7 Self-care Habits To Get Your Groove Back After Baby

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Are you dying to get your groove back after baby?

Did you lose your mojo after baby delivery, and you’re not sure who you are anymore?

Just take a deep breath and read this:

The birth of a baby changes your life in so many ways, both physically and mentally.

That’s just a fact. But you’re not alone.

So in this post, I’ll share seven self-care habits to get your groove back after baby. And also adjust to your new normal, and love every bit of it.

Let’s begin.

7 Self-care Habits To Get Your Groove Back After Baby

7 Healthy Habits To Get Your Groove Back After Having A Baby

1. Ask for and accept help

After having a baby, don’t hesitate to ask for or accept support from family and friends.

The truth is you can’t do everything by yourself, so you need all the help you can get.

Now I’m not talking about only your partner. Of course, they can help, but you need a woman like your mom, sister, or aunt to assist you at home with your newborn.

They can even help fix meals, do laundry, and you’d also have someone to talk to when your partner is off to work.

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2. Eat, sleep, relax to get your groove back after baby

After having a baby, make sure to take good care of yourself. It doesn’t have to be anything out of this world, but a short nap will go along way.

That’s why you need extra help with your newborn.

So that you’d have extra time to get a hot shower, wash your hair, or maybe soak in the bath.

For a relaxing bath time, try this DIY Citrus Bath Salts With Eucalyptus Oil.

And don’t forget that food is also important to heal and fuel your body after giving birth.

So make sure to eat nutritious and delicious foods for you and your baby.

3. Cut yourself some slack

I understand you want things to go back to the way there were before, and that can make you a bit hard on yourself.

That’s totally normal.

But need I remind you that you just gave birth to a human? You literally carried a human from day one till the delivery day and brought them out healthy.

Moreover, they still depend on you for everything.

So mama, please cut yourself some slack, and pat yourself on the back.

Whoa! Did I just rhyme? Lol!

Anyway, remember that it would take some time for you to get used to the new normal.

You see, I’m not talking about things going back to the way there were because that’s not going to happen.

And the reason is obvious you now have a kid, and that changes everything.

But make sure to enjoy those cuddly moments with your baby as they grow very fast.

Keep reading…

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Please cut yourself some slack, and pat yourself on the back.

7 Self-care Habits To Get Your Groove Back After Baby

4. Practice post-natal yoga

After baby, you just can’t jump back into your regular workout routine.

You want to be gentle with your postpartum body.

So a post-natal yoga session would do you a lot of good, inside and out.

It’s gonna help relieve stress and tension in your neck, back, and shoulders; from breastfeeding and sleepless nights.

Plus, yoga and other forms of exercise release endorphins – your feel-good hormones – and improves your mood.

Again if you have extra help, you may have some free time to practice yoga and reconnect with yourself.

5. Spend time with your partner

Another way to get your groove back after having a baby is to hang out with your partner.

You guys don’t have to leave your home or go anywhere.

Nah! Far from it.

I’m talking about eating and watching tv together, the way you used to.

This is not the time to push your partner away. You need to know that you both are in this together, and you support each other.

Don’t be afraid to share your vulnerabilities with them.

And don’t forget they are your biggest fan and will always be there for you – your support system.

You are not alone.

6. Treat yourself to a new gift

Everyone is always excited about a new wardrobe addition.

So if you have a few bucks to spare, why not treat yourself to some loungewear or lingerie.

If you are like me and won’t pay full price for clothes, check Thredup or Poshmark for new or like-new clothes at affordable rates.

Sign up with my ThredUp link and get $10 to shop.

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7. Remember to treat your skin and use light makeup

I understand that your skincare routine may be out of order because of your newborn.

But you can pick one thing from your routine and do it one day at a time.

Say, today you take a regular shower, then tomorrow you do the same and exfoliate with a foaming scrub.

But make sure you are taking showers and moisturizing your skin daily to keep it hydrated and plump.

Then once in a while, apply light makeup. My idea of light at-home makeup is black eyeliner and a tinted lip balm.

Just do what works for you, but don’t put too much pressure on yourself.

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7 Self-care Habits To Get Your Groove Back After Baby

Final Words On Self-care Habits To Get Your Groove Back After Having A Baby

Like I said earlier, having a baby changes everything. But if you have a strong support system, you’d transition a lot easier to your new life.

I hope these seven self-care habits help you get your groove back and enjoy every moment with your precious baby.

What tips do you have for moms with new babies to get back their mojo?

Please share them with us.

Thanks for reading.

Please share this post.

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