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88 Fun Things You Can Do Without Spending Money

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Do you want to know all the fun things you can do without spending money?

Living frugally does not mean you have to cut the fun out of your life.

When I was a young girl, I used to watch the stars at night for fun.

And I remember wishing on a shooting star so many times.

I wonder if those wishes came true as I lost track of them. Lol.

But these days, it seems you can’t have fun without spending money.

And that’s not true.

88 Fun Things You Can Do Without Spending Money

Here are 88 fun things you can do with no money.

Let’s get started.

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88 Fun Things You Can Do With No Money

  1. Go to the park.
  2. Learn a new language on Duolingo for free.
  3. Make a DIY sugar scrub.
  4. Call your bestie.
  5. Make a new recipe.
  6. Wear makeup for fun.
  7. Take a bubble bath.
  8. Go window-shopping online or a physical store (if you can control impulsive spending).
  9. Sing in front of a mirror.
  10. Make a video to get used to talking in front of a camera (I need this!).
  11. Recheck your budget plan.
  12. Declutter your closet.
  13. Reorganize your space.
  14. Check your makeup for expired lipsticks (they last too long because we always have more than we need, lol).
  15. Wear a homemade face mask.
  16. Call mom or dad.
  17. Take long walks or run around your neighborhood.
  18. Watch funny youtube videos.
  19. Learn a new subject…coding, maybe.
  20. Play dress up.
  21. Pair up old clothes to create new styles.
  22. Try listing stuff on Poshmark or Mercari, maybe you’d like it when you make a sale *wink*.
  23. Donate clothes to ThredUp.
  24. Clear your pantry.
  25. Declutter your spice rack.
  26. Try homemade spicy food. (no, don’t bite on ghost pepper. That’s not how to eat pepper). Blend it and then add it to your food.
  27. Try steaming vegetables in the microwave instead of sauteing in the pan.
  28. Bake a loaf of bread.
  29. Soak your feet.
  30. Call me.
88 Fun Things You Can Do Without Spending Money
  1. Make a Tik-Tok video.
  2. Binge-read new blogs.
  3. Have fun creating bath salts with Epsom salt.
  4. Do some yoga. I enjoy Yoga with Adriene on YouTube.
  5. Hug your beautiful self.
  6. Have a picnic at home or outside by yourself.
  7. Try to do one correct pushup.
  8. Do a dance workout on Pumatrac.
  9. Or join a monthly workout challenge.
  10. Start a journal.
  11. Lay on the floor with your legs elevated against a wall. (this improves blood circulation, and relieves stress)
  12. Watch English football. You just might like it (I know I do).
  13. Design something on Canva, word, PowerPoint, or pic monkey.
  14. Draw something even if it’s silly. (you should see how I draw trees and clouds, lol).
  15. Make a pizza or an accident. Lol.
  16. Watch a funny TV show on Hulu. My current favorite is The Goldbergs.
  17. Delete Facebook posts or pictures you’re not proud of.
  18. Be a queen for a day. What will you do? (Remember, queens are strong. They can rule with or without a partner).
  19. Take a power nap or a beauty sleep.
  20. Window-shop for houses, and get an idea how much it costs to buy a house. I enjoy this a lot.
88 Fun Things You Can Do Without Spending Money

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  1. Check out fancy serviced apartments and dream a little.
  2. Declutter your kitchen cabinets, and recycle plastic wares you have no use for.
  3. Ask Alexa or Google Assistant silly questions. Let’s see how smart they really are.
  4. Watch funny videos on Instagram reels.
  5. Try a new fun nail art.
  6. Read your bank statements, and see if it’s adding up.
  7. If you haven’t tried waxing before, try sugaring at home.
  8. Go hiking even if it’s a short distance.
  9. Take a walk in the mall.
  10. Get the free trial of a subscription service (set a reminder to cancel before it expires). Check out How To Stop Automated Payments From Wrecking Your Budget.
  11. Start a free blog on Wix. They have very beautiful free sites.
  12. Refresh your memory on a high school subject. Like Math or Physics. Lol.
  13. Learn how to doodle for free, on YouTube).
  14. Go pick up grocery stores sales magazines, and see where you can save.
  15. Declutter your jewelry box. Yes, throw away old faded pieces of jewelry.
  16. Create a font.
  17. Read a research publication, and learn the latest findings in small business, science, finance, etc.
  18. Listen to a podcast.
  19. Volunteer at a community center.
  20. Play word games. I like scrabble.
  21. Take mood pictures. Have fun!
  22. Cook something without a recipe book (you can do it).
  23. Play a different music genre. You just might fall in love.
  24. Do a yard sale.
  25. Go to the playground. There should be adult swings there. (swings are fun!)
  26. Learn how to meal plan.
  27. Take surveys for fun. (Honestly, it takes forever to get the money).
  28. Make a to-do list.
  29. Teach yourself how to use Microsoft Excel.
  30. Practice a new accent.
  31. Learn how to tie a silk scarf on your head on YouTube.
  32. Write a letter to your younger self.
  33. Take a walk on the beach.
  34. Host a movie-dinner night and invite a friend.
  35. Plant something to see if you actually love and can care for plants.
  36. Watch the night skies when the moon and stars are out. You might catch a shooting star.
  37. Read about horoscopes. (I enjoy them but I don’t take them seriously).
  38. Make oat milk.

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88 Fun Things You Can Do Without Spending Money

Boom! Fun Things You Can Do Without Spending Money

Remember this is for fun, and you are free to skip any that would cost you money.

I hope you find this list of 88 fun things you can do without spending money, useful.

Can you share a few fun things you do with no money?

I’ll be glad to add them to this post, so others can benefit from them.

Thanks for reading.

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