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7 Great Places To Find Items To Resell in 2021

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Last Updated on by Buayifa Ojeogwu

Do you want to know places to find items to resell before you start a reselling business?

Don’t worry, I gat you.

Reselling is not really complicated.

You only need some pointers about where to find things to sell, and also essential reselling supplies.

So if you are ready, let’s look at 7 Great Places To Find Items To Resell In 2021, plus where to sell them.

Let’s dive in.

7 Great Places To Find Items To Resell in 2021
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7 Good Places To Find Items To Resell

1. Your house

7 Great Places To Find Items To Resell in 2021

The very first place you can find things to resell is your home.

Look around for things you don’t use regularly, and may never use anymore.

Then list them on your online store, put a price on it and sell it.

Use this to test the waters before spending your money buying and selling.

I’m always careful about holding my money down in stock that I may lose interest in.

I hope you understand what I’m talking about.

Let me know in the comments if this makes sense to you.

2. Thrift stores

7 Great Places To Find Items To Resell in 2021

Another place to source for things to sell is thrift stores. They usually have a variety of items in good to brand-new condition.

The things you find at thrift stores are usually donated by people who don’t really care about reselling their stuff.

And some of these donated items are high-end designer brand names.

So if you are ready to search well, you might find items to resell for double or even triple the amount you paid.

And that’s because thrift stores are very affordable.

This takes us to the next point.

3. Antique stores are great places to find items to resell

Unlike thrift stores, antique stores are more organized, and their prices are usually higher.

So you don’t have to spend so much time searching for things the way you would at Goodwill or other thrift stores.

If you sell vintage fashion on Depop, then antique stores are where you’d find rare vintage pieces to resell.

Just remember that you’d be spending quite more than you would at Salvation Army stores.

4. Consignment stores

Another place to buy items for reselling is consignment stores.

A few you can check out are Ross, Gabes, Swap (online), and ThredUp (online).

For Ross and Gabes, you have to shop in-store while Swap and ThredUp are online.

I think ThredUp has in-store shopping too. So you can check their website if there’s one around your area.

You would find items in good to brand-new conditions at consignment stores.

While Ross and Gabes sell a variety of items, Swap and ThredUp are strictly fashion consignments.

5. Yard sale is another place to find things to sell

7 Great Places To Find Items To Resell in 2021

If yard sales or garage sales happen a lot around your area, you may want to check them out.

That’s one of the places to find great items that people have no space in their homes for anymore.

And yardsales is where you can find the cheapest stuff to resell because the seller wants everything gone and get their money fast.

Plus, they don’t plan to take any items back into the house. So you can haggle prices and pay as low as the seller would accept.

Keep your ears and eyes out for the nearest yard sale.

6. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook marketplace is like an online yard sale because these are people within your community selling stuff.

And as far as yard sale goes, prices are quite low on Facebook marketplace.

I recently bought a bookcase for less than $10 on Facebook Marketplace, though I don’t plan to resell it.

What I’m trying to say is that you can find great items in decent condition to resell.

Plus, if you join Facebook yard sale groups in your area, you’d be notified whenever a yard sale is on.

7. Friends and families’ homes

If your friends or family want to get rid of something you believe is still useful, you can take and resell them.

The funny thing about this is that when they notice you make dough from the items, they might ask for commissions. Lol.

Well, that’s up to you.

The plan is to get free items to sell and make some cash from home.

7 Great Places To Find Items To Resell in 2021
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Places to resell stuff from home


Selling on Mercari is easy, but like other selling apps, it has its own issues sellers are not finding funny.

Talk about the recently added Mercari processing fees. But what can we do?

Check out this post about How Mercari Works For Sellers to help you get started.


Poshmark is another place to sell things from home.

Check out this post comparing Poshmark versus Mercari to see the differences and similarities.

And also understand where you’d rather sell your stuff.

Facebook Marketplace

Yes, I remember saying you can buy stuff from the Facebook marketplace to sell.

But you can also refurbish and resell the same items there.

Plus, if you offer to ship, you may find more buyers.

And that’s because most people don’t like to meet and exchange products for cash, for safety concerns.

So if you can ship your products, then you’d be okay selling on Facebook Marketplace.

7 Great Places To Find Items To Resell in 2021
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I didn’t give Depop selling app enough time to understand how it works. But I know lots of people sell there.

Depop is a vintage fashion selling platform, but you can still sell regular clothes.

So if you have eyes for vintage clothes or you just want to sell your clothes, Depop is a good option too.


Most resellers are familiar with eBay.

It is similar to Mercari.

Or maybe Mercari is a wannabe eBay, with the unnecessary fees they add these days.

Anyway, eBay is a great place to resell because their platform is quite huge.

So your listings would be seen by lots of users, which may result in sales.


The truth is, selling on ThredUp won’t make you as much money as Poshmark, Mercari, or even eBay.

But you can still give it a shot.

Read this post to know more about selling your clothes on Thredup.

7 Great Places To Find Items To Resell in 2021

Conclusion on Places You Can Buy Things To Resell

So that’s 7 great places to find items to resell in 2021, and still make profits.

Have you started a reselling business?

Can you share the places you buy items to resell? Please do so in the comments.

Thanks for reading.

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