Selling Clothes on Thredup – Tips To Make Money & Benefits

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Before ordering that cleanout kit, you may wonder if you can make money selling clothes on ThredUp.

And it is okay to ask these questions.

You don’t want to send out like-new or even new with tags clothes to ThredUp without knowing how much you’d make selling them or if Thredup would even accept them.

So I wrote this post to help you understand what to expect when you sell your clothes on ThredUp.

Let’s dive in.

How Does Selling On ThredUp Work?

My last selling kit.

Order a cleanout kit to send your clothes to Thredup

The Thredup cleanout kit comes with a return shipping label.

There are two ways to send your clothes to Thredup:

  • Wait for Thredup to ship you a bag and a return label to send your clothes.
  • Or you print a label and send the clothes in a box you have.

Ship the box

Fill the bag or box with clothes, schedule a pick up with USPS, and ship the clothes to Thredup.

Processing time and fees

At first, Thredup sellers used to send their clothes and wait some weeks for the box to be processed.

But recently, Thredup started charging sellers a $14.99 standard processing fee.

And if you want your bag to be processed even faster, you’d be charged $22.99.

The money will be deducted from your earnings.

When your bag has been processed, Thredup will send you an email.

Now your clothes are listed.

Once your items are listed on Thredup, you can see what was accepted.

And they’d also ask if you want the rejected clothes back.

I usually say no.

Also, you’d see an estimate of how much you’d earn.

And you can adjust the prices higher or lower.

But I usually leave it and watch what sells.

Another thing to note is that your clothes are given a time frame to sell.

And you can reclaim anything that doesn’t sell, or they become Thredup property.

Your earnings

Thredup usually adds your earnings as store credit.

But you can shop with your earnings or cash out through Paypal or Stripe.

Most of the time, I shop with my Thredup earnings.

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How Much Do You Make Selling On ThredUp?

Can You Make Money Selling Clothes on Thredup?

Honestly, you won’t make much money selling your clothes on ThredUp.

ThredUp sells your items and pays you a percentage.

The amount you earn varies with the clothing brand.

But no matter how much your clothes cost on ThredUp, you would make more money on other platforms.

Now let’s move on to tips to make sales on ThredUp.

Can You Make Money Selling Clothes on Thredup

Thredup Selling Tips

1. Adjust your prices after making a few sales

Can You Make Money Selling Clothes on Thredup?
Clothes I sold and have been paid for.

Once your clothes are listed on ThredUp, you’ll get an email telling you to check your listings and adjust your prices.

But don’t change them yet.

Wait until after you’ve made a few sales.

Then, check which items buyers add to their carts and lower the prices.

Mind you, your profits will reduce with the price adjustments.

Lastly, watch and see what sells.

Buyers are attracted to popular designer clothes brands on ThredUp.

And some high-end fashion labels are given more time to sell than others.

So, if you have those in your cleanout kit, your items may sell faster on ThredUp.

3. Sell new or like-new clothes to ThredUp.

Can You Make Money Selling Clothes on Thredup?
Items I sold that I am yet to be paid for because of the return window. After that time, Thredup would add the money to my store credit.

Also, if your clothes are in excellent condition, they may sell quicker than if they weren’t.

Those are just a few tips to sell on ThredUp.

I’d also add that you’d make more sales if the clothes were given longer to sell.

With that out of the way, let’s discuss the benefits of the ThredUp consignment store.

Benefits of ThredUp Consignment Store

Thrift shopping for reselling

If you are a reseller, you can buy high-quality clothes from ThredUp, sell them on Poshmark, Mercari, eBay, etc., and make good profits.

Affordable fashion

ThredUp is a great place to buy high-end fashion on a budget.

The best part is that you’d find new with tags and like-new popular designer clothes on ThredUp.

Sign up with my link to make your first purchase on Thredup.


If your closet is full of clothes you haven’t worn for months, use ThredUp for convenient decluttering.

You can use this link to send in your first cleanout kit.


ThredUp has made it easy for you to donate to a cause if you do not want to sell.

And the donation process is similar to selling.

You order a cleanout kit and choose one of ThredUp’s charity partners you would love to donate.

Then a percentage of the profits from selling your clothes would be donated to your selected charity.


The clothes you send to ThredUp that are not accepted are usually recycled responsibly.

So we can say they are environmentally friendly.


Lastly, you can make money on ThredUp by referring your friends.

For instance, if you sign up with my ThredUp referral link, you’ll get 45% off and free shipping on your first order.

And if your friends sign up with your link and shop on Thredup, they’ll also get the same benefits.

And you’d earn $40 when their order ships.

My Experience Selling on ThredUp

As a bonus, I thought I’d share my experience selling items on ThredUp.

I shipped out my first ThredUp cleanout bag in 2018, and the picture below shows you how much I made.

Can You Make Money Selling Clothes on Thredup?

Afterward, I decided I’d only donate or use ThredUp to declutter because I wasn’t happy with my first experience. Hence, the image below.

Can You Make Money Selling Clothes on Thredup?

Recently, I had to do a closet cleanout to sell my clothes on ThredUp, and I made a little change.

And with my current kit, I’ve made $6.

So I’m keeping my fingers crossed for selling the rest of my items.

Is ThredUp worth it?

Now, this might be the question you are dying to get an answer to, and I’d try to respond without any bias.

  • If you are not up for selling your used or unused clothes, ThredUp does the heavy lifting of helping you clean out your closet. But now, it costs $14.99 or $22.
  • They make it convenient for you to donate to charity without leaving your house.
  • ThredUp sells affordable fashion for people who love style but can’t afford high-end brands.
  • Although you may not make much money selling items on ThredUp, you’d declutter your closet and make room for new clothes.
  • Lastly, ThredUp recycles old clothes responsibly.

So, is ThredUp worth it? I think so.

Let’s Wrap Up!

So, can you really make money selling your clothes on Thredup?

The profit you make on Thredup depends on the brand.

And also, considering that you don’t have to pack and ship the items like other platforms.

Thredup takes care of that for you.

I hope this post answered all your questions about selling clothes on Thredup.

If you enjoyed this post, please share it.

Thanks for reading.

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