7 Important Reasons To Be Cool With Your Neighbor

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Are you cool with your neighbor?

Or you are someone that avoids even making eye contact with your neighbor?

I get it, you want your privacy, your space, whatever you call it.

Which is fine.

I too have had my fair share of both good and bad neighbors, and I know there’s more to come.

Who knows? Someone else may see me as a bad neighbor.

So, what say you?

But I always prefer to be on good terms with my neighbors.

So in this post, I will be sharing seven important reasons to be cool with your neighbor.

Reasons To Be Cool With Your Neighbor

1. For Friendship

Some neighbors make the best friends we never thought we would have.

I’m not saying you should run into your new neighbors’ arms and start having tea parties.

I am talking about simple greetings like “good morning”, “hello”.

That’s how friendship starts.

Between, some people are really lonely.

Your friendship may give them hope and assure them they are not alone in this big big world.

You will never know until you become friends.

2. Your neighbor may save you or your kid’s life

This point is my life.

My neighbor saved my child’s life when she brought the babysitter’s ordeals to my knowledge.

Once my neighbor alerted me when she thought my kitchen was on fire.

Your neighbor can totally save your life if you both were cool.

Let’s not push our neighbors away, and then both parties can’t ask for help when they need it.

Or would you see someone hurt your neighbor’s kid and say “it’s not my cup of tea”?

I guess not.

3. Be cool with your neighbor, so you can have tea parties

Another important reason to be cool with your neighbor is so that you can have tea parties.


Okay, I mean just chill, chat, and yes have some tea.

But where will you find a tea party guest, if you are not cool with your very next-door neighbor?

When I fell pregnant with baby number two and left my 9 to 5 job, I was bored silly.

My neighbor used to come to spend time with me, and I return the visit too.

And we have tea. lol

The way I am emphasizing tea…haha

We hang out and let time pass.

4. Your neighbor may share vital information with you if you are cool with them

Imagine you move to a new place, and you don’t know how things work there.

Your so-called “nosy neighbor” can give you information about the area, things to looks out for and all that.

This sounds like the nosy neighbor in movies that tells you, Mrs. B, is a witch and all that.


5. Babysitting is an important reason to be cool with your neighbor

Most parents know this.

There are times you have to go somewhere you can’t take your child.

If you are cool with your neighbor, they can babysit your kid while you are away.

When I was in labor for my second kid, my then 2-year-old daughter stayed with my neighbor until my mom got there.

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My neighbor had always been like a mom to my daughter, so she was happy to have my girl and likewise.

I am not saying it is okay to drop your kids with the neighbor that moved in yesterday.

Neither am I saying it is okay to leave your child with a crazy person.

Just get to know them first, then you would know if they are someone you can trust with your kids.

6. In case of an emergency

When you are not cool with your neighbors and you have an emergency, who will you call?

Okay, you will call an ambulance, right?

Or you will call your parents, siblings, or your friend that lives miles away from you?

I believe your neighbor is the closest person to help you even before your family shows up.

That is a very important reason to be cool with your neighbor.

Think about this very well.

7. Your neighbor can support you during tough times

You or your neighbor might be going through a tough time, and you need a strong support system.

If you are good friends with your neighbor, they can support you in their own unique way.

Not by doing any special thing in particular, maybe just by being there.

That’s what I meant when I said some people are lonely.

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Conclusion On 7 Important Reasons To Be Cool With Your Neighbor

I know we hear lots of bad things that neighbors do to each other.

And this has caused us to withdraw into our shells.

But let’s not push everybody away because of someone else’s evil act.

Because you will never know when you will need your neighbor’s help or when you can be of help to your neighbor.

Whatever your stance is about neighbors, just be a good person no matter what.


So are you going to be good with your neighbor?

Let me know in the comments.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I love drinking tea with my neighbors too! So lovely 🙂 I found that it’s easier to make friends with your neighbors (if) and when your kids start school. My neighbor friend circle expanded exponentially at this point. It’s so awesome to let the kids run around the neighborhood together. We had two elderly neighbors pass away the same day earlier this year (different houses) and we took some food up to the families and got to know them over the next few months until the widow eventually sold her home. I felt guilty that it took those circumstances to get to know them! Be more like Mr. Rogers! 🙂

    1. Me too, I love and miss drinking tea with my former neighbor.
      Unfortunately for me, my neighbors with small kids like mine are always busy at work.
      So my kids don’t have kids to play with around the neighborhood.
      Sorry about your neighbors that lost their spouses. I can imagine how you felt when it happened.
      On a lighter note, I love the “be like Mr. Rogers”.
      I’ll always remember this.
      Thanks for reading! xo

  2. I’ve had really great neighbors who helped out in a pinch, and also neighbors who (despite my best efforts) made my life much more difficult.

    Sometimes you just get stuck with someone pretty not-great. However, I still think it’s important (if possible) to stay on good terms with them. Like you said, when an emergency goes down, you might not have anyone else to lean on.

    Do you still think it’s worthwhile to bring them a little “gift” when you meet them for the first time? Or do people find that creepy and weird these days?

    1. Hi Emily.
      It is great to experience some very helpful and sweet neighbors.
      I’m sorry you have had some not-so-great neighbor experience. No, I don’t think it’s worthwhile bringing them gifts. It makes people feel like they owe you, and I think it’s weird even when I see it in movies. So it is best to get to know them first better you start accepting or giving stuff to each other.
      Thanks for stopping by! xo

  3. I’m definitely one of those “keep to myself” kind of neighbors. I’m not the type of person that will just walk up to a stranger and ask about they’re day. I wouldn’t say that I’m shy, I just think it would be kind of awkward to try and get to know someone without knowing if they even want you to get to know them. Idk, I guess I don’t want to be that obnoxious neighbor.

    But you make some pretty good points that may make me reconsider actually reaching out.

    1. Hi, Adreanne. I understand where you’re coming from. It can be awkward when you are saying hello to someone that will not even look at you in the face. That’s exactly what I face where I live presently. Haha. Maybe that’s why I wrote this post. Unfortunately, we cannot force our neighbors to be friends with us, anyway. Thanks for reading, Adreanne!

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