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    1. Kimmie, you just put a big smile on my face. That’s what seeing you does to me. Yes, stretching can help relax your body for better sleep.

  1. Love these ideas! I have been making an effort to put together a nighttime routine to help with sleeping. Right now I am trying to be consistent with yoga and meditation and a skin care routine.
    I really need to get in the habit of turning my phone off earlier

    1. Hi Tamara. Thanks for suggesting turning our phones off earlier. Yoga alone has improved my sleep after a hard day.
      I’m glad you found these tips helpful.
      Thanks for reading!

    1. I can go on and on about how stretching before bed has improved my sleep. You are so welcome.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. I spend so much time focused on my morning routine that I haven’t considered the health benefits of having a good evening routine too. Getting good sleep is so important to our bodies too. Thanks for sharing this, it made me rethink the cycle of good routines I have in my life!

    1. Getting a night of good sleep is super important. And your post about morning routines has some great tips too. I guess the night routine somehow affects the morning.
      Thanks for reading, Nicole.
      I’m glad you found this post helpful.

  3. Green tea is my favorite, but I’ve actually never tried it with lime! Will definitely have to try that the next time I have it! I’ve been meaning to try to stretch every night too!

    1. Hey Farrah.
      You would love it with lime. Stretching at night has really helped me sleep better.
      Thanks for reading. xx

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