Living In A Small Apartment – My Love-Hate Relationship

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Hey! Are you considering living in a small apartment?

That’s actually a great idea.

I currently live in a small apartment with my family, and I would say I love it.

However, there are definitely some things I wish I could change.

So here is my love-hate relationship with living in a small apartment.

Living In A Small Apartment – My Love-Hate Relationship

Benefits Of Living In A Small Apartment

So let’s start with some reasons why I love living in a small apartment.

1. Small Apartments Are Budget-Friendly

If you are living on a budget, it is ideal to live in a small apartment.

That’s because small apartments are more affordable than bigger ones.

This means that you can actually pay your rent, your bills, and have some money left to save.

2. Small Apartments Conserve Heat Better During Cold Days

Because of the size and style of most small apartments, they tend to conserve heat better during cold weather.

So this means that not only will your heating keep your place warm, it also won’t lose heat as much.

In my former apartment, I used to have a radiator heater that stands in the hallway.

And it heats up the living room, hallway, and bathroom.

Let’s not forget that heat from the kitchen stove also contributes to keeping the apartment warm on cold days.

3. Small Apartments Are Easier To Organize & Decorate

Thirdly, small apartments are easier to organize and decorate because there is no excess space to fill.

Also, after adding your necessities, you would have a minimal design and lots of space.

My living room, for instance, has a loveseat, a long couch, a coffee table, one end table with a lamp.

Then I have the TV mounted on the wall, a couple of pictures, and the dining area just by the kitchen door.

I love seeing a lot of white spaces.

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4. Small Apartments Are Easier To Clean

Cleaning a house or apartment is a daunting task sometimes.

But cleaning a small apartment won’t be as hard as cleaning a big one.

Therefore when it is time for any major cleaning where you have to move stuff around, it would definitely be easier in a small apartment.

And this is because you have fewer properties to move and reorganize again.

Even the bathrooms and kitchen are usually pretty small, which makes cleaning not as exhausting as in a big apartment.

Living In A Small Apartment – My Love-Hate Relationship

5. Your Electricity Bills Are Lesser When Living In A Small Apartment

It is only normal that you won’t use as much electricity when living in a small apartment.

This is because you don’t have so many places to light or heat up.

But if it is a crappy small apartment, your electricity bills may be over the roof.

Just a tip: Before you pay for an apartment, make sure the doors and windows close properly.

Most landlords don’t seal the windows and doors thoroughly.

I’m sure you know what that means.

You would be losing both hot and cold air, making your air system work extra hard.

But if everything is in good condition, your electricity bills should not be too high whether it is Winter or Summer.

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Downsides Of Living In A Small Apartment

Since we have talked about the reasons to love a small apartment, let’s talk about the downsides.

1. Not Enough Space For Kids To Play

If you have kids, a small apartment may not have enough space for them to play.

But this also depends on you, your kids, and the organization of your apartment.

Going out to the playground or a park may help in this situation.

Between, it’s not every time that kids play outside, sometimes indoor playing is just as good.

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2. Small Apartments Can Be Too Cluttered

If you are someone who likes to buy lots of house decor, at some point your small apartment will be cluttered.

And as a result, it becomes somewhat choking to be in a tiny space with too much stuff around.

Because I am claustrophobic, I always make sure my space is not full of stuff.

I just might pass out in a cluttered place.

3. When Living In A Small Apartment, Your Clothes May Smell Of Food

Some small apartments do not have enough windows, so cross ventilation is not very effective.

And if you are someone who cooks a lot, your apartment and clothes may smell of food.

However, what you can do is to make sure your bedroom door is closed at all times.

That way your clothes are protected, but your living room may still smell of food.

Sometime ago, I cooked chicken at night, the next day, my daughter’s teachers visited and they could smell food.

Even if they said the food smelled delicious, I was still somewhat embarrassed.

It could be worse, you know.

I’m sure most people hate that smell that greets them at the door of their or someone else’s apartment.

That smell is very common in small apartments and homes that are not well ventilated.

I’m beginning to think it is the carpet. But I’m not certain.

What do you think? Please let me know in the comments.

So make sure to let a lot of air into your apartment, and also invest in air fresheners.

That might help.

Also, I found homemade air-fresheners are very effective in getting rid of funky smells in the home.

Homemade air-freshener recipe:

  • cut up an orange, add a cinnamon stick, vanilla bean, and some water.
  • Boil it on low heat in a big pot.
  • As it begins to simmer, the vapor would freshen up your apartment.
  • You can swap oranges for apples, lime, lemon, etc.

The best thing about this home-made air-freshener is that you can keep it and reuse it later.

When it is cold, pour it into a container, store it in the fridge.

The next time your house smells funky, bring it out and boil it again.

Living In A Small Apartment - My Love-Hate Relationship


There is it! My love-hate relationship with living in a small apartment.

But with all the perks and downsides of a small apartment, I would always choose a smaller space over a huge one.

I’m talking about even when buying a home someday.

I hope this helps you decide if you want to live in a small apartment or not.

Do you currently live a tiny apartment?

How are you finding it?

Please share your experience and the reasons why you love or hate it in the comments.

Thanks for reading!

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