How To Research Before You Start Thrift Clothes Shopping

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How To Research Before You Start Thrift Clothes Shopping

When I first started thrift clothes shopping, I had no idea what to expect because I hadn’t done any research.

Sometimes, I’ll walk into a store where everything is expensive.

Or I can’t find anything in my style.

And I’d walk out disappointed.

But after visiting several thrift stores and shopping online, I now know where I want to shop and where to avoid.

So, to save you time and disappointment, here’s how to research thrift stores before shopping.

Do this before you start thrift clothes shopping

Thrift shopping is a great way to find unique fashion items without spending so much and promoting sustainability.

However, going thrift shopping without research can sometimes lead to frustration and disappointment.

Here are some things you must find out before you begin.

1. Research thrift stores in your area

Before heading out, take the time to find out which thrift stores in your area are known for quality items and fair prices.

Not all thrift stores are created equal; some may offer a better selection or more affordable prices than others.

So, read reviews and ask friends or local online communities for recommendations to help you identify the best shops.

If I hadn’t asked friends, I wouldn’t have known that Plato’s Closet is a treasure trove for thrift clothes shopping.

Also, I had no idea Plato’s Closet also buys clothes from you, pays you the same day, or offers you store credit.

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2. Know your local gems

How To Research Before You Start Thrift Clothes Shopping

Twice is Nice, a charity thrift store in my area is renowned for its fair prices and excellent quality items.

This store is a go-to for many locals looking for well-maintained, affordable secondhand clothes.

Conversely, some thrift stores in the Downtown Mall are known for selling high-end secondhand and vintage fashion items.

These stores are worth exploring if you’re looking for designer brands or more upscale fashion pieces.

Knowing what each store specializes in can help you tailor your shopping trip to match your needs and budget.

3. Prepare and budget accordingly

It’s also essential to know thrift store prices and what fashion styles they carry.

Because without proper research, you might find yourself in a store with higher prices than your budget.

Don’t be like me when I thought all thrift store prices were like Goodwill’s.

Also, some thrift store prices might not match the quality of the items.

However, planning and researching these stores ensures an enjoyable shopping experience.

4. Widen your thrift clothes shopping options with online platforms

Local thrift stores are a great starting point.

However, you should also explore online platforms for more options.

Websites and apps like Poshmark, Mercari, Depop, and consignment stores like Thredup offer a vast selection of secondhand clothes.

Sellers on these platforms often provide detailed descriptions and photos of the items.

It makes it easy for you to make informed decisions from your home.

Also, they can be excellent sources for finding specific items or brands that might be hard to find locally.

You can search these websites by brand, style, size, category, condition of the clothes, etc.

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5. My thrift shopping strategy

After visiting several local thrift shops and shopping online, I now know where I like to shop for what.

So if I’m shopping for clothes and have up to $100 to spend, I’ll do Thredup.

And I make it a point to buy mostly new-with-tags or great-condition clothes on Thredup.

And that’s because Thredup doesn’t offer many pictures of the clothes.

So, items in like-new condition might have tears and some fading.

That’s why I buy mostly new-with-tags.

And if I want shoes or bags, Poshmark and Mercari are my favorite spots.

Then, my local thrift stores are for one-off shopping with my friends.

And I also have a few places to send my clothes for money or for free.

So, a little research will ensure you find what you want, whether you are looking for affordable everyday wear or high-end fashion pieces.

What tips do you have to share about going thrift shopping?

Please share them with us in the comments.

If you find this post helpful, please share it.

Thanks for reading.

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