Premature Gray Hair: Not A Death Sentence | How To Embrace It

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Do you have premature gray hair?

Does your graying hair bother you in any way?

I saw my first gray hair in my mid-20s, and I took a picture of it and used it as my BBM display pic.

And I recall a few people said “oh! you’re getting old” and all that.

Honestly, I didn’t give it much thought.

And since then I’ve grown more gray hairs. To the point where I have some right on my hairline for everyone to see.

Now having grays on my hairline sometimes bothers me, but still, I’m living my life.

So this post will cover the causes of prematurely gray hair, how to embrace your premature gray hair, and live your life.

Let’s begin.

Causes of Premature Gray Hair

Firstly, premature graying can be a result of different factors like

  • race,
  • genetics,
  • stress,
  • vitamin deficiency, and so much more.

Premature graying in white people can start as early as 20 years old, while a person can be as young as 25 years old among Asians, and 30 years in African-Americans populations, according to the same 2013 study.

What you should know about white hair

And while there are so many causes of premature greying, there are also ways to reverse or slow it down.

But this post is not about any of that.

Moving on…

How To Embrace Your Premature Graying Hair

1. Take a deep breath

Since the gray hair shows up as a surprise, it definitely may be hard for some of us to take.

And that’s totally normal.

So take all the time you need to deal with your new hairs.

And while you are at it, once in a while, open it up and see how that goes.

With time, it should and would be easier to let your hair down and relax.

Keep reading.

2. Know what is important

Premature graying is scary for most, but it is not the end of the world.

As white hairs grow on your head, I’m sure other good things are happening in your life.

So don’t waste precious time worrying about your hair or what anyone thinks of it.

What matters is how you see yourself. Are you happy? Is your job or business going well?

Those are just a few things that are more important than the color of your hair strands.

I hope this makes sense.

If it doesn’t, please let me know in the comments.

3. Treat and style your hair like you would if it weren’t gray

Another way to deal with prematurely gray hair is to continue to treat and style your hair as you did before it surfaced.

That’s what I did, precisely.

And believe me, it became a regular thing after a while.

Because it only becomes a problem or something to be ashamed of when you continue to cover it up.

Now I know not everyone can say “eff this ish” and allow friends to see them graying in their 30s, let alone 20s.

What am I talking about? Even folks in their 50s still cover up their graying hairs with dyes and all that.

But dude, it is when you hide it that it becomes more important than it really is.

So wear it! Let your friends, family, and co-workers see it.

The worst they will do is talk ish. But it gets old. Doesn’t it?

Premature Gray Hair: Not A Death Sentence | How To Embrace It

4. Everyone grows gray hair eventually

Like I said at the beginning of this post. There are several causes of premature graying of hair.

But can premature graying be reversed? Yes, and it depends on the cause as well.

So whether you started going gray in your 20s or 50s, the truth is everyone grays eventually.

And you can cover it up for now, but at some point, you’d get tired of hiding it.

My mom used to color her hair black when she noticed her white hair. But she got tired of it – after a while – and that’s how she stopped coloring the hair.

Now she has a full head of gray hair.

I sometimes look at graying hair from a breast feeding point of view.

Some people say they won’t breastfeed their babies because they don’t want their breasts to sag.

But the truth is, the breasts will sag eventually whether you breastfeed or not.


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5. Switch up your hair game

To embrace your premature gray hair, change your hair game.

You can wear wigs sometimes, or your natural hair, or even color your hair gray. Be adventurous.

I see lots of young people rocking platinum blonde hair, and I think it is hot as ish.

Maybe that would help you see how you’d look with a head of gray hair.

I have several wigs I sometimes use to change my look.

But I’d also love to explore bright blonde or gray hair. (Added to my bucket list).

Premature Gray Hair: Not A Death Sentence | How To Embrace It


So that’s five tips to live happily with your premature gray hair.

Remember, going gray is not the end of your life.

There are so many ways you can rock your hair, gray or not.

If you find this post helpful in any way, let me know in the comments.

Do you have premature gray hair? How are you coping?

Please share your experience and tips with us.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I saw my first grey 3years back,it was shocking. Plucked it out alot,but it kept growing back…so I left it.

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