July/August 2021 Blog Income Report – $752.41

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Welcome to August friends. It’s time to share my July/August 2021 blog income report.

Like I said in my other monthly income posts, I share this to be open with you guys, my readers.

So we’ll talk about how much I earned from Budget & Mom Jeans in July/August 2021.

I’ll show you how much I made from affiliate sales, ads, sponsored posts, and also my expenses to run this blog.

Just a few days ago, a reader commented on Pinterest that my ads are intrusive and annoying.

July/August 2021 Blog Income Report – $752.41

If you feel that way too, I apologize.

Running ads is one of the ways I make money by sharing helpful information on Budget & Mom Jeans.

So let’s get into the post.

July/August 2021 Blog Income Report

Income from ads July 2021 – $354.78

In July 2021, some interesting things happened to my blog.

A website called Hometalk reached out to invite me to join their blogger influencer program, where you share your DIY posts with steps to make something.

Stuff like DIY skincare recipes, makeup tutorials or steps to change your jeans pants to skirt, and stuff like that.

So every month they’d feature one of your tutorials or how-tos in their email newsletter.

And their subscribers would visit those posts or blogs, and you’d see an increase in your blog traffic.

I thought it was a good plan, so I accepted the invite and joined the program – free of charge.

After a few weeks, one of my posts was featured, and my July traffic skyrocketed, and so did my ads revenue.

Hence my July 2021 ads revenue: $354.42. Compare this to my May/June 2021 ads revenue.

July/August 2021 Blog Income Report – $752.41

Affiliate income July 2021

In July 2021, I made two affiliate sales and earned $11.30. Hoping to make more sales in the future.

July 2021 expenses

Canva payment is automated so every month $12.99 is deducted from my account. So…

August 2021 ads revenue – $377.51

July/August 2021 Blog Income Report – $752.41

I’m not sure if it’s the Summer slump most bloggers talk about but my blog traffic tanked in August.

Though I still got some pageviews from Hometalk (thanks guys…) which played a role in my ads revenue. $377.51

It would have been way less than this had my post not been featured in the Hometalk newsletter.


Affiliate income August 2021

Another two affiliate sales in August: $9.18

August 2021 expenses

Automated Canva subscription: $12.99

Plans for the rest of the year

First of all, I’m considering putting Canva expenses on a halt because I don’t use it as I thought I would.

And if somewhere along the line I need it, then I’d reactivate my subscription.

Other than that, Canva would be on hold and I’d face SEO head-on.

Also, I plan to brace myself and reach out to companies for sponsored content related to my blog niche.

Lastly, my biggest dream for this blog is to grow in traffic and revenue, so I can finally pay my bills off of it, comfortably.

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July/August 2021 Blog Income Report – $752.41

Conclusion on July/August 2021 Blog Income Report

Boom! Blog income report for July/August 2021, that’s how I made $752.41.

I’m really happy about how far I’ve come with this blog.

Hopefully, things would be even better in the last quarter of the year, as per blog traffic, ads revenue, affiliate sales, and sponsored content.

I just want to say thanks to the regular, one-timers, and new readers of Budget & Mom Jeans.

You guys are the reason I show up here every day, and I appreciate you all.

You’re the real MVPs.

Please share this post on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Thanks for reading.

xx, Buayifa.

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