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How To Make DIY Foaming Sugar Coffee Scrub Under $3

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All ye scrub lovers, I want to show you how to make DIY foaming sugar coffee scrub under $3.

Yes, you read that right.

I bet you know by now that I live on a very tight budget, but I gotta take care of myself notwithstanding.

So this DIY foaming sugar scrub is extremely cheap, and it deep cleanses your skin.

The products used costs only $2 and the finished product costs less than a dollar.

Everything you need to make this scrub is readily available in your house.

Otherwise, you can get them from a department store.

How To Make DIY Foaming Sugar Coffee Scrub Under $3

Between, there is a step by step slideshow of how to make the scrub below.

But if you are not a fan of foaming scrubs, check out this DIY coffee honey scrub with used and unused coffee grounds.

With that being said, let’s make our foaming sugar coffee scrub.

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How To Make A Foaming DIY Sugar Coffee Scrub

To make sure our budget stays under $3, you don’t have to buy any containers.

You can use any old wide-mouth container in your bathroom or kitchen.

I usually use old condiments jars with lids or the bowl pictured above.

So these are the things you would need

How To Make DIY Foaming Sugar Coffee Scrub Under $3


  • measure the amount of body wash, into a bowl
  • Add the sugar and mix it
  • the mixture should be thick like ice cream, if not add more sugar
  • add the coffee
  • transfer the thick foaming DIY sugar coffee scrub into a wide mouth container
  • store in your bathroom or refrigerator until you are ready to use it.

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How To Make A Runny DIY Foaming Sugar Coffee Scrub

If you prefer a runny foamy sugar scrub, use a bottle instead of a jar to store it. And you can skip the coffee in this scrub recipe.


  • Add more body wash, less sugar, and coffee into a measuring cup and mix to your desired consistency,
  • pour the runny sugar coffee scrub into an empty bottle, place the cap,
  • and keep it in your bathroom.

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Foaming DIY Sugar Scrub Under $3 For Cleaner Skin

How To Use Foaming Sugar Scrub

Because this is a foaming exfoliant, there are two ways you can use it.

  1. Use it to exfoliate your whole body after a shower. Then rinse off, and moisturize your skin.
  2. Use it straight with exfoliating gloves for a refreshing shower. Don’t forget to moisturize after.

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What to look out for in the runny foaming sugar coffee scrub

  • This scrub does not contain an emulsifier, so expect it to settle or separate when it is stored.
  • But you can give it a little shake before using it again.
  • Also, the sugar would melt into the body wash after some time.
  • I think it makes the body wash richer in texture, and I like it.
  • Lastly, if there’s less sugar than body wash, feel free to add more sugar.
How To Make DIY Foaming Sugar Coffee Scrub Under $3


That’s how to make DIY foaming sugar coffee scrub under $3, both thick and runny consistency.

Remember that you can skip the coffee your runny sugar scrub.

So with just a bottle of body wash, a pack of sugar, and coffee, you can make a foaming sugar coffee scrub at home.

Thanks for reading!

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Friday 28th of February 2020

Going to try this at the weekend! I need to start preparing my skin for summer!!?

Buayifa Ojeogwu

Friday 28th of February 2020

Hi Rachael. I trust you are going to love it. I'm so looking forward to Summer myself. Thanks for stopping by, love. xx


Friday 7th of June 2019

Those actually look good enough to eat, I can't wait to dry them out (on my skin) to see how they wi work out

Buayifa Ojeogwu

Friday 7th of June 2019

These scrubs smell wonderful! Don't eat them...haha. Thanks for reading, Tasha.