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  1. Hi Buayifa,

    Thank you so much for such an informative & detailed post. It was a Very enjoyable read!
    Although I have been selling on Posh for quite some time I still found some helpful tips.


  2. I think it’s important to point out that packing items for shipment should be considered. For instance, I bought a 22″ leather Away bag for $99. The seller, however, SQUISHED it into one of those small Fit Fab Fun boxes. Then it was delayed in shipping, and I didn’t receive it until 10 days later. Immediately upon receiving the package, I knew it wasn’t going to be good. Now the leather has permanent crease marks in it and the zipper (while it works) has issues because of the heavy leather creases. Poshmark would not allow a return because it’s not considered damage. Go figure.

    Secondly, I ordered a name-brand chiffon evening gown, and it arrived so stuffed in the polybag. As you know, poly bags are tear-resistant and they need to be opened with a sharp instrument. But not only did the seller overstuff the bag, but she also taped every corner and flap, literally making it impossible to open carefully (my husband commented that there was more tape than envelope!). I painstakingly attempted to open the bag with a tiny pair of scissors, but still managed to cut the dress and put a hole in it–it was THAT stuffed! Of course, there’s no return policy on buyer error, but I fully feel unjustified in this case. That was an expensive dress!

    In both these cases, I kindly reported to the buyer my issues and received no comment back. I will not be buying from them again, but at least my comment is permanently on their page so other buyers can see how they might expect to receive potential shipments. And I don’t feel bad about doing that. Transparency is important when we’re buying second-hand items that generally cannot be returned. It’s my hope these buyers are a little more conscientious.

    I do want to point out that in all my years of buying/selling online, I find that ebay, Facebook and Mercari sellers are less conscious of the way they pack items for shipment. Except for the two cases mentioned above, 99% of the time my Poshmark purchases are indeed packed with greater care, and I commend most sellers for their efforts.

    Over all platforms, sellers need to pack clothing in boxes or poly bags that are big enough to respect the size and cost of the product. Leather goods should be first stuffed with paper/tissue/plastic to maintain its shape and placed in a box worthy of its size with good packing around it. Furthermore, if sellers use polybags, they need to remember that these bags, in most cases, have to be cut open. Sellers may consider using the zip open envelopes without overstuffing the bags or taping down the seals. It’s critical to leave enough room in the bag and PLEASE stop using so much tape!

    Buayifa, if you update your 2021 post for 2022, would you consider adding these shipping guidelines? I hope it can be helpful to sellers and buyers in resale markets. Also, as a side note, Mercari is getting ready to increase its shipping rates and it may be worth an update on your posts.

    Thank you for such an informative post! I hope we can continue to improve the resale market with the strategies you’ve noted.

    1. Hi Angela,
      I’m very sorry you experienced this on Poshmark.
      While some sellers pride themselves in reusing shipping boxes, envelopes, or poly mailers, forcing several clothes into a torn poly mailer and using a roll of tape to patch it up is just not right.
      And also I cannot stand creases on leather bags, so I’d be unhappy if that happened to me too. I wonder why anyone would sell such an expensive bag or dress and ship them so poorly.
      Poshmark sellers can get free priority-mail boxes from USPS, so using rubbish shipping supplies is unacceptable.
      And the worst part is that they’re not even concerned in the slightest.
      As for shipping leather bags in slightly bigger poly mailers, I think that’s not even a good idea because the bag might be stuffed under other heavy things in the shipping truck. So a box is best for bags and shoes or any other item that might get squished. But I understand your point.
      I always say even if you have 5 days to ship on Poshmark or 3 days on Mercari, it doesn’t mean you have to wait that long, especially without communicating with the buyer.
      Thanks for sharing your experience shopping on Poshmark with me. Also, I appreciate your suggestion to update this post with some shipping tips. Thank you so much.
      I got the email about Mercari updating their shipping costs as well, so I’d update my posts accordingly.
      Again, I’m sorry your dress was ruined. It must be heartbreaking.
      Thanks for this lengthy and informative comment.
      I appreciate it.
      xx, Buayifa.

    1. Hi Tiffany,
      Yeah, it’s annoying when you have problems on Poshmark and don’t get immediate answers.
      But they sent emails the few times I reached out to Poshmark support. And honestly, I regretted it because the staff sounded condescending.

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