I Furnished My Apartment for Under $300 + A Free Washer & Dryer

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I Furnished My Apartment for Under $300 + A Free Washer & Dryer

This post will show you how we furnished our new apartment for cheap.

After my hubby’s graduation, we moved across the country from Virginia to Texas.

And we couldn’t take many things, including furniture, electronics, etc.

But when we got to Texas, we bought new stuff to furnish our new apartment.

In this post, I’ll show you what we got, how much they cost, etc.

Let’s get into the post.

How I furnished my new apartment for cheap

When I tell you that people get free stuff on Facebook Marketplace, you better believe I know what I’m talking about.

Everything we got to furnish our new apartment was secondhand and of excellent quality.

Look what we found:

1. A Samsung washer & dryer set – FREE

Washer and dryer I got free on Facebook Marketplace to furnish my apartment

Before we moved into our new apartment, we started looking for a washer and dryer set.

Though our apartment community has a general laundry, the units have hookups for washers and dryers.

So we decided to buy and install a washer-dryer set.

After talking to several Facebook Marketplace sellers, we found a Samsung washer and dryer set listed for $350.

It was the same price as the other sets we missed.

But this time, we didn’t try to haggle the price.

We offered to pay the asking price.

Getting there, the seller told my hubby the laundry set was free.

That he only put a price on the listing because he didn’t want people asking, “Is it available?”

And that’s how we got a like-new Samsung washer-dryer set (and the manual) for free.

Usually, it would cost almost $1000, if not more, to get it brand new.

But we got it free of charge.

The only issue was the water inlet was faulty.

But we bought and replaced the part like a badass.

And we’ve done laundry several times ever since without any problems.

With that out, we had $350 to buy the items listed below.

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2. A black leather futon – $30

Futon from Facebook Marketplace to furnish my apartment for cheap

When you move into an apartment, living room furniture is the first thing you need most after a bed.

So we searched for a sectional but couldn’t find anything.

Some were too big for our rented truck, some were from pet-friendly homes, etc.

Then we started looking at collapsible futons that fit in a truck’s back.

That’s how we landed a leather futon in excellent condition for only $30.

We drove thirty minutes to pick it up from the seller’s home.

And it was worth it.

Aside from the futon being in excellent condition, it’s also from a smoke and pet-free home.

3. A dining table with four chairs – $100

I Furnished My Apartment for Under $300 + A Free Washer & Dryer

The next thing we got was a dining set.

I saw lovely dining sets, but they were gone in minutes.

So when I found this one, it was just listed, and I was ready to pick it up as soon as possible.

And the seller responded to my messages quickly.

And we drove to Austin to pick it up.

It’s great quality wood.

But of course, it got scratched when moving and carrying it upstairs.

Still, it’s a great buy that didn’t dent our account.

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4. A coffee table – $30

Coffee table from Facebook Marketplace to furnish my apartment for cheap

We also found a coffee table that was listed for $30.

The seller also said the price was firm, so there was no room for haggling.

And the good thing about it was that the seller lived in our new neighborhood.

So, picking it up wasn’t that stressful.

But the table had a heavy pet smell on it.

So, we cleaned the table to remove odors before using it.

5. A TV stand – $30

TV stand

Luckily, we were able to bring our TV.

But we couldn’t use it on the floor.

So we searched for a TV stand with a single high shelf to fit our PlayStation.

And we found the one pictured above for $30.

And the seller was also in our neighborhood.

So we paid cash and picked it up.

Though it has little dents, nothing major that would affect its use.

6. Two twin bed frames $35

Before we got the bed frames, the kids slept on mattresses on the floor.

But when I saw the bed frame listing on the marketplace, I knew we had to act quickly.

I messaged the seller that we were coming to pick them up immediately.

And it improved my kids’ bedrooms.

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7. A swivel chair

Swivel chair

Aside from the washer and dryer, we also got a free chair with a removable cover.

The seller even washed the cover before giving the chair away.

I messaged her as soon as I saw the listing, and she sent the address where to pick it up.

8. A dresser

I also got a free white dresser from the same seller.

She said her daughter used it for a year or so.

So it was in excellent condition.

Also, it is good quality furniture from one of these popular online stores.

And I got it free of charge.

Are you excited to get some free stuff on Facebook Marketplace yourself?

Well, I have some tips for you.

Tips to score free stuff on Facebook Marketplace

I already wrote a whole blog post about how to get free stuff online for resale or yourself.

But I thought I’d add a few tips to help you achieve more success with Facebook Marketplace.

1. Don’t message “Is it available?”

For some reason, some sellers don’t like when you ask them if an item is available.

I don’t have a problem with that.

But after selling some of my things on Facebook recently, I understand why.

The thing is, some people disappear after you answer them.

Also, “Is this available?” is a Facebook default message.

It shows you didn’t put any effort into trying to communicate with the seller.

So, instead of using the default message, say, “I would like to pick this up now if you’re available.”

Then, wait for the seller to respond to you.

Next, ask for the address if it’s not already listed.

Some people add their addresses because they don’t want to communicate with many people trying to pick up the item.

However, if the item is available, those who don’t add their address to the listing will send you an address.

Because they don’t want to leave it on the curb.

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2. Do ask them the best time to pick the free item

It’s best to work with the giver’s time when picking free stuff from Facebook Marketplace.

So first, ask them when you can pick the stuff.

Their time might not work with yours.

But you can ask if your time works for them.

Some people don’t mind; they can hold the item for you.

But some might be moving and can’t hold anything, so they’ll do it first come, first serve.

However, if they hold an item for you, make sure you pick it up or let them know if you can’t.

So they can give it to the next person.

3. Drive to the address listed to increase your chances

Another way to get free stuff from the Facebook marketplace is to drive to the address on the listing.

As I said, some people don’t want to talk to anyone.

So they’ll leave the free item on the curb, add the address, and say that if it’s listed, it’s available.

And they won’t respond if you ask, “Is it available?”.

But you can drive down there, only if it’s in your neighborhood, and take a look.

And if the item(s) is there, you can pick it up.

4. Don’t ask the seller to bring it to you

Yes, this might sound strange, but it happens.

Some people want free stuff on Facebook but are unwilling to find a way to get it.

Please don’t ask someone giving you free stuff to bring it to you.

Unless they’re offering, which is uncommon.

If not, find a way to get the item or forego it if it’s too much trouble.

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This concludes how I furnished my new apartment for cheap with FREE stuff on Facebook Marketplace

That’s how I scored a free laundry set and affordable furniture to improve my new apartment.

Back to you, how did you furnish your apartment for cheap?

Please share your tips in the comments.

If you find this post helpful, please share it.

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