10 Practical Gift Ideas New Bloggers Would Kill For

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What if you have ideas of the kind of gifts new bloggers would kill for?

Yeah, blogging can be overwhelming when you’re just starting out and it can stay that way for a long time.

And one of the reasons is because most new bloggers have no idea the tools they need to succeed.

Not to mention the fact that they haven’t made any money to buy them.

So if you’re looking for gift ideas that would make a new blogger’s life easier, keep reading.

10 Practical Gift Ideas New Bloggers Would Kill For

In this post, I’ll show you 10 practical gift ideas for new bloggers, so you can put a big smile on that nervous cute face of theirs.

Let’s get started.

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10 Practical Gift Ideas For New Bloggers

1. Ready Set Blog for Traffic course – amazing gift ideas for new bloggers

New bloggers struggle with content creation, blog traffic, Pinterest, making money from a blog, and lots more.

So the first on my list of practical gift ideas for new bloggers is a Blog Traffic course.

This course covers helpful tips to start a blog, how to get traffic, and also make money from it.

Most blogging courses are overpriced but this one is affordable and not intimidating.

I cannot emphasize enough how helpful this blog course will be to new bloggers.

It impacted a major change to my blog just halfway in and I mentioned it in My Blog Growth After Blogging For One Year.

So I am certain this gift is what will give your new blogger friend the tools and confidence they need to grow their new blog.

Help your friend overcome the overwhelming feeling.

They would appreciate it.

10 Practical Gift Ideas New Bloggers Would Kill For

2. Premium themes

The second on the list of gift ideas for new bloggers is a premium theme.

While there are lots of beautiful free WordPress themes, a premium theme makes a beautiful blog.

And most new bloggers are not techy, so they would rather have a working-out-of-the-box theme.

This can help them create a gorgeous website, and all they need to do is write, publish and promote.

The theme I’m using is very affordable and it is from Studiomommy.

She’s got lots of pretty and affordable blog themes, and premium themes that would make a newbie blogger look like a pro.

Also, once a blogger has a great blog theme, they won’t waste time tweaking their blog design like I did when I started blogging in 2018.

3. Bluelight blocking glasses

We bloggers spend lots of hours in front of the computer, and all that light can sometimes cause headaches.

That brings me to the third gift idea for new bloggers – blue-light blocking glasses.

These glasses protect the eyes from computer blue light and reduce eyes strain due to hours spent in front of the computer.

Also, some blue light glasses are very fashionable and give that sassy professional look most bloggers love.

10 Practical Gift Ideas New Bloggers Would Kill For

4. Canva subscription

Canva is an app most bloggers – both new and experienced – use to create graphics for their blogs.

There is a very good free version but the premium is even better and quite affordable.

But of course, a new blogger may not have the funds to pay monthly Canva subscriptions, but they’d definitely appreciate it from you.

And with the premium version, they can create unique graphics like Pinterest pins, free printables, and even digital products to sell on their blogs.

And that can increase traffic and help them make money with their new blog.

So that’s the fourth on my list of practical gift ideas for new bloggers.

5. A blog planner

Blogging can be overwhelming for new bloggers because they may not know when to do what.

But with a planner, they can plan everything they need to do on their blog daily, weekly, and monthly.

And here’s a fun blog planner you can download for free to organize your blogging goals and hopefully get them.

But if you want something more serious, here’s a planner with inspirational words to encourage and keep them going in their blogging journey.

Isn’t that neat?

6. Grammarly proofreader gift idea for new bloggers

Another thing that makes a great gift idea for a new blogger is the Grammarly proofreading app.

Who has time to spell check every single post they write when there is Grammarly to do that?

And with a gift like Premium Grammarly, a newbie blogger can work smarter.

And not only does Grammarly correct spellings, but it also detects your writing tone, and suggests better words to help your writing flow.

And because new bloggers may be nervous about their writing, knowing the tone of their text, and words suggestions would make a huge difference.

That’s why Grammarly is a very helpful and amazing gift idea.

And new bloggers can easily join the Grammarly affiliate program to make some money on the side.

7. Tailwind subscription

Tailwind is a very important tool that both new and experienced bloggers use to schedule pins on Pinterest.

Some bloggers use Tailwind to schedule Instagram and Facebook posts as well.

This tool knows the best time to pin your graphics to Pinterest so your pin gets more traction.

And we all know that scheduling stuff is a smart way to use your time.

So with Tailwind, a new blogger can schedule pins, and Instagram, and Facebook posts, and have some time to focus on writing or spending time with their families.

And most bloggers have experienced an increase in blog traffic from using Tailwind scheduler tool.

Grab a free month of Tailwind to help your new blogger friend understand how it works.

10 Practical Gift Ideas New Bloggers Would Kill For

8. Stock photos is a great gift idea for new bloggers

Pictures are very important in blogging and most bloggers have pictures that help them stand out.

And those are unique stock photos.

Gifting your new blogger friend a stock image membership would blow their minds.

Then they won’t have to worry about using the same free stock photos as everyone else.

Stock photos are a bomb gift idea for both new and experienced bloggers.

So I’m certain any new blogger would appreciate this gift.

9. A camera

The ninth practical gift idea for a new blogger is a camera.

In blogging, sometimes you need stock photos, and sometimes you need to take your own pictures.

Fashion, lifestyle, parenting, almost all bloggers at some point take their own pictures.

So a camera is a very practical and thoughtful gift for a new blogger.

10. Amazon Echo for the music-loving blogger

Last but not the least gift idea for new bloggers is the Amazon Echo.

Most music-lovers listen to music while working on their blogs. *raises a hand* I do!

All they have to do is ask Alexa to play their favorite song while they work on their new blog.

Do you know the artists I would listen to all day if I had an Amazon Echo? Coldplay, Keane, The Script, Muse, and so much more.

I’m a soft-rock kind of girl.

Anyway, that’s that.

10 Practical Gift Ideas New Bloggers Would Kill For

Let’s Wrap Up!

There you go! 10 practical gift ideas for new bloggers.

I hope with this list, you can find the perfect gift for the new blogger in your life.

Thanks for reading!

Please share this post on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and other social platforms you spend time.

Cheers, Buayifa.

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