New Year’s Resolutions Ideas To Set Goals For Yourself

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Finally, it is January the first of the new year. Time to share some new year’s resolutions ideas with you.

Before we get into all of that, let’s agree that this is not a marathon.

And what this means is that you don’t have to do everything on your new year resolutions list.

The plan is to make progress, not perfection.

Let’s begin!

New Year's Resolutions Ideas

27 Excellent New Year’s Resolutions Ideas

1. Stop overthinking everything

Most of us do this. We overthink everything and end up wasting precious time, and worst of all not getting anything done.

So this new year, if you have to make some decisions, think about them but do not overthink everything.

2. Do more yoga

Thankfully this is the beginning of a 30day yoga journey with YWA on YouTube. So get on the train, let’s do this.

But if you can’t join now, find other yoga videos and practice, and spend more time in your space.

3. Drink more water

In this new year, make sure to cut out sugary beverages and drink water instead. Use a drink water reminder app, or keep a gallon of water within reach.

4. Move more

This past year and all the drama it brought made most of us more sedentary than we used to be. So in the new year, remember to take walks, or runs within your neighborhood.

Just any movement that will exercise your muscles, and get your heart rate up.

There are health and fitness apps you can download to help you make serious fitness moves.

5. Remember to take a break often

We all get overwhelmed sometimes, so remember to take breaks from work or anything causing you stress.

So take some time to breathe and enjoy your life a little more in the new year.

6. Take breaks from social media

Social media is a crazy and also toxic place. And you don’t want to spend your time with all the negativity going on there. That’s why you must remember to take breaks off it every once in a while.

7. Go commando once in a while

No, don’t go commando and wear jeans or other tough fabrics that may bruise you. Instead, make going commando a part of your self-care routine.

8. Eat more home-cooked meals

This year, buy your own groceries, cook more, and enjoy homemade foods. That way you can reduce the money spent on takeout and eat healthy foods.

9. Work with a budget

If you haven’t been budgeting, try it this year with the 50-30-20 budget method. Budgeting helps you set your priorities right when it comes to your finances.

10. Recycle and upcycle too

Saving our environment is just as important as any other new year’s resolutions ideas you may have. Therefore, rethink the way you dispose of plastic and metal waste.

Also, make sure to use the recycle bins, and upcycle containers like glass jars.

11. Declutter your home

Look around your house or apartment, and declutter things you don’t use, like the extra bookcase, your kids’ old high chair or car seat, old lamps, and even your closet.

Since you can’t just throw them away, consider selling them on Facebook Marketplace.

12. Eat more vegetables

Have you been running away from vegetables, especially kale? As you begin a new year, add more veggies to your diet.

I usually steam mine in the microwave with a little salt and seasoning when I don’t want to eat it fresh.

You can try that.

New Year's Resolutions Ideas

13. Install a bidet

More people are embracing bidets over toilet tissue for better bathroom hygiene after number two. Consider installing one in your bathroom and enjoy the benefits of cleaning up with water.

14. Create time for self-care

Stop listening to folks that say self-care is selfish. Make time to pamper yourself – not just with massages and nail polish – but with peace, quiet, and some self-love.

15. Take a break from makeup

These days, more people are either wearing less makeup or taking long breaks from makeup to let their skin recuperate.

I think that’s an attainable new year resolution idea you can add to your list.

You don’t have to go a whole week or month without makeup. Instead, try wearing makeup without foundation, or make your days off a no-makeup day.

16. Learn how to say no

It can be difficult to say no sometimes, but you gotta learn how to do it. If not, you’d be taken for granted and also won’t be able to set boundaries.

So take a deep breath, and say no if you can’t do something. But also know when to say yes.

17. Stop giving people a long rope

This means you should quit giving people too many chances to hurt you over and over. Once they show you who they are, you better believe them.

So cut that rope short and move on with your life.

I think that’s a solid new year resolution idea.

18. Work smarter, not busy doing nothing

These days we confuse busy for working, and hardly ever get anything done. So this year, make sure to work smarter and check tasks off your to-do lists.

Check the free resources library for to-do lists, planners, and notes to plan your work.

19. Dance like no one’s watching

Everybody says this, but do we actually do it? You don’t have to dance on the bus or in a grocery store, but dance when you feel like it.

Play some music and sing along, and let your endorphins or feel-good hormones flow. If you have small kids, you can dance funny and have lots of fun with them.

20. Enjoy your own company

Another new year’s resolution idea you must try is to enjoy your own company.

You don’t have to be with friends all the time to have a good time.

Sometimes, stay by yourself, take a walk to the park, or treat yourself to a relaxing spa day at home or a beauty parlor.

But if these are not your ideal way of enjoying your own company, other things you can do are watching movies, reading books, or just laying on your back.

Alone with your thoughts.

21. Make new friends

Lord knows I need new friends. Due to covid-19, making new friends is almost impossible, but you can start by saying hello to your neighbors.

You’ll never know when you’d need their help or when they’d need yours.

22. Cancel unnecessary subscriptions

Automated subscriptions are the death of our finances. Start this year canceling subscriptions you don’t use, and maybe use the free version if available.

23. Save more money

Use simple tricks to save more money this year, even if it is a dollar at a time. So you’d have money for the rainy days.

24. Use meal planners

Meal planners make it easy for you to prepare foods for the week or month, then you’d have time to focus on other things.

And if you are on a fitness journey, a meal plan can help you organize your meals within your caloric needs for days.

25. Spend wisely

Let’s leave impulsive spending with the past year. This year think well and follow your budget before you spend every dollar.

26. Start a skincare routine

Take extra care of your skin. Not just on self-care day, I mean every single day.

Wash your skin, exfoliate twice a week, and moisturize it with a good body moisturizer.

You can even try a nighttime skincare regimen to wake up beautiful.

27. Stay in touch with your family

While you are making plans and getting your acts together, remember to call your parents and siblings.

Create time to be with them on special occasions or not.

27 Excellent New Year's Resolutions Ideas

Wrapping It Up! 27 New Year’s Resolution Ideas To Achieve Your Goals

So that’s twenty-seven new year’s resolutions ideas to add to your list and attain your goals.

What ideas for new year resolutions do you have?

Please share them with us.

Thanks for reading.

Please pin me.

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