Received A Mercari Package You Didn’t Order – What To Do

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Received A Mercari Package You Didn't Order - What To Do

Recently I received a Mercari package I didn’t order.

But the sender’s name was kind of familiar.

So I went to Mercari and checked my most recent interactions with sellers.

Only to discover that indeed we’ve interacted before.

I bought a pair of shoes from the seller earlier.

But she canceled the order because she already sold it on another marketplace.

So I messaged her to inform her about the mistake.

And to discuss the best way to return the item to her.

If you’ve been shopping on online marketplaces, you might find yourself in a similar situation.

So here’s why and what to do when you receive a Mercari package you didn’t order.

Why you received a Mercari package you didn’t order

I once received a Christmas card from a Mercari seller.

It was sweet to know that they remembered me during Christmas.

But I know it was also a reminder to shop from them again.

So it’s a marketing tactic that I think is sweet.

But when you receive a whole package that you didn’t order, it can be confusing.

Because you’d wonder why this person is gifting you this item.

In my case, it was a pair of maternity shorts.

So I was taken aback by the item.

As I wasn’t pregnant, and not planning to be.

Anyway, let’s discuss why you received a Mercari package you didn’t order.

1. You’ve interacted with the seller before

If you’ve interacted with a Mercari seller before, it’s normal that they’d have your shipping information.

So just like me, maybe you bought something from them recently.

That’s why they have your shipping information.


2. They made several sales and the shipping labels got mixed up

It’s also possible they made several sales recently, yours included.

And sometimes when you have several orders to fill, things can get mixed up.

It’s not easy being a reseller.

So what can you do when you receive a Mercari package you didn’t order?

1. Check if you’ve interacted with the seller before

The first thing to do is to check your past purchases to see if you ordered anything.

Then check if you’ve bought anything from the seller before.

Once you find them, inform them about the package you received.

2. Next, discuss the best way to return the item to them

Woman chatting on mobile phone

When I got a package I didn’t order, after I found the seller, I asked her how to return the item.

They’d most likely prefer you return the item to them.

So they can ship it to the right person.

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3. Don’t ask for personal information like address, email, etc

Well, their address is already on the package.

Also, Mercari won’t allow the message to be delivered.

And Mercari might imply you’re trying to get personal information.

Or that you’re trying to take a transaction out of the marketplace.

Even if that’s not what you’re doing.

4. Instead, take a picture of their shipping information to mail the package back

Hands holding a shipping box

If you’ve opened the package, then make sure to keep the shipping box.

Or better still, take a picture of the seller’s address, so you can ship the item back to them.

And you know the way Mercari works, you can’t send the seller your email to send you a shipping label.

So you might have to send the package to them and pay for it yourself.

It might be annoying that you’re spending money you didn’t plan to spend.

But it’s one of those things.

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5. Next, message the seller that you’ve shipped their package

Once you’ve shipped the package back to the seller, let them know.

And you can also share the tracking number with them.

So they can track the package.

Once they receive the package, they might message you again to say thanks.

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Conclusion on what to do when you receive a Mercari package you didn’t order

So that’s what to do when you receive a Mercari package you didn’t order.

Hope you find this post helpful.

If you enjoyed it, please share it.

Thanks for reading.

see you in the next post.

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