Mercari Says Delivered But No Package – Do This, Buyer or Seller

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Mercari Tracking Says Delivered But Buyer Didn't Receive It

Did Mercari say delivered, but there’s no package?

In this blog post, we’ll discuss what to do when Mercari tracking says delivered, but the buyer didn’t receive it.

We’ll discuss what to do, whether you’re a buyer or a seller.

So you can work together to find the package.

Though in my experience, I was the buyer.

But both parties should find the guide helpful.

Let’s dive in

What to do as a buyer when Mercari says delivered but no package

Recently I bought a dress from Mercari.

And because I was excited about it, I tracked it the whole time until it was delivered.

Only for me to run out to the mailbox and nothing was there.

So I contacted the seller and also Mercari support.

Mercari suggested I file a missing package report with USPS.

Which I did.

And we found my package was dropped in my neighbor’s mailbox.

So here’s what to do as a buyer:

Contact the seller and Mercari about the missing package.

The first thing to do when you can’t find your package is to alert the seller and also Mercari support about the missing package.

In my experience, Mercari support did little to nothing to help.

They just pushed me to USPS.

And they also informed me that after three days, the seller would get paid.

So, my only hope was to work with USPS.

Though the seller was helpful, too.

She continued to communicate with me to find the package.

The truth is that’s the best the seller can do from her end.

Especially as the tracking says delivered.

Next, file a missing package with the shipping company.

Go to the shipping company’s website and file a missing package report.

You’ll fill a form, and also give an estimate of how much the package is worth.

Then, submit the form.

After that you’ll receive an email about a case being opened.

Mercari Tracking Says Delivered But No Package - What To Do Buyer or Seller

Then they’ll call and ask some questions about the package.

And if you can give them any idea why this might happen.

In my case it was because my neighbor and my apartment numbers are very similar.

And my package has been left at my neighbor’s door or mailbox several times.

So I told the supervisor.

And they instructed the evening mail carrier to check my neighbor’s mailbox.

That’s how they found my package.

So give them any information you think might be helpful.

I know it can be stressful.

But that’s the most you can do.

Now, what can you do as a seller when Mercari tracking says delivered, but the buyer says they didn’t receive it?

It can be frustrating when Mercari tracking shows delivered but the customer didn’t get their order.

Several thoughts will cross your mind.

But here’s what you can do to help the buyer find the package.

And you get your funds:

Convince the buyer to file a missing package with the carrier company.

Though you can’t do much from your end.

But you can convince the buyer to contact the shipping company and file a missing package report.

And continue to communicate with them.

Maybe the mail carrier left the package at the wrong address.

Because that’s what happened to me.

My apartment number and neighbor’s always get mixed up.

Sometimes, Amazon drops my package by my neighbor’s door.

But this time, the USPS guy left my small package in my neighbor’s mailbox.

And that’s how we found the package.

I understand that the buyer might not want to go through all this stress.

But I’m guessing they’d be willing to work with you to find the package.

So you’re both happy at the end of the day.

Check the shipping label you printed to confirm the problem isn’t from your side.

Woman putting a shipping label on a box

Yes, it’s possible you shipped the item to the wrong address.

Probably a shipping label for a sale that was later canceled.

So check which label you printed and work with the post office to retrieve the package.

I’m adding this because I’ve received a package from Mercari that I didn’t buy.

And I had to return it to the seller.

Why did the Mercari tracking say delivered when the buyer received no package?

1. The package was left in the wrong mailbox

As I said earlier, the delivery people have left my packages in front of my neighbor’s door several times.

And that’s because our apartment numbers are the same.

But the difference is that mine has an alphabet before the number.

While my neighbor’s door has just the number.

And because of the way the building is designed, it’s a bit hard to find my door.

So most mail delivery people leave all the heavy packages by the staircase or sometimes by the door if they can.

But because the dress I bought from Mercari was in a small package that could fit a mailbox, the mail guy left it in the mailbox.

That’s why I couldn’t find it.

So maybe the package was delivered to the wrong mailbox or address.

Only the mailing company and, with some help from the buyer, can find the package.

2. The package is still at the connecting regional mailing office

Another reason could be that the package has been delivered to a connecting mailing station.

If that makes sense.

I’m not very good at these mailing terms.

But stay with me, let me explain it the best way I can.

So you know, sometimes you ship an item with UPS.

And UPS might have to send the package to USPS in your area for the final delivery.

I once got a package that said delivered.

Only to discover it was just delivered to the USPS shipping station in my state.

So, the “delivered” notification I saw was to the USPS regional office.

Not to my door/address.

Also, the tracking was later updated to show it was a connecting delivery from UPS to USPS.

And I made sure to update the seller on my findings.

Which she also saw from tracking the package.

So I had to wait two more days to get my package delivered to my door by USPS.

My point is that this might be the reason the package says delivered, but the buyer didn’t receive it.

3. Maybe you shipped out the package to the wrong address.

Person scanning a shipping label on a box

Another possible reason you see delivered but the buyer didn’t receive the package could be that you shipped it to the wrong address.

I once received a package I didn’t buy.

And I worked with the seller to return their item.

And it only happened like that because I had bought something from them before.

That was later canceled because it was unavailable.

And it was just the space of a few days.

So, she mistakenly printed my shipping label to ship out a purchase to another buyer.

If you think that’s the case, then check the sale email and confirm if you shipped the item with the right label.

And if it’s from you, then reach out to the person you think you shipped it to.

And convince them to ship the package back to you.

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4. The package was stolen is why Mercari says delivered, but no package

We all know that people steal packages.

So it’s possible the package was delivered, but someone stole it.

And if that’s the case, the buyer would have to file a missing package claim with the carrier company.

But your funds will be released to you after three days.

5. Or the buyer is trying to scam you

Some buyers go to reselling marketplaces to scam sellers.

They might receive a package and claim they didn’t receive it.

So that they can get a refund, and also keep the item.

Especially for high-ticket items.

Some buyers even claim they got the package but it was empty. Like WTF!

But they won’t be getting that refund from you since the marketplace also saw that the package was delivered.

Conclusion on what to do when Mercari tracking says delivered but no package

I hope this helps you know what to do as a buyer or seller when tracking says delivered but no package.

Remember to work together with the carrier company to find the package.

And you can get your funds, and buyer get their package.

And everyone is happy.

If you find this post helpful, please share it.

Happy reselling!

Thanks for reading.

See you in the next one.

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