7 Clever Reasons To Buy Second Hand

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When I started buying myself clothes, I shopped second-hand and new clothing.

And I always find great stuff in the second-hand market than brand new.

Maybe because I couldn’t afford the pretty high-end clothes.

So after a while, my shopping gravitated towards second hand.

Though I still buy a few brand new clothing for my kids and me.

But most of the time, I do second hand shopping and enjoy it.

7 Clever Reasons To Buy Second Hand

So if you’re wondering if second-hand fashion is worth it, keep reading.

This post will discuss why we should shop second-hand, the myths surrounding second-hand fashion, and where to buy second-hand.

Let’s begin.

Why shop second hand? 7 reasons

Here are reasons to buy second-hand:

1. Shopping secondhand is budget-friendly

7 Clever Reasons To Buy Second Hand

First, if you’re on a tight budget, you should consider shopping second-hand.

And if you can only squeeze out a few hundred dollars for clothes shopping, you’d get at least 10 to 15 pieces of new items to add to your wardrobe.

Last Christmas, I spent a little over $100 on Thredup. And I got 8 new items, all brand new with tags.

Imagine if I spent that money on brand-new items.

And the style and quality of those items, I might get maybe two or at most three tops.

So you see what I mean?

Shopping second-hand is pocket-friendly.

2. More styles to choose from

7 Clever Reasons To Buy Second Hand

You have more styles and brands to choose from when you shop second-hand.

You are not restricted to just what’s available in store.

You’d find the basics like Old Navy, Asos, etc.

And more expensive brands like Talbots, Worthington, etc.

I always compare the retail prices to see the brands that cost more.

So correct me if you believe Worthington, Talbots, etc., are not higher brands than Asos or Old Navy.

3. High-end brands for less when you shop second hand

7 Clever Reasons To Buy Second Hand

Another reason you should shop second-hand is that you will find high-end fashion for less.

Who doesn’t love to pay less for excellent quality?

We all want to wear that designer dress, jeans, or bag, without going broke.

And depending on your budget, you can buy items that cost over $200 for $50 or sometimes less.

So think about it.

3. Easy to clear your closet and add new items

7 Clever Reasons To Buy Second Hand

Let’s be honest. Most of us wish we could clear our closets as often as possible.

Believe me, shopping second-hand will make clearing out your closet more convenient.

Because when you don’t have to empty your account to get new clothes, you’ll not hesitate to clear your closet.

Just a few months ago, I cleared clothes I haven’t worn out of my closet for years.

And I was waiting to sell them, but it wasn’t happening.

So I sent two boxes full of clothes to Thredup.

And I’ve just bought a few from Thredup to add to my wardrobe.

And guess what? I spent less than $100.

4. You can create and refresh your style from second hand stores

7 Clever Reasons To Buy Second Hand

I’m not one to follow fashion trends.

But I try to keep my wardrobe simple, fresh, and classy.

And I always find my favorite styles in second-hand stores.

If your style is relaxed or contemporary (I don’t even know what contemporary means), you’d find them when you shop second-hand.

And again, you don’t have to pay through your nose for them.

5. Guilt-free window shopping on online secondhand stores

7 Clever Reasons To Buy Second Hand

Who enjoys window shopping without the store staff luring you to buy something?

Well, I do.

Online window shopping is like therapy for me.

Except my fingers sometimes get tired of scrolling.

But I spend time window shopping and saving items on Thredup especially.

Because on other shopping apps, you’d have sellers sending you offers when you’re not ready to buy.

So I enjoy Thredup window-shopping as I can save stuff and buy them later.

But sometimes other customers buy them before me. And that’s okay.

So if you enjoy window shopping like me, try it on an online second-hand store.

Maybe you’d find your next favorite coat or bag.

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6. You can give your old clothes new love

So the way you give second-hand clothes new life, the clothes you don’t wear anymore can get new love from other people.

Here’s how.

  • Clear out clothes you haven’t worn for a year or more, and send them to a thrift store of your choice.
  • People are willing to buy what you have worn just as you purchased clothes others have worn.
  • If you want to make a few bucks from your clothes, list them on reselling apps like Mercari, Poshmark, Thredup, and so many others.
  • But if not, just donate them to a thrift store in your area and be happy they didn’t end up in the landfill.

This brings us to the next point.

7. Second-hand shopping is good for the environment

Lots and lots of clothes end up in landfills.

So shopping second-hand is a way to reduce the chances of it happening.

More and more people are sending their pre-loved clothes to second-hand consignment stores.

What about worn-out clothes no one can wear?

You can send worn-out clothing items to Thredup or even H&M.

As for Thredup, they send unwearable clothes to recycling companies that use them to make throw pillows, etc.

Then H&M accepts unwearable clothes to create sustainable fashion.

So if there’s an H&M store in your area, you can drop off old clothes.

I think H&M gives you an in-store shopping discount when you drop off old clothing.

And that’s that.

7 Clever Reasons To Buy Second Hand

Myths about shopping second hand

Let’s talk about some misconceptions surrounding shopping second-hand:

1. You’re poor because you shop second hand

Some say shopping second hand means you’re poor and can’t afford new clothes.

Well, I call that B.S.

I know many people who shop second-hand are not poor.

They are just savvy and would buy quality for less.

Instead of spending most of their earnings on their wardrobes.

Besides, it only makes sense if you’re living on a tight budget and buy second-hand.

You’d still rock good quality clothes and look rich.


2. The clothes are unwearable.

Did I hear you say second-hand clothes are unwearable?

That’s just funny.

Asides from a couple of sweaters I bought that were in “good condition,” most of the clothes I purchase second-hand are in perfect condition

And wherever you shop second-hand, you’d find a few new with tags items.

You can say they’re not second-hand if they’ve not been worn.

But it doesn’t matter.

My point is you can choose to buy like-new, good, or new with tags items from consignment or second-hand stores.

Nobody says you must buy clothes that have been worn.

But you can buy new with tags clothes for a fraction of the retail price.

Hope this makes sense.

3. You are not making a difference

Who says you’re not making a difference shopping second-hand?

Trust me, shopping for second-hand fashion makes a lot of difference.

Because people that used to throw clothes away are now sending them to thrift stores so you and I can buy and love them.

So if that’s the tiny difference you make, it’s worth something.

And while you love other people’s pre-loved items, remember to send in yours.

Maybe I’d find your favorite purse on ThredUp.

You’ll never know.

But until then, keep making a little difference one day at a time, shopping and loving second-hand items.

Where to shop second-hand


Poshmark – an app created to sell your clothes and household items for cash from home. Sign up with my link for a $10 bonus to shop. And I’d also get $10.


Thredup is an online consignment store to donate or resell your clothing and accessories.

Sign up with my link for a $10 discount when you shop. And I’d also get $10 to shop.


eBay is an online marketplace to buy and sell anything from fashion to household items, gadgets, etc.


This is another online reselling marketplace where you can shop second-hand fashion from people like you.

Sign up with my link, and you and I will get $10 each to shop.

Please read How To Sell On Mercari: How Mercari Works For Sellers.

Local thrift stores

There are lots of thrift stores around you. Stop by and check out what they have.

Also, that’s one of the places you can donate your pre-loved clothes for others to find.

7 Clever Reasons To Buy Second Hand

Boom! 7 reasons to buy second hand

Buying second-hand is budget-friendly and opens you to various styles and brands.

Also, when you shop second-hand, you give new life to old clothes.

And because of how pocket-friendly second-hand clothing are, you can easily clear out your closet and add new things to freshen it up.

Another reason we should buy second-hand is that you can easily curate your style without breaking the bank.

I hope this post helps you appreciate second-hand fashion as I do.

No, you’re not poor or dirty because you buy second-hand.

You’re just weird like the rest of us. And weird is good because normal is boring.

So do you.

Please share this post. It would mean everything to me.

Thanks for reading.

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