How To Attract Clients To Your Hat-Making Business And Make More Sales

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After you have started your hat-making business, the next step is to attract clients and make more sales.


And most of all, you want socialites and their fans to patronize your business.

So how do you do that?

That’s what we’ll be talking about in this post.

I’ll show you how to attract clients to your hat-making business and make more sales.

Let’s begin.

How To Attract Clients To Your Hat-Making Business And Make More Sales

Tips To Attract More Clients To Your Hat-Making Business

1. Collaboration with makeup artists and photographers

The first tip to attract clients to your hat-making business is to collaborate with makeup artists and photographers.

How do you do this?

You reach out to them on social media. There are lots of them on Instagram.

So send them a message like this:

Hi, my name is…

I design hats and fascinators.

I love your work and I was wondering if you could fix me into your tight schedule for your next photo shoot.

Thank you in anticipation of a positive response.

Have a great day.

That’s all you need to send to them then you wait for a response.

You’d get a yes or no answer, but eventually someone would agree to work with you.

And sometimes, you only need to ask a photographer, and they’d get a makeup artist and a model.

So whichever way, you might not have to ask a makeup artist, photographer, and models.

Moreover, after one collaboration, you might be lucky to work with them a few more times. Or maybe even meet new photographers and makeup artists reaching out to do a shoot with you.

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2. Direct messaging socialites

Another way of attracting more clients to your millinery business is by direct messaging socialites on Instagram.

This might sound crazy but you need to try. And the worst you would get is “silence”.

This is what you need to do.

  1. Take a deep breath and send a simple sweet message.
  2. Introduce yourself (your name and what you do), and how much you admire them and their style.
  3. Then let them know that you’d love them to wear one of your fascinators to any special occasion they would be attending.
  4. Next, send a couple of pictures of your hats (your best designs).
  5. Tell them to pick the design they love, and you would design it in the color of their choice.
  6. Say thanks in advance, breathe out, drink some water, and wait. Lol

You would be nervous, and it is normal.

Anyway, when they wear your hat to that event, they would upload a picture on Instagram and tag you.

Then some of their fans would become your new paying clients and followers.

How To Attract Clients To Your Hat-Making Business And Make More Sales

3. Connect with personal stylists and fashion designers to make more sales

The third tip to attract more customers to your hat-making business is to connect and work with personal stylists and fashion designers.

How do you connect with them? Hmm!

  • Follow them on social media.
  • Like and comment on their posts. 
  • If they have a website, visit their “work with us” or “contact us page” to know the requirements to work with them.

Some fashion designers already sell fascinators, but you need to look for those that do not.

They may have clients that would love custom-made fascinators to match their outfits.

Also, they might be looking for someone to design and sell hats in their high-end fashion stores.

Since Personal Stylists work very closely with fashion designers, they can also bring you some high paying clients.

And people that hire personal stylists take their fashion advice seriously.

So the stylist can recommend you design a fascinator for their client.

Some may ask for a commission, which is normal in business.

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4. Partner with wedding/events planners to attract more clients to your hat-making business

Event planners are always planning events, obviously!

To get more customers to patronize your hat-making business, partner with wedding/event planners.

As for wedding planners, they can recommend you to a bride to design bridesmaids or mother-of-the-bride fascinators.

Or you can gift the wedding planner a fascinator to wear to an event she’s planning.

Her wealthy clients and friends would be interested in her hat and ask where they can get it.

That’s word-of-mouth marketing.

How To Attract Clients To Your Hat-Making Business And Make More Sales

Conclusion On How To Attract Clients To Your Millinery Business

Those are a few ways to attract more clients to your hat-making business and make more sales.

Just have these at the back of your mind:

  • Most stylists and high-end store owners will ask you for some commission for referrals.
  • Lastly, some clients are very annoying, but you’ll be okay.

I hope this helps you reach a broader market, gain more customers for your business, and make money.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask me.

I would be more than happy to answer them.

Please remember to share this post with your friends.

Thanks for reading!


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