How To Get Free Stuff To Sell Online Or For Yourself – 7 Ways

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How To Get Free Stuff To Sell Online Or For Yourself - 7 Ways

In this post, I’ll show you how to get free things to sell online or for yourself.

So whether you plan to resell or prefer to keep these things for yourself, you’ll still benefit from this post.

The tips I’m sharing in this post are the ones I used to get free household and wardrobe stuff.

That’s to say, I practice what I preach.

Let’s dive in.

Tips to get free stuff to sell online or for yourself

You must swallow your pride and put your needs first to get free stuff.

I used to feel shy picking up what my neighbor had discarded.

But not anymore.

I’ve picked several things neighbors and friends left, which have been very useful.

That said, here’s how to get free things to use at home or sell online:

1. Free Facebook stuff

One of the best places to get free stuff to resell or use at home is the Facebook marketplace and selling or FREE stuff groups.

So, people in specific neighborhoods also have groups where they announce a garage sale or free stuff giveaway.

Search Facebook for one in your neighborhood and join.

They’re mostly titled FREE stuff, blah, blah, blah.

When joining the group or page, they might ask how you learned about the group.

But they’ll most likely allow you to join the group.

Please make sure to follow the group rules.

Once you’re in, you’ll see regular posting of free stuff.

My hubby joined a free stuff group in my area and got a free easel for my daughter, who loves to paint.

Also, when you see something you like, follow the instructions the poster has written for getting the item.

Another great thing about these free stuff groups is that you can ask for things.

Say you’re moving or just moved to a new place and need some things; you can post in the group.

And people who have those items will leave comments.

Please don’t ask them to ship a free item to you.

2. Asking your wealthy relatives, neighbors, or friends

air fryer, free stuff from a friend

Another way to get free things for your home or to resell is to ask your wealthy relatives or friends.

I know this might make some of us uncomfortable, including me.

But you know what you’re looking for.

When we moved to a new apartment, I asked a well-to-do couple if they had old furniture they weren’t using.

They gave us a three-seater couch and a single-seater, which are in excellent condition.

Imagine how much it would cost us to buy a couch like that.

Good furniture isn’t cheap.

They later gave us the air fryer pictured above, which is bigger than the one I had.

And I can choose to sell one and keep the other.

3. Ask rich friends and relatives for hand-me-down fashion items

Also, if you need clothes, you can ask that relative who seems to be changing their wardrobe every few months.

Tell them you like hand-me-downs.

I said this exact phrase to an older friend.

And the next time she cleared her closet, she gave me a few things.

She also gave me placemats, other household items, and the backpack I currently use as a gym bag.

It would cost me a lot if I wanted to buy the same backpack or the other items because they’re expensive.

Besides, getting the hand-me-down in excellent condition is wise and saves you money.

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4. Picking stuff from the curbs

A dresser mirror I picked by the dumpster in my apartment

Another way to get free stuff is to pick free things left on the curb.

Some people don’t have time to post free stuff on social media.

They’d instead leave it on the curb with a paper that reads “FREE” stuck to it.

If you see something like that and you need it or think you can sell it, please pick it.

A friend picked a free dresser and shoe rack from the front of her neighbor’s house.

Another friend got an antique dresser she now repurposed as a half-bath cabinet.

And I picked the mirror above by the dumpster when a neighbor moved out.

I’ve always wanted to buy a dresser mirror but couldn’t find any in my neighborhood.

So when I saw this one, it was like a blessing.

Though it doesn’t match my dresser.

But it’s a mirror, and it serves its purpose.

5. Exchanging stuff with friends

To get free stuff, you can also consider exchanging things with friends.

This works well if you have similar tastes.

But it also works depending on what you want from the other person.

I used to exchange clothes with my friends.

When a friend visits, she’ll go through my closet and pick something she likes.

But if I can’t let go of something, I won’t let them take it.

Eventually, they might find something I can do without.

And I’ll do the same when I visit them.

Or better still, you can host a free stuff party with your girlfriends.

You’ll all bring things—mostly fashion items—and everyone will pick what they like from the bunch.

Now you have new things to add to your wardrobe.

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6. Getting things from friends moving out

How To Get Free Stuff To Sell Online Or For Yourself - 7 Ways
Got this chair and a three-seater couch for free from a friend

Friends and neighbors moving out is another means of getting free things to resell or use.

Most of the time, when people move out, they don’t want to take some things.

They feel they’ve used it enough and prefer buying something new.

Or they can’t carry lots of things.

A friend of mine was moving from one state to another and had a small vehicle.

So she couldn’t carry a lot.

Also, she planned to buy new things for her new home.

I checked through the things she left and found some organizers I currently use in my kitchen.

7. Taking advantage of buy one get one free

Lastly, to get free stuff to resell or use, buy one and get one free.

I know this isn’t very common.

But once in a while, you’ll see resellers that offer BOGOF.

I bought a crossbody bag on Poshmark last year, and the seller threw in a free one.

Though she didn’t specify that it was BOGOF.

But sellers that do BOGOF always add that information to their listing.

Also, a long time ago, I bought two pairs of shoes from Poshmark and got an extra for free.

This seller said they give you an extra item for free if you buy two.

And I bought two pairs of shoes because I needed both.

Only use the buy-one-get-one-free if you need the item.

Don’t buy BOGOF just because there is a free item.

That’s not a wise way to spend your money.

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Safety measures to follow when getting free stuff from strangers

Getting free stuff to sell online or add to your home is cool.

But you must also consider safety when meeting people for free things.

I’m not saying this to put fear in you.

I’m just saying you should be careful out there because some people are weird.

So here are a few safety measures to follow:

Always pick free stuff from the giver’s yard, curb, etc.

Most people who give free stuff leave it outside and don’t want to interact with you.

So, pick the item and leave.

If it’s from Facebook, you can tell the owner to leave it on the curb, and you’ll pick it up.

They don’t even have to interact with you.

After picking it up, you can message them on Facebook that you’ve picked up the item.

That’s how we picked the easel for my daughter.

Go with a friend

For heavy items like furniture, the person might prefer you carry the stuff yourself.

So go with a friend to move the item out of the giver’s house.

Consider your health, too

If you’re allergic to animal fur or cigarette smoke, make sure to ask before picking stuff up.

So you can prepare yourself or forget about the item altogether.

Lastly, trust your gut

Sometimes, when getting stuff from a stranger, something might feel off.

That’s your gut telling you something.

If the meet seems sketchy, it probably is.

You can forget about that item.

Wrapping it up – getting free stuff to sell online or use at home

So that’s seven easy ways to get free stuff to resell or use in your home.

Don’t feel uncomfortable asking for free stuff.

People get free things every day for their use or to resell online.

And if they don’t tell you these things are hand-me-downs, you won’t know.

So again, focus on what you’re looking for and get it.

If you find this post helpful, please share it.

Thanks for reading.

See you next time.

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