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  1. I joined one follow loop about a month ago. Then a second and third loop. When I joined, more and more people started DMing me about other loops. I declined them because the first two were tiring enough. And I’ve only been doing it a month. I’d say I gained around 300 followers just from the loops. You’re right most aren’t interested in your content. I did make some connections where people are interested. Honestly I’m afraid to leave and lose the followers that I did gain. I’m almost at 1k. I may just have to take the chance. I gained 500 without the help of loops so I can do it again. Thank you for this post.

    1. Hi Tara,
      Yeah, your followers would grow but the loops are just time-consuming.
      Also. you may lose followers when you leave but some that like your content would keep following you.
      Whatever you decide to do, you would be fine.
      There are genuine people (your tribe) that would stick with you.
      I’m glad my post about reasons why Instagram loops suck was helpful to you.
      xx, Buayifa.

  2. I joined my first follow loop a couple of weeks ago. I found your blog post when I was searching how to opt out of the loop as I have experienced pretty much everything you talked about. Do you know how I can find the loop so I can take my name off? Like you, I’m tired of babies DM me about me not following them back.

    1. Hi Jennifer,
      If the loop has a private group chat like the regular Instagram DM, you can open it and select “leave group”.
      Or if it’s Telegram, just leave the group chat. Then nobody would be able to send you DMs if you are no longer in the loop.
      I hope this helps.
      LMAO @ I’m tired of babies DM me about me not following them back.
      Cheers to leaving Instagram Follow Loops!
      xx, Buayifa!

  3. tbh, i gained over 10k followers with follow loop and my ER dropped from 20% to 0.1%
    follow loop is a great way to increasing followers fast, free and easy! but yeah they dont engaged with you post and dont even bother with you post.

    1. Hi Faye,
      Wow! I can imagine.
      Congrats on reaching 10K followers. Also, sorry about your ER dropping.
      Hopefully, people that are actually interested in your content will follow you and increase your engagement rate again.
      I’m glad you found my post about why Instagram follow loops suck, helpful.
      Enjoy the rest of the day!
      xx, Buayifa.

  4. I have been looping for 2 weeks now and it does suck! I’d say I love 25% of the people bc they are just like me trying to promote their blog. However, the others are MLMs or wanna be influencers. I’m giving myself two more days and then I’m done! Haha Then I’m sure my numbers will go down after I unfollow the ones that didn’t follow me back? Some women are incredible rude too! My husband has told me how it has totally distracted me from life and my blog and hates it. I agree, it isn’t helping. Thanks so much for your post!!

    1. LOL @ wanna be influencers. During the loop days, sometimes I get really worked up and under lots of pressure. So I had to quit. Of course, your follower count will go down because they have groups and they discuss stuff like who followed or unfollowed. Then like soldiers, they will all unfollow you, including the ones you’re following. But like I always say, it is “good riddance to bad rubbish”. Spend your precious time growing your blog and attracting people who actually care about your content. To some of them, their Instagram account is a blog. They don’t dig our kind of blog. I’m so glad you found my post about “5 reasons why Instagram loops suck” helpful. Thanks for stopping by! xx, Buayifa!

  5. I have been on instagram for only a month, and I am already a little exausted. Me, it’s the contests.. You need to fallow 300 (ok 5-6) accounts , and post a story for a chance to win something. But hey, it’s to ” thank” the people for your 1k. o0…. sorry now I feel the need to rant also.

    1. Hahaha. It’s okay to rant, Joanie. I totally get it. It is very exhausting especially the contests and how many accounts you need to follow to win something. That’s Instagram for us! Thanks for reading my post on 5 reasons why Instagram follow loops suck. I really appreciate you.

  6. Heya, this is the kinda topic I have been looking for. Keep up the wonderful work, I read few posts on your blog and they are very interesting and contains sets of superb writing information. you did a great here

    1. Hi Josh. Thanks a lot. I just wanted to rant about how Instagram follow loops suck. I am glad you liked the post. I also visited your blog and I read a few posts. Great blog you got there.

  7. Wow! That’s exactly how I am feeling right now. I never knew that people could be so ingenuine till now. ?‍♀️ These loops are killing me. But I just published my own book and the only reason is to grow an audience for this new publish and my new mercy i just launched. I feel the same way with FB pg follow for following crap. Wow. Thanks for the insight love?

    1. Hi Chrissie.
      I’m glad you can relate, I almost did not publish this post because of people that are easily triggered. But WTH, I am glad I did so that more people would know that Instagram follow loops are just a total waste of time. I do the facebook page follow sometimes, and I know what you mean. People just do it because they feel obliged to, not because they give a hoot about you.
      Congrats on the book publication.
      You got this!
      Thanks for reading, Chrissie. I’m glad you found this post helpful.

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