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May/June 2021 Blog Income Report – $507.43

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Last Updated on by Buayifa Ojeogwu

Hi people. It’s time for my May/June blog 2021 income report.

Let’s talk about how much money Budget & Mom Jeans generated in May/June 2021, plus the expenses made.

While I’d love to write a blog income report post monthly, I think bi-monthly works best for me.

Then I’d plan towards the next two months.

Let’s get started.

May/June 2021 Blog Income Report - $507.43

May 2021 Blog Income

Unfortunately, I got no sponsored posts in May but made money from display ads.

May ads – $226.34

I only have Shemedia ads running on my blog, and I made $226.34 in May alone.

That’s more than what I earned in March or April.

May 2021 expenses

Canva – $12.99

As usual, I spent $12.99 on Canva pro.

That’s been set to automatic payment, so unless I cancel the subscription, $12.99 would be debited from my account to Canva every month.

Stupid Simple SEO – $147

That’s the third payment for the SSSEO course.

I’m still going through the course and taking it one day at a time.

May/June 2021 Blog Income Report - $507.43

June 2021 Blog Income

June 2021 ads income – $281.09

May/June 2021 Blog Income Report $507.43

For June, I predicted I’d make $264 from ads but I made way more. So I’m very grateful for that.

If you haven’t read my January/February blog income report, please do.

You’d better understand and see the progress I’m making money-wise.

Also, make sure to read March/April income report.

June 2021 expenses

Canva – $12.99

Stupid Simple SEO – $147

I’m so happy I’ve paid the last $147 for SSSEO, now I can start saving more money monthly.

The Stupid Simple SEO course is out of this world.

Asides from SSSEO, the only other SEO course I’ve bought is Elna Cain’s Ready Set Blog For Traffic course.

While that course really helped me with Pinterest, and some SEO, Mike Pearson’s SSSEO is mindblowing.

And I’d recommend it to anyone ready to pay for it.

Truth is, it is expensive, especially for a blogger that hasn’t made any money yet. But it is worth every dollar spent on it.

May/June 2021 Blog Income Report - $507.43

Siteground – $105

So I received several emails from Siteground talking about my website running out of space.

At first, they said I have used 80% of 20GB, later it was 90%. The last email I got was to tell me that I won’t be able to add any posts or media to my blog unless I upgrade my plan.

So I was practically locked out of my site.

After considering other hosts, comparing costs – plus the number of hours that my blog would be offline if I migrate to another host – I upgraded to a higher Siteground plan.

And since I still had 7 months on my GrowBig plan, Siteground gave me the option of paying for 7 months on the Go-Geek plan.

And it cost me $105.

I think I’d be moving to another host by the end of the year.

Siteground is too expensive, and they don’t give you enough space for your blog especially if you have lots of pictures.

My plans for July 2021

As for July, I plan to continue learning and implementing tips from the SSSEO course.

Honestly, the course is working for me like crazy, and I’m only 30% in.

My blog traffic has gone up significantly since I started the course in April.

As of May 2021, my monthly sessions were 12,224.

And by June 30th, it was 15,590.

‘I don’t count monthly pageviews anymore. Mike advised counting sessions as he plans to help you qualify for Mediavine (with 50k sessions requirement), and earn more money.

Hopefully, by the end of the year, I’ll be ready to apply to Mediavine.

I can’t wait.

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May/June 2021 Blog Income Report - $507.43

Conclusion on May/June 2021 Blog Income

So that’s my May/June 2021 blog income report, expenses, and plans for the coming months.

I just want to say thanks for supporting me and getting my blog to where it is today.

Remember, if you read any post on this blog and you have questions, please ask.

I’m always ready and happy to answer your questions.

The truth is, your comments make me happy.

Anyway, thanks for reading.

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