Take great pictures

    Another tip to make more sales reselling products online is to take good pictures. Make sure your pictures show the color and condition of the product.

    Also, upload several pictures of the product.

    This can help buyers make decisions on time and purchase your item without hesitation.

    To make more money from a reselling business, you must list a lot of items

    If you just started a reselling business and have very few items to list, that’s fine.

    But as time goes by, try to list more things because the more products you have, the higher your chances of making sales.

    And don’t forget to track your sales.

    Promote your listings on social media for free

    Now, this is not the regular share your listing on Poshmark or Mercari.

    I’m talking actively posting your listing on Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest.

    You might have seen Instagram posts with pictures of a product someone is selling with the link-in-bio thing.

    The same goes for posting on Facebook and Pinterest.

    You only need the short summarized description of your item, the pictures, hashtags, and cost.

    Just post it like a regular Facebook or Pinterest post.

    But if you are too busy to promote your listings every day, you can schedule them.

    Read How To Schedule Your Posts On Facebook, and…

    Schedule Your Pins On Pinterest For FREE in 7 Picture Steps.

    Sell popular brands

    When you go thrift shopping – which you can do on Thredup – make sure to look for popular brands.

    Brands that sell fast

    Sports brands

    • Victoria secrets / Pink
    • Lululemon
    • Adidas
    • New balance
    • Puma
    • Old Navy


    • Calvin Klein
    • Forever 21
    • Charlotte Russe
    • Cato
    • Aeropostale
    • Hollister
    • Gap
    • Old Navy

    Bath and shower items

    • Bath and body works
    • Sephora
    • Victoria secrets

    Household items

    • Rae Dunn
    • Keurig

    These are just a few.

    As you start reselling, you’d learn more about what sells, and the brands your buyers love.

    Of course, the products and style must be appealing to the buyer.

    Moving on…

    Items To Resell From Your Home Today

    1. Boots

    Boots are always in high demand, especially during the Fall to Winter season. So if you don’t need the rainboots you rocked last Fall, you can easily flip them for money.

    Your toddler’s rain or snow boots from last year might not fit this year. Why not list them, and make space for a new pair?

    2. Coats

    Coats are quite expensive, and buyers are always looking for affordable ones on reselling websites.

    So if you have a few in your closet, that you don’t need, list them right away before they go out of style.

    Buyers from different places are searching for raincoats, and Fall and winter coats.

    3. Last year’s holiday decor

    Some of us do not like to use the same holiday decor we used the previous year. And while you are looking to buy a new one, someone else is looking to buy your old one.

    So instead of abandoning it in your garage, you can resell it online.

    4. Sleepwear/loungewear

    If you have pajamas you wore only a few times or some you never used and have no plans of wearing, you can sell them today.

    Not only can you sell your nightwear, you can also declutter your kids’ closet and sell theirs too.

    Most parents – me inclusive – won’t pay full price for nightwear. So we prefer to buy them from online resellers like you.

    5. Kitchenwares

    Coffee? Yes, please.

    Is your Keurig coffee maker taking space on your kitchen counter because you don’t drink coffee anymore?

    Why not resell it?

    Find a new coffee drinking home for it.

    Also, if you have too many pots, plates, or baking wares you don’t use, list them and make some cash.

    6. Cardigans, sweaters, jumpers, etc

    Are the cardigans taking too much space in your or your kid’s closet? Declutter and resell for money today.

    If you don’t have the time to list each item, you can post them as a bundle.

    Boom! Tips For Starting A Reselling Business

    So that’s what you need to know before you go online reselling products from your home to make money.

    I hope this post gives you some reselling business ideas to make money.

    Have you started a reseller business?

    What tips do you have for us? Please share them in the comments?

    Thanks for reading.

    Please share this post to Pinterest.

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