Mercari Fees – What You Need To Know Before Getting Started

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New reseller, what do you know about Mercari fees?

Before you publish your first listing, you must be aware of the listing, processing, and selling fees; as this information would help you better understand how to price items, choose shipping options, and also send offers when selling on Mercari.

So this post would cover Mercari fees and everything you should know before you start selling.

Mercari Fees – What Sellers Must Know Before Getting Started

Don’t be like me when I found about about the processing fees.

Anyway, let’s dive in.

What Are The Fees For Selling On Mercari?

  • Listing fees
  • Selling fees
  • Smart pricing
  • Promotion fees
  • Bank deposits
  • Shipping rates
  • Processing fees

1. Listing fees

First and foremost, it is completely free to list on Mercari. Even if your item has not sold for over a year, you would never be charged a listing fee on Mercari.

2. Mercari selling fees

After you make and complete a sale, Mercari takes 10% of the amount the buyer pays, and the rest is yours.

3. Smart pricing

The smart pricing is just Mercari setting a floor price for your listing based on the demand. That means the price of your item would adjust according to how many searches it is getting. 

So it increases your chances of making a sale. It is not guaranteed to work but sometimes it does work.

And smart pricing is free.

4. Mercari promotion fees

The promotion fee is what you pay to boost your listings to appear in more search results on Mercari.

Use the promote button under your listing, and select promote, then your listing price would be reduced by 5% and sent to everyone including people that liked or showed interest.

Promote to likers

To promote to likers, use the same promote button but select offer to likers, reduce your listing price by at least 10% and send.

Your offer would be sent to all the buyers that liked it.

Mercari Fees – What Sellers Must Know Before Getting Started

5. Mercari shipping fees

Mercari has several shipping fees based on the weight of the item, and also options to ship on your own provided you provide a tracking number ASAP.

When selecting shipping fees, you need to be strategic.

This is what I normally do.

For items that are under 1lb, I use USPS. But if it weighs over 1lb, I prefer to ship with FedEx because their 3lb shipping is $7.99 compared to USPS $12.

I don’t go anywhere near UPS, but you can make your decisions about using them.

And also remember that the cost of shipping sometimes affects how fast or slow the item sells.

6. Direct deposit fees

Bank deposits over $10 are free. But direct transfer under $10 attracts a $2 fee. And you get your money in 5 business days.

Now, Mercari also has the instant transfer option if you need your cash right away.

So for that, you’d be charged $2 to transfer your cash to your debit card instantly.

And if for any reason your bank rejects the transfer, you’d be charged $2.

So make sure your bank details are correct. Cross-check several times before sending it.

7. Mercari processing fees

The processing fee is how much it costs Mercari to process the payment made by your buyer to you. It is 3% of the total cost of the item.

So these fees are charged after your buyer has rated you and the transaction is completed.

With this processing fee of 3% and selling fees of 10%, you’re paying 13% to Mercari for every completed sale.

Funny enough, Mercari only introduced this recently, and I am not happy about it.

Keep reading for tips on what you can do about it.

How the Mercari processing fees affect sellers

First, take a look at my most recent Mercari sale. Imagine I even offered free shipping.

What You Need To Do About Mercari Processing Fees

Lord knows I’m not happy about it. I know some people would say, it’s only 3%.

But it is significant to me because the shipping rates are already crazy enough.

Anyway, hear it from the horse’s mouth, check the Mercari Terms of Service page.

  • With the added Mercari processing fees, sellers would be making way lower than their expectations.
  • This can push sellers to other marketplaces or endure selling on Mercari because we have no choice.
  • Then again, some sellers would increase the prices of their items because they want to make money. Which can discourage buyers too.

So at the end of the day, buyers cannot afford items, sellers are not making sales, and the little you make, Mercari takes 13% of it.

Mercari Fees – What Sellers Must Know Before Getting Started

But here’s what we can do individually or collectively
1. Move to other selling platforms

Yeah, this may sound extreme but it’s beginning to look like a sensible thing to do.

But then again, how are we sure the platform we are moving to will not do the same?

Since they all hide behind a wall of unavailable customer service and make selfish decisions.

I mean, how much are resellers making on these selling apps that Mercari felt the need to add an extra processing fee?

it is crazy, selfish, and greedy.

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2. Price your items higher than you normally would

I’m sorry Mercari buyers, but sellers cannot bear the brunt of this added charge alone.

It is messed up that we sell great items at affordable rates to make little money, and these big companies try to cheat us with fancy words like “processing fees”.

That’s capitalism at its peak.

3. Rethink offering free shipping on Mercari

If you normally offer free shipping on most of your items and the processing fees are not sitting well with you, maybe you should let buyers pay for shipping.

I don’t even like the sound of it because it sounds friggin’ selfish.

And it is also giving big companies leeway to do as they please as long as we can make adjustments.

Not fair at all.

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4. Go complain about the Mercari processing fees on their Facebook page

Since there is no customer service to reach directly, the only option is the Mercari Facebook page.

You can go there and leave a comment about it.

I left one, anyway.

Mercari Fees – What Sellers Must Know Before Getting Started


Boom! That’s what you need to know about Mercari fees before you start selling on Mercari.

I hope you find this post helpful.

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments, I’ll be happy to answer them.

What’s your take on the Mercari processing fees?

What do you think sellers can do about it? Please share your ideas in the comments.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Thanks for the detailed info. It seems Mercari has straight forward fees. I’m currently selling on ebay and noted it has hidden fees that sellers can’t avoid , i.e. the 12.55% selling fee also applied to shipping fees and the the total tax ! So if the shipping fee is half the item price and the state tax rate is 10%, then ebay will take away 20.7% [ 12.55% x (1+0.5)x(1+10%) ] of the item sale price. Let alone other per transaction fee and “promotion” fee and listing fee etc.

    1. Hi Hillary,
      Wow! I had no idea eBay had all these hidden fees.
      I’ve never sold anything there, and with the information you just shared, I don’t I’d ever want to.
      Thanks a lot.
      I’m really glad you found my article about Mercari fees, helpful.
      xx, Buayifa.

    1. Hi Robbin. Thanks for letting me know about eBay fees.
      Also, I’m glad my post about Mercari fees was helpful to you.
      xx, Buayifa.

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