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How To Start Practicing Self-care

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How To Start Practicing Self-care – 11 Self-care Practices For Women

Practicing self-care is one of the ways to avoid stress and burnout.

And simple self-care ideas like taking a nap can be very beneficial to your mental health.

So before you start feeling guilty, self-care is not selfish. Also, if you don’t take care of yourself, you might lose your mind.

And in this post, we’ll cover 5 aspects of self-care, why self-care is important, and 11 ways to practice self-care.

Let’s get started with the five aspects of self-care.

How To Start Practicing Self-care - 11 Self-care Practices For Women
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    What Is Self-care, And Why Is It Important?

    Self-care is an act of caring for and loving yourself so you can live a healthy life. Another reason practicing self-care is essential is that it helps you find a balance in this crazy busy world.

    The benefits of practicing self-care

    1. Practicing self-care promotes good mental and physical health.
    2. Self-care practices boost self-love.
    3. The act of taking care of yourself may help you prevent burnout.
    4. Also, practicing self-care keeps you well enough to care for the people you love and those that love you.
    5. Taking time for yourself can make you a very happy person.
    How To Start Practicing Self-care - 11 Self-care Practices For Women

    5 Self-care Practices

    Self-care for mental health

    For me, mental health self-care includes your thoughts, how you feel about yourself, the things that cause you anxiety, etc.

    So gradually change the way to speak to yourself, and also manage things that cause negative thoughts.

    The truth is, your mental health plays a huge role in your daily life, so it is a crucial part of self-care.

    Practice physical self-care

    Physical self-care means creating time for physical activity that gets your heart rate up healthily.

    Physical self-care also benefits your mental health.

    So think about the foods you eat, the kinds of workouts you engage in, and how these self-care activities make you feel.

    Personal self-care practices

    While most of us engage in physical or mental self-care, we sometimes neglect personal self-care practices.

    Personal self-care practices to start now include taking daily showers, using good skincare products, and maintaining good hygiene.

    Social self-care

    Social self-care practices mean having friends you can count on that can also count on you.

    Make time to hang out with friends, talk, laugh, and have fun.

    Making and keeping friends takes time and effort, but when you find a few good ones, you’re golden.

    Friendship is an important element of social self-care – but it can be toxic sometimes. So if friendship is causing you negative energy, cut it off and keep your peace.

    Spiritual self-care practices

    Practicing spiritual self-care doesn’t necessarily mean you have to join a particular religion.

    But if that’s what works for you, then it is fine, as long as it gives you a sense of purpose.

    Also, you can try meditation and breathing exercises. These can help you connect deeply with yourself and the universe.

    How To Start Practicing Self-care - 11 Self-care Practices For Women

    11 Ideas For Practicing Self-Care

    1. Have a routine for practicing self-care

    Creating a self-care routine can help you create time for yourself.

    Here’s what my daily self-care routine looks like:

    Morning: do morning yoga before or after getting the kids ready for school. Maybe have breakfast, then I’d get working after school is over.

    Noon: take a break from working, take a nap or make lunch or play outside with the kids.

    Before you know it, it is nighttime, and the kids have had dinner and are now tucked in bed.

    Nighttime: I’d watch a comedy sitcom (Mom) with hubby, drink my favorite sleepy tea before calling it a night.

    Now your self-care routine doesn’t have to be exactly like mine, do what works for you.

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    2. Plan a self-care home spa

    If you can’t afford a spa trip, give yourself an at-home self-care spa.

    • Take a bubble bath with scented candles
    • exfoliate your skin, moisturize your body, use a face mask,
    • soak your feet, polish your nails, etc.
    • Wash and treat your hair, then finish with a natural makeup look.

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    3. Buy yourself some self-care gifts

    To practice self-care, you would need some items to take of yourself – these are self-care gifts.

    They don’t have to break the bank but must be useful in your daily or weekly self-care routines.

    Here’s a post about The Ultimate Self-Care Gift Ideas For Self Gifting.

    4. Learn how to say no

    Know that your self-care is very important, and how and when to say no to things that may disrupt it.

    If you are invited to a group chat and you don’t want to join, say NO.

    It is better to say no than to join a group chat with notifications causing you anxiety.

    5. Make sure to get enough sleep nightly

    While work and family may make it almost impossible to take afternoon naps, make sure you are getting enough sleep at night.

    Sleeping as part of your self-care routine would help you wake up ready to face the day.

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    How To Start Practicing Self-care - 11 Self-care Practices For Women

    6. Workout as part of self-care

    Whatever kinds of physical activity you prefer, just add it to your self-care routine.

    Exercise releases endorphins, also known as your feel-good hormones. This can boost or improve your mood every day.

    7. Practice self-care by cooking your own foods and snacks

    How To Start Practicing Self-care - 11 Self-care Practices For Women

    Even if you are not used to cooking, try to cook your foods once in a while.

    You can even try your hands on baking too.

    Sometimes I bake cookies with the kids. They have fun cutting or rolling cookies, and I get to spend quality time with them.

    It is fulfilling.

    8. Plan a self-care getaway

    Planning a solo trip for self-care may seem challenging and somewhat lonely, but it would be great for you.

    Take a self-care get-away by yourself, go to a quiet new place, relax, learn new things or culture.

    9. Take self-care breaks and explore your environment

    When I go for my evening runs/walk I get to see the environment where I live.

    That’s how I discovered thrift stores, local ice-cream parlors, hair salons near me, etc.

    So take self-care breaks to explore your environment or to get some fresh air.

    10. Organize your space for self-care

    A disorganized space may disrupt a good self-care routine. Imagine having to do yoga, and your place is cluttered with little space to lay your mat.

    So declutter your space, donate things you don’t need, and get it organized for self-care.

    11. Avoid stress, enjoy your own company

    How To Start Practicing Self-care - 11 Self-care Practices For Women

    Yes, we all love to have company and spend time with friends, but sometimes hanging out can cause stress.

    That’s why you should take a break from all that and enjoy your own space and company.

    Though I miss my friends, I enjoy being by myself sometimes.

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    How To Start Practicing Self-care - 11 Self-care Practices For Women

    Conclusion On Ways To Start Practicing Self-care

    Boom! How to start practicing self-care and why it is important for you.

    Remember, self-care isn’t selfish. You deserve to take a break and breathe.

    Don’t let anyone guilt-trip you because you love, and take care of yourself.

    You deserve it!

    Thanks for reading!

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