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Money-Saving Tips For Living On A Budget

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23 Money-Saving Tips For Living On A Budget Without Feeling Poor

Hey! Are you interested in some money-saving tips, and ways to live on a budget?

Or are you actually looking for ways to reduce your spending and save more dollars?

Don’t worry, I got you.

In this post, I’ll show you 23 money-saving tips for living on a budget, without feeling poor.

Let’s dive in.

23 Money-Saving Tips For Living On A Budget Without Feeling Poor

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In this post

    Tips For Saving Money On Food

    23 Money-Saving Tips For Living On A Budget Without Feeling Poor

    1. Cook your own food, and cut down on take-out

    When you start cooking for yourself, you’d see that it is way cheaper than buying takeout.

    Also, you’d have control over the kinds of ingredients in the food.

    One more thing, when you cook your own food, you can have seconds or even store some for later.

    Now, it is possible you do not know how to cook, but food subscriptions like Hello Fresh, Home Chef, and so many others can help you get started.

    They pack ingredients and a recipe with instructions to cook the food, or you’d have already prepared food that you just reheat and eat.

    Whichever works for you. I’m sure with food subscription boxes, you will save more money on food than you would if you bought takeout.

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    2. Meal prep

    Cooking can be stressful but you can save money and time with meal prepping.

    Simple things like:

    1. chopping your onions,
    2. blending your peppers into a puree,
    3. Processing tomatoes for sauces,
    4. Portioning and labeling your meat for different recipes,

    can save you time on cooking.

    So you won’t be tempted to order takeout whenever you think of ingredients prepping.

    3. Plan your meals ahead of time

    Another tip for saving money on food is to plan your meals ahead of time. You can do this with a meal planner.

    Luckily, your ingredients are prepped, all you have to do is pick a day to cook, portion, freeze, and of course eat.

    Cooking in batches and storing in your refrigerator guarantees that you have food to eat for days.

    Depending on your schedule, you can plan meals for a week or a few weeks.

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    4. Use empty jars to bottle your own food

    If you have empty glass jars, consider bottling your own tomatoes, pickles, peaches, etc.

    Home bottled foods contain no preservatives and are cheaper than storebought ones.

    And you can reuse the glass jars to bottle more next time.

    23 Money-Saving Tips For Living On A Budget Without Feeling Poor

    5. Make your own snack at home

    Yes, grocery stores snacks are tempting and yummy, but you can save a lot of money if you made them yourself.

    So the next time you’re at the baking goods aisle, buy ingredients and make your own cookies or cakes.

    One of my favorite homemade snacks is Gemma’s Best Ever Oatmeal Cookie.

    6. Freeze your fruits for smoothies

    Instead of buying smoothies, you can buy and freeze your own fruits for healthy delicious homemade ones.

    How To Save Money On Skincare Products

    23 Money-Saving Tips For Living On A Budget Without Feeling Poor

    To save money on beauty and skincare products, you can make a few adjustments, and you should be fine.

    7. Buy drugstore skincare and beauty brands

    While you may think the most expensive brands are the best, most drugstore skincare products are excellent.

    So before you start spending most of your earnings on a simple body wash or lotion, try a few drugstore ones.

    They are budget-friendly, and also dermatologist tested.

    8. Try homemade skincare products

    Using homemade skincare products is another way to save money and live well on a budget.

    You don’t have to go all-out making homemade soaps, creams, scrubs, and all that.

    Instead make a few basics like body scrubs, sugar wax, etc.

    What I do is, I use homemade sugar wax, DIY scrubs, sometimes homemade soaps, but I always use drugstore lotions, body wash, etc.

    And it works for me. Go do you.

    9. Buy beauty products during clearance sales

    If making skincare or beauty products at home is not your thing, then consider buying drugstore or high-end brands on clearance.

    From time to time, stores do 50 – 70% clearance sales. That’s a great opportunity for you to buy your favorite brands for way less than the regular retail price.

    But don’t go buying stuff you don’t need because it is on sale.

    That’s impulsive spending, and it can ruin your budget.

    Tips For Saving Money On Clothes

    Here are several ways you can save on your wardrobe:

    10. Shop for clothes from consignment stores

    One money-saving tip you can try for clothing is shopping from consignment stores.

    While you can buy second-hand clothes from consignment stores, they also have new with tags clothes at very affordable rates.

    So you can still buy designer clothing without breaking the bank.

    Here are some consignment stores you can check out.

    1. Thredup – Sign up with my link and earn $10.
    2. Poshmark
    3. Gabes
    4. Ross
    5. Mercari – signing up with my link gives you $10.

    11. Sell your old clothing

    As you shop affordable secondhand fashion and save money, try selling clothes and shoes you no longer wear.

    This can help you declutter and also make a few bucks to buy a new blouse or add to your savings.

    The good thing is that you can sell your clothes in these same places where you buy affordable fashion listed above except Gabes and Ross.

    23 Money-Saving Tips For Living On A Budget Without Feeling Poor

    Tips For Saving Money On Home Decor

    While I can’t speak for everyone, I know most of us would like our homes to look like the ones in catalogs. I don’t blame you.

    Who doesn’t like good things?

    12. Buy secondhand home decor from thrift or vintage stores

    If you can’t afford the kind of home decor you see in catalogs, you can buy cheaper or second-hand alternatives and still get a great-looking home.

    Buy lamps, mirrors, nightstands; from garage sales happening around your area.

    If you are into unique furniture pieces, then check antique stores for quality rare ones. As they are of better quality than most we see these days.

    But they are HEAVY! lol.

    13. Sew your own curtains if you can

    If you are good at sewing and you know good curtain fabrics, then go ahead make your own curtains.

    It is cheaper, and you can easily decorate your place exactly how you want it, in terms of color scheme and style.

    14. Declutter your home and sell old furniture

    While you are searching for affordable deals on good furniture, also consider selling furniture you no longer use.

    Make space for new items, and also make money from decluttering.

    Even if it seems great for decoration, you don’t need a lamp on every end table.

    23 Money-Saving Tips For Living On A Budget Without Feeling Poor

    15. Be on the lookout for mattress deals from bedding stores

    Not only bedding stores, but some thrift stores like Goodwill also sell brand-new mattresses.

    Be careful when buying used mattresses because of bedbugs and skin infections.

    So always think brand new when shopping for mattresses.

    16. Use a big picture frame for photos

    Another creative way to save money on home decor is to create a collage of pictures with one photo frame.

    This kind of picture organization leaves you a lot of white space in your room and a place to look at all your beautiful memories in one frame.

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    Save Money On Cleaning And Laundry Supplies

    As annoying as cleaning and doing laundry can be, here are some money-saving tips you can try.

    17. Wash plenty of clothes at the same time to save laundry detergent.

    While you think washing every few dirty clothes is keeping your space tidy, you should also know that you are wasting water and detergent.

    So try to do lots of laundry at once. Make sure to wash a full load of whites or bright or dark colors, all the time.

    If you use liquid detergent, you can adjust your measurement, but with pods, one is one.

    So wash wisely.

    18. Make your own laundry detergent

    Yup! Another tip to consider is to make your own detergent for washing clothes.

    Check out How to make laundry soap (liquid and powder recipe).

    19. Be strategic when buying cleaning supplies

    When buying cleaning and laundry detergent, buy based on price per 1 lb.

    Also, shop cleaning supplies from Dollar Tree – sponges, mop, bucket, sweep, dustpans, floor cleaning solution, etc.

    Check department stores’ weekly coupon magazines for cleaning supplies at lower prices.

    Use an old or cracked mug as your kitchen sponge dish – I have one in my kitchen right now.

    Money-saving Tips For Grocery Shopping

    Save some money on fresh produce and grocery. Low prices do not always mean low quality.

    20. Make a grocery shopping list of the items you NEED

    Before you go grocery shopping, make a list of the things you need.

    This way you’d have an idea of how much you’re spending and won’t buy anything that’s not on the shopping list.

    21. Buy groceries in bulk

    Some of the foods to consider buying in bulk are rice, beans, meat, and canned foods.

    Also, compare food prices based on price per 1 pound.

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    22. Visit grocery stores with lower priced food

    One very popular store with lower-priced food is Aldi.

    But of course, you may not find everything you need there but you’d find enough, and won’t pay as much as you would at Kroger.

    23. Other money-saving tips for grocery shopping

    Visit the farmer’s market for better quality fresh fruits and vegetables.

    Check grocery stores’ weekly magazines for price reductions, and buy-one-get-one-free offers. An example of this is Kroger’s Woohoo sales.

    Buy canned food with longer expiry dates.

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    23 Money-Saving Tips For Living On A Budget Without Feeling Poor

    Let’s Wrap Up!

    So these are 23 money-saving tips to live on a budget and save money without feeling poor.

    I hope these can help you plan your weekly, monthly, and yearly budget and save extra money.

    If you have any suggestions, please share them in the comments.

    And remember to pin me.

    Thanks for reading!

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