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  1. Thanks for the detailed info. It seems Mercari has straight forward fees. I’m currently selling on ebay and noted it has hidden fees that sellers can’t avoid , i.e. the 12.55% selling fee also applied to shipping fees and the the total tax ! So if the shipping fee is half the item price and the state tax rate is 10%, then ebay will take away 20.7% [ 12.55% x (1+0.5)x(1+10%) ] of the item sale price. Let alone other per transaction fee and “promotion” fee and listing fee etc.

    1. Hi Hillary,
      Wow! I had no idea eBay had all these hidden fees.
      I’ve never sold anything there, and with the information you just shared, I don’t I’d ever want to.
      Thanks a lot.
      I’m really glad you found my article about Mercari fees, helpful.
      xx, Buayifa.

    1. Hi Robbin. Thanks for letting me know about eBay fees.
      Also, I’m glad my post about Mercari fees was helpful to you.
      xx, Buayifa.

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