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7 Nighttime Hacks To Wake Up Beautiful Every Day

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Hmm! Ever wonder how some people wake up beautiful every day? Most of us wonder too.

How can someone sleep or fight through the night and still wake up cute and everything?

Yes, some of us fight in our sleep. Ask my husband. lol.

So imagine after all that, a selected few would wake up looking like a beautiful mess.

By the way, that’s one of my favorite songs. A beautiful mess by Jason Mraz.

Since this post is already swaying in the music direction, I would be sharing with you tips to wake up flawless.

7 Nighttime Hacks To Wake Up Beautiful Every Day

Then you and I can sing and dance I woke up like this! Flawless! by Aunty Beyonce.

Let’s dive in!

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7 Hacks To Wake Up Beautiful Every Day

1. Do your skincare routine at night.

The first on the list of how to wake up beautiful is to do your skincare routine at night.

This way your skin would relax and be rejuvenated without the harshness of the sun and dry air.

Whenever I do my facials at night, I wake up to a much relaxed smooth and soft skin.

This also applies to when you exfoliate your body at night.

It gives your skin enough time to soak in all the moisture while you sleep especially when you use a coconut oil sugar scrub.

7 Nighttime Hacks To Wake Up Beautiful Every Day

2. Wipe off your makeup before bedtime to wake up beautiful

Sometimes we get very tired and jump straight into bed with a full face of makeup.

What’s the worst that could happen?

  • a dirty pillowcase – Bad!
  • clogged facial pores – Worse!
  • breakouts – The worst! and
  • if you are lucky, you get the night-after sexy eyeliner eyes. (which I love a lot).

But sometimes you will look like a huge mess with makeup smeared all over your face, and you don’t want that.

So to wake up to a beautiful fresh face, wipe off your makeup every night before going to bed.

Even if you can’t get all your eyes makeup off, you would look pretty in the morning.

After all, the plan is to look pretty with or without makeup.


3. Skip makeup when you are at home

Photo by Park Street on Unsplash

I know sometimes I say to wear makeup at home.

Yes, that’s great but it is also good to stay makeup-free.

So the third tip on how to wake up beautiful every day is to skip makeup when you are at home.

Just to give your skin some time to rest and breathe especially if you wear makeup to work every day.

And when you feel sleepy or fall asleep, you won’t have to worry about wiping makeup off your face.

4. Wake up beautiful every day by sleeping on your back

The fourth tip to wake up beautiful every day is to sleep on your back.

Regular sleeping on your back not only helps you avoid creases and wrinkles; it also reduces headaches and improves your posture.

Tell me if you would wake up looking beautiful when your head is pounding.

Read this post for 5 Steps To Sleeping On Your Back Every Night.

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How To Wake Up Beautiful Every Day - I Woke Up Like This, Flawless!

5. A regular yoga routine can help you wake up beautiful

You may be wondering what yoga has got to do with waking up beautiful.

So here are just a few benefits of yoga to your beauty routine:

  • yoga improves blood circulation,
  • It also reduces stress and promotes quality sleep,
  • Regular yoga helps you see yourself as you are in all your beauty and glory.

Trust me, if you get a good night’s sleep, you would definitely wake up gorgeous.

If you are not sure where to start your yoga journey, check out Yoga with Adrienne on Youtube.

She’s got lots of beginner-friendly yoga, and also several 30-day yoga journey videos.

I am currently doing her most recent yoga journey – Home and so far it’s been awesome!

When I am done with it, I may write a blog post about it.

6. Proper hydration may help you wake up looking flawless

How To Wake Up Beautiful Every Day - I Woke Up Like This, Flawless!

Hydration is very important to your beauty routine and health in general.

When you are well hydrated, it would show on your skin.

So to wake up beautiful every day, you need to drink lots and lots of water.

If you are like me, and you forget to drink water, you can download a water drinking reminder app.

It reminds you every hour to rehydrate.

You can choose the amount of water you want to drink every hour to meet your hydration goals.

I usually drink up to 99oz or more of fluids (water, tea or coffee) per day.

You can drink more or less.

Just do what works for you.

7. Use a peel off facemask

The last tip on how to wake up beautiful every day is to use a peel-off face mask (at night).

Apart from my peel-off charcoal mask, the only other masks I have used are DIY oatmeal masks.

But a peel-off mask removes both black and whiteheads from your facial pores.

And opens them up to absorb moisture to stay supple and show your natural glow every day.

But if you prefer the mud masks, that’s totally okay.

7 Nighttime Hacks To Wake Up Beautiful Every Day

Wake Up Beautiful & Flawless Every Day!

And that’s how to wake up beautiful and flawless every day.

*still singing* I woke up like this! Flawless!

I hope this helps you wake up to a beautiful you every day.

Stay beautiful!

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