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Purifying Banana Honey Face Mask

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As we transition from Summer to Fall, it is essential that we also make some improvements in our skincare routine.

So we are looking at how to make a purifying DIY banana honey face mask. 

This two-ingredient face mask will hydrate dehydrated skin, remove impurities, and make your skin glow naturally.

So let’s go make a delicious healthy treat for your beautiful face.

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Purifying Banana Honey Face Mask

How To Make A Purifying DIY Banana Honey Face Mask

To make this two-ingredient DIY face mask, you need:

  • a bowl and a fork
  • a tablespoon of honey, and
  • two slices of ripe banana

The quantity of the ingredients is just enough for one face and should be used up.

Do not save for tomorrow or next week, as it will go bad and won’t be safe for your skin anymore.


  • With a fork, mash the banana in a bowl
  • Add the honey and mix both ingredients together
  • Apply the DIY face mask to your freshly washed face
  • Let it sit on your face for several minutes (until it is dry)
  • Rinse off with lukewarm water
  • Apply a light moisturizer to your face

Benefits Of Banana And Honey To The Skin

Banana contains potassium which hydrates and moisturizes dry skin.

It fights the germs that cause acne, fades off dark spots and nourishes the skin.

This delicious fruit strengthens connective tissue and maintains the skin’s elasticity.

Honey, on the other hand, helps balance the bacteria on your skin, so it is great for treating acne.

It also reduces skin inflammation and speeds up the healing process.

Applying raw honey on your face clears dull skin and reveals your natural skin glow.

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Purifying Banana Honey Face Mask

Boom! Banana Honey Face Mask

So that is how to make a purifying DIY banana honey face mask.

It is inexpensive and very effective in giving your face that healthy glow we all desire.

It is ideal to make a new DIY face mask every time you need to use one.

Making and storing it in your fridge is a waste of ingredients, time and money because it would go bad.

What are your favorite DIY face masks?

Share in the comments, I would love to try them.

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Thanks for reading!

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