15 Items To Flip To Make Money This Holiday

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In this post, I will share 15 items to flip to make money this holiday.

The holidays are here and this is when most people declutter their homes.

While it is great to declutter, it is even much better to make some money from it.

Let’s get started!

15 Items To Flip To Make Money This Holiday

15 Items To Sell From Your Home to Make Money This Holiday

1. Rain Boots

Rainboots are in high demand during the Fall to Winter season. So if you don’t need the rainboots you rocked last Fall, you can easily flip them for money.

Your toddler’s rainboots from last year definitely won’t fit this year, sell it for money. So that you can create space in their closet for a new pair.

2. Raincoats

Yeah, raincoats go with rain boots. And they are also in very high demand during the holidays. Just last month I search Mercari for a raincoat for my preschooler.

Fortunately, I found a very pretty one for a good price. Guess what, it was in about six people’s Mercari cart. And I quickly paid for it because I wasn’t sure I would find another.

So if you have one hanging in the closet collecting dust, list and sell it. Mommas are looking for raincoats for their kiddos. Even adults are looking for raincoats.

3. Fall boots

Fall outfits are incomplete without the Fall boots. And I am loving the ones I see every time I open my Mercari app.

Are you decluttering your shoe closet? Convert them to coffee money this holiday.

4. Last Year’s Holiday Decor

Some of us do not like to use the same holiday decor we used the previous year. And while you are looking to buy a new one, someone else is looking to buy your old one.

So instead of abandoning it in your store or garage, you can sell it on Mercari or Poshmark.

5. Winter Coat

This time of the year, people just like you and me are selling their Winter coats to make room for a new one. Declutter your closet of that coat you have not worn for years. Someone is looking to pay money for it.

Last Winter, I bought a new coat on Mercari, and I might be flipping it for money to buy another this holiday.

6. Snowboots

Oh my! I love snow boots. You need to see how fast these boots sell during the holidays. So if you are decluttering, and come across your kid’s old snow boots, don’t hesitate to list them for sale.

I’m sure another kiddo is waiting to wear them, and play in the snow, and make snow angels.

Cute right?

7. Blankets

Blankets are in high demand for during the Fall/Winter holidays. So if you have blankets you bought and never used or used but in great condition, you can flip them for money.

Make sure to wash any blankets before selling them.

8. Fleece Sleepwear/Loungewear

Both adults are kids love wearing fleece sleepwear during the Winter. If your kids have outgrown theirs, you can sell them this holiday for money.

Last Winter, I bought sets of fleece sleepwear for my kids on Mercari. They were in good condition and also affordable.

You can also list the fleece loungewear you no longer need as someone else needs them to stay warm at home this Winter.

9. Coffee maker

Coffee? Yes, please.

Is your Keurig coffee maker taking space on your kitchen counter because you don’t drink coffee anymore? Flip it for money this holiday.

Find a new coffee drinking home for it.

10. Coffee mugs

Okay, I just mentioned coffee makers, now I am asking you to flip coffee mugs for money this holiday.

Sorry, my bad.

I just wanted to bring to your notice that you can make money from the coffee mugs you don’t use or need.

Sell it!

15 Items To Flip To Make Money This Holiday

11. Winter Accessories/Essentials

Winter essentials like

  • scarves
  • mufflers
  • caps
  • gloves
  • mittens

sell very fast during the holidays.

If you are decluttering your Winter accessories, consider selling them this holiday. You can list them as a bundle or anyhow you choose.

12. Baking ware

During the holidays, that’s when some of us unleash the baker or cook in us. So baking wares are usually in high demand this period.

Declutter your kitchen of the extra

  • cookie sheets,
  • roast pan,
  • cake pans,
  • oven mitts,
  • and cake mixers.

Flip them for money this holiday!

13. Cardigans, Sweaters, Jumpers Etc

Are the cardigans taking too much space in your or your kid’s closet? Declutter and sell for money this holiday.

Just recently, I bought fleece-lined jeans, sweaters, and cardigans for both my kids. And I also sold the ones my kids don’t wear anymore.

If you don’t have the time to list each item, you can post them as a bundle.

See How To Bundle On Mercari (With Pics) And Sell More.

14. Soup Bowls

Do you love soups? I do.

And I love me a good bowl of soup during the Fall/Winter season. So people like me are looking for affordable soup bowls to buy.

If you have them, list them and make money this holiday.

See Simple Fall Nighttime Routine For more Restful Nights

15. Boots lace linings

Boots lace linings are the cutest, and I have seen some very pretty ones this holiday.

If you have some you don’t wear anymore and in excellent condition, flip them for money.

6 Apps You Can Use To Flip Items For Money

Now you know the high demand items you can flip for cash this holiday.

So let’s look at some Apps used for flipping things for money.

  1. Mercari – If you are a regular reader of this blog, you would know by now that I love selling on Mercari. See How Mercari Works | Tips To Make Sales
  2. Poshmark – This is another great app for flipping things for money. And I sell on Poshmark too.
  3. eBay
  4. Letgo
  5. Offer Up
  6. Facebook Marketplace – This is an even faster way to sell within your community. Declutter and have a yard sale or meet people in public places to exchange stuff for money.

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Flip Items To Make Money From Home This Holiday

That’s just a few high demand items you can flip for money this holiday.

Declutter your closet, storage, or garage of things you don’t need anymore. Someone somewhere is waiting to pay money for it.

What a cool way to make some extra cash this holiday.

Thanks for reading!

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