Poshmark Returns: What To Do When A Buyer Opens A Case, How To Avoid It

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So I thought I’d talk about Poshmark returns because I had to open a case against a seller recently.

Honestly, I dislike returning items on reselling websites because I feel it is very stressful, and all that.

Also, as a seller myself, I consider what the seller went through to make that sale, and ship it to me, only to get the gut-wrenching email that the buyer wants a refund.

I know how it feels because it has happened to me before.

But for the first time, I had to return a Poshmark purchase.

The seller never disclosed the flaws in the items and claimed they weren’t there when she shipped both jackets.

Anyway, I had to send pictures of the flaws, and the case was resolved, and I got a full refund.

And this post will cover what you can do when it happens, and how to avoid it in the future.

Poshmark Returns: What To Do When A Buyer Opens A Case, How To Avoid It

Let’s dive in.

What To Do When A Poshmark Buyer Opens A Case Against You

When a case is opened against you on Poshmark, don’t panic. Just follow the steps below.

Review the reason for the return

Before responding to the case, make sure to read the reason why the buyer wants a refund.

Then check the pictures of the listing, and your description to see if you missed anything.

Look for things you can use to defend yourself just in case the buyer is being dishonest.

Be professional / Address Poshmark support not the buyer

When responding to the case, try as much as you can to be professional.

Address Poshmark support, not the buyer.

Yes, the buyer may lay false claims but try to keep your cool.

And continue to discuss with Poshmark support, and show your pictures or descriptions to back up your claim.

Mention Poshmark return policy

If a buyer is asking for a refund because the item doesn’t fit, then mention Poshmark’s return policy.

As per returns, the policy states that you can’t return any clothing based on your disliking of the fit.

That’s not the seller’s fault, the outfit just doesn’t work for the buyer.

So such issues do not qualify for a refund.

Make sure to read Poshmark policy for what’s covered and what isn’t, to protect yourself on the reselling platform.

Accept the return

If it is your fault, accept the return and let the buyer get their refund. Apologize to them, and move on.

You’ll never know, the buyer may change their mind and decide to keep the item.

But if not, just accept it and learn from it.

Poshmark Returns What To Do When A Buyer Opens A Case, How To Avoid It

Reasons Why a Case May Be Opened Against You on Poshmark

Selling on Poshmark is a lot of work, and missing things are not uncommon, so you’re not alone. Let’s talk about reasons why a case may open against you on Poshmark.

Not shipping on time

We all know you have 5 business days to ship on Poshmark, but it doesn’t mean you have to wait until the fifth day to ship.

When people shop, they’re excited and counting days to receive their order and start enjoying it.

But waiting for days and not getting any update can be frustrating.

And at some point, they’d lose interest in that purchase especially if you’re not communicating with them about shipping.

Incorrect sizes

Another mistake that can lead to Poshmark returns is inaccurate sizes.

I’ve seen cases where a listing says size medium, and never mentions that it is a junior size, and the buyer receives a shirt or dress they can’t fit into.

Failure to reveal flaws

If you list an item with flaws, and fail to show pictures of it, or even mention it in the description, then a buyer has every right to open a case against you on Poshmark.

In my case, I bought two winter jackets, and both jackets’ right pockets were torn inside.

One was the size of an adult hand, and the other would fit my thumb.

And these were not pictured or even mentioned in the descriptions.

Using only stock photos and not the actual picture of the item

Yes, stock photos of your listing are great, but without a picture of the actual product, your item may be returned.

The buyer can make a case that you didn’t show how new or worn the item is.

And that’s a strong argument just because it is.

Not describing items thoroughly

I’ve seen lots of listings on Poshmark and other marketplaces with just one line of description.

And I wonder if the seller thinks that’s enough information to help a buyer purchase your item.

Here are some examples of vague descriptions.

Black ankle boots – make an offer.

You didn’t mention if it has any flaws if it is true to size, or whatever.

Summer dress

What’s the length of the dress, is it mini or midi? What kind of fit is it?

Levi’s jeans

Is it straight, skinny, high, or mid-rise? What’s the full-length measurement?

These may work for some sellers and buyers, but it doesn’t say enough about your listing.

Now, let’s look at better item descriptions:

Steve Madden Black ankle boots

  • Steve Madden ankle boots
  • Black – picture #3 shows actual color (if that’s the case)
  • size 8.5
  • Like-new condition or worn once or a handful of times
  • Only flaw is a slight scratch on the toes, see picture #4
  • Runs big, runs small (mention it if that’s the case), or true to size.

All I’m trying to say is that incomplete descriptions can lead to Poshmark returns, and you can avoid them.

Keep reading.

How To Avoid Poshmark Returns

Now after one or two Poshmark returns, you’d want to make sure it doesn’t happen anymore. So we’ll talk about what to do to avoid cases being opened against you on Poshmark.

Take lots of pictures of your item, reveal flaws

Poshmark listings allow up to twelve pictures, take advantage of it.

And let your pictures show the brand name, size, care instructions and fabric type label, flaws (tears or pilling), etc.

Make your Poshmark listing descriptions thorough to avoid returns

Now you have pictures of your listing, the next step is to describe the product, and back them up with the pictures.

So when a buyer reads the description, they can refer to the pictures, and understand exactly what you’re talking about.

If you have pictures of pilling, mention in your description “check #3 for a picture of flaw”.

Then add things like:

  • runs small or big
  • true to size
  • boxy fit
  • body con or loose fit

I understand this may sound and feel daunting – rightfully so -but it can help you avoid Poshmark returns because now the buyer is aware of the condition or state of the item they’re buying.

If you can’t give write detailed descriptions of your listing, Google the product and copy the retail description of the product.

Lots of sellers do that, and it works.

But if you can’t find the product on Google, then you’d have to describe it to the best of your knowledge.

Also, encourage buyers to ask questions about your listings, and reply to them promptly.

Use stock photos and take pictures yourself

You can use stock photos to show the fit of a product, so the buyer has an idea of the style. But take your pictures of the item.

Because a buyer can claim that they never saw a picture of the item they’re buying. They can even say they were deceived.

So show your pictures alongside stock photos.

To avoid Poshmark returns, ship promptly

To avoid Poshmark returns, make sure you ship as quickly as possible.

Poshmark sellers have 5 business days to ship but it doesn’t mean you have to wait till the last day to ship without communicating with the buyer.

If you’re going to ship late, let the buyer know there’d be a delay, and they would understand.

But without any communication with your buyer, they might lose interest, and change their mind about the purchase.

Even when you finally ship the purchase, some buyers would open a case for a return.

So go to the USPS website and schedule a pickup, and the mail carrier would pick up your shipment the next day.

Once a buyer gets a notification of shipment, they’re excited and waiting for their new buy.

Take measurements

When taking pictures of your listings, take measurements also, then show pictures and mention them in your descriptions.

Once you have this out of the way, buyers won’t have to ask you for measurements or return your product because of inaccurate measurements or fit.

Pack your items nicely

You don’t have to pack the item with tissue paper ad fancy ribbons, which is good but not necessary.

But you should make sure your shipping box or poly mailer is in great condition. Not the type that breaks on the way and the item is already getting damaged on the way to the buyer.

Check out 13 Reseller Supplies You Need To Sell Online For Beginners.

Yes, you can say it was in great condition when you shipped it, but the buyer received it damaged, and they can open a case against you.

I hope you get my drift.

What to do after you receive your return

Check the returned item

When you get your item back, check it thoroughly to ensure it is in the condition it was shipped.

If you notice any intentional damage or anything untrue, then you can open a case against the buyer, too.

Will an open case affect my Poshmark closet?

No, an open case won’t affect your Poshmark closet. So don’t worry about it.

Once the case is closed, you can go back and continue selling on Poshmark.

How long do Poshmark returns take?

Poshmark return cases take only a few days or less than a week to resolve.

Who pays for return shipping on Poshmark?

Poshmark pays for returns. Don’t worry you (seller or buyer) won’t be billed for it.

Boom! How To Respond and Avoid Poshmark Returns

And that’s what you need to know about Poshmark returns and how to avoid them.

You’re on the platform to sell and make money, remember to take enough pictures, describe your items thoroughly, and you’d hardly have cases open against you.

But if a case opens against you, be professional, keep emotions aside, and try to resolve it.

If it goes in your favor, great.

If not, learn your lessons and make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Has a case been opened against you on Poshmark?

Please share your tips to handle Poshmark returns and to keep them from happening again.

Also, share this post on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and other social media outlets.

Thanks for reading.

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