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13 Reseller Supplies You Need To Sell Online For Beginners

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Are you about to start selling online? Do you have an idea of the reseller supplies you need to simplify online selling?

These supplies are essential whether you sell on Mercari, Poshmark, or even Facebook Marketplace.

And owning them makes the whole selling process move smoothly, from taking pictures to listing items and shipping orders.

So in no specific order, let’s look at 13 Reseller Supplies Essential For Selling Online.

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13 Reseller Supplies You Need To Sell Online For Beginners

Reseller Supplies You Need For Selling Online

1. A dress form or mannequin

Some buyers like to see how clothes fit on the body before buying them, so some would ask you to model the clothes for them to see.

So having a dress form to model your clothes show buyers how it fits, and also helps them decide if they want to buy or not.

2. A cross-listing app to cross-post your listings

As a reseller, you need to cross-post your listings on several marketplaces to make more sales.

And one tool I found that does that effectively is the Crosslist cross-posting app.

Though it is not a free app, it is worth the amount you pay for it.

With Crosslist, you can import existing listings with descriptions, create new ones, and post them to other marketplaces in minutes.

I really believe Crosslist is a must-have reseller tool. Sign up for a free 7-day trial today, and see all the great things it can do for your reselling business.

Plus, when you are ready to buy any Crosslist plan, check out with BUDGETANDMOMJEANS for 50% off your first month.

Read more about Crosslist Cross-posting App: How To Save Time And Make Sales.

3. Shipping boxes

You definitely won’t ship everything in boxes, but boxes are essential for shipping bulky or fragile items that need extra protection.

If you sell on Poshmark, you can order free boxes from USPS to ship stuff because Poshmark shipping is usually done with priority mail.

But if you are a Mercari seller, feel free to save and reuse old clean boxes.

4. Poly mailers

Poly mailers are small shipping bags with adhesive for easy sealing.

They come in various patterns and sizes, so you can buy what suits your needs.

You can use them to ship items that can’t go in a box.

Also, if you are shipping items on your own, consider using poly mailers as they add little to nothing to the total weight of your shipment.

So you can conveniently offer free shipping to buyers – if you want.

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5. Tissue paper

Tissue paper is essential for wrapping clothes and shoes before putting them in a shipping box.

If you have old tissue paper, you can save them for stuffing shoes before shipping.

6. Shipping tape

12 Reseller Supplies You Need To Sell Online

Obviously, shipping tape is used to seal your shipping boxes. Most people have them at home, and I believe you do too.

If you don’t, make sure to add it to your resellers’ supplies list.

13 Reseller Supplies You Need To Sell Online For Beginners

7. Calculator

For the customers that would buy bundles, you need a calculator to add up the cost and subtract the discount.

You may say your phone calculator would do, but it’s not convenient to deduct percentages on your phone.

So consider a calculator a must-have item for reselling.

8. Tape measure

Once you start selling online, at some point, you’d have a customer asking for the measurement of an item in your store. That’s why a tape measure is essential for resellers.

Just a tip: when taking measurements of items you want to list, make sure you also get pictures of them with the tape measure.

So buyers have as much information as possible and save you the stress of taking measurements for each person that asks later.

13 Reseller Supplies You Need To Sell Online For Beginners

9. Printer

Yup, a printer is essential for resellers because, without it, you can’t print out shipping labels, obviously.

So invest some money in a printer, that is, if you don’t already have one.

It also contributes to how fast you ship out purchases unless you want to delay the shipping yourself.

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10. Drawstring organza bags for jewelry items

If you sell jewelry items, you want to pack them in an organza drawstring bag before going into a bubble wrap poly mailer or a box.

The purpose of the drawstring bag is to keep the items intact during shipping until it gets to the buyer.

11. A Camera

12 Reseller Supplies You Need To Sell Online

Without a camera, how do you plan to list items to sell online?

Before you start, let me tell you that your phone camera will do just fine. These days phone cameras take quality pictures under natural light.

But if you prefer a professional or more expensive camera, go for it.

12. Lint roller

12 Reseller Supplies You Need To Sell Online

If you are planning to sell clothes, make sure to add a lint roller to your list of reseller supplies because you’d need it at some point.

You don’t want to ship out clothing full of lint. Nobody likes it.

13. Thank you cards

Thank you cards are not a mandatory reseller supply, but they put smiles on faces. Of course, not all faces. But you know what I mean.

You can get a pack of thank you cards for a dollar at The Dollar Store.

Bonus: sales trackers and checklists

A sales tracker is essential clearly for tracking your sales, while the listing checklists help you with steps to list items easily.

Enter your details in the form below to gain access to the sales tracker, checklist, and notes.

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13 Reseller Supplies You Need To Sell Online For Beginners

Let’s Wrap Up! 13 Reseller Supplies To Sell Stuff Online

Boom! 13 supplies essential for reselling online and making extra cash from home.

I hope you find them super helpful.

What items do you think I missed, please add them in the comments, and I’d update this post accordingly.

Thanks for reading!

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