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29 Simple DIY Skincare Recipes To Make Right Now

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Do you love DIY skincare recipes?

Of course, you do. That’s why you’re here.

Well, I’ve put together 29 simple DIY skincare recipes you can make right now!

And I added the links to each recipe. So all you have to do is click on it, and you’d be taken to the post to make that the product.

Also, at the bottom of this page, you can fill the signup form to download a free list of these recipes and instructions to make them.

Just enter your email in the signup form and download it to your device.

Okay, let’s get started.

29 Simple DIY Skincare Recipes To Make Right Now

DISCLOSURE: This post contains affiliate links. This means that if you make a purchase using the links on this post, I may earn a small commission. At no extra cost to you!

29 DIY Skincare Recipes

These recipes are organized into several categories.

  • Sugar wax.
  • Sugar scrubs.
  • Coffee scrubs.
  • Salt scrubs, and
  • DIY face masks.

DIY Sugar Wax Recipes

1. DIY honey sugar wax

This sugar wax was made with sugar and real honey. It requires minimum to no kneading.

[Click here for the recipe]

29 Simple DIY Skincare Recipes To Make Right Now

2. Homemade sugar wax without honey

Just a regular DIY hard wax for hair removal.

[Click here for the recipe]

29 Simple DIY Skincare Recipes To Make Right Now

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DIY Sugar Scrub Recipes

3. Peach sugar scrub

Fruit scrub made with fresh peach puree.

[Click here for the recipe]

4. Blackberry sugar scrub

If you make blackberry smoothies, then you’d love this blackberry sugar scrub.

[Click here for the recipe]

5. Whipped aromatherapy sugar scrub

This sugar scrub contains essential oils that boost your mood.

[Click here for the recipe]

6. Fudgy chocolate sugar scrub bars

Try not to eat it. These chocolate scrub bars were made with real cocoa powder.

[Click here for the recipe]

7. Mandarin honey sugar scrub

For a fruity moisturizing skin exfoliation, try this mandarin honey scrub.

[Click here for the recipe]

8. Raspberry sugar scrub

Looking for summer gift ideas? Your friends will love this raspberry sugar scrub.

[Click here for the recipe]

29 Simple DIY Skincare Recipes To Make Right Now

9. Green tea sugar scrub

Sugar scrub bars are convenient to use. That’s why you’d love these green tea scrub bars.

[Click here for the recipe]

10. Strawberry sugar scrub

What to do with leftover strawberry puree? Make a strawberry sugar scrub.

[Click here for the recipe]

11. Lemon sugar hand scrub

This scrub may not be Bath and Body Works kitchen lemon, but it would exfoliate your hands in the kitchen and bathroom like a luxury brand.

[Click here for the recipe]

12. Kiwi sugar scrub

It’s not every time you see a kiwi scrub, so this is one of a kind DIY sugar exfoliant.

[Click here for the recipe]

13. Orange zest sugar scrub

Another fantastic summer body scrubs you’d love.

[Click here for the recipe]

14. Aloe vera sugar scrub for instant glow

Ready for some sticky slimy glow, then check out this DIY aloe vera sugar scrub.

[Click here for the recipe]

15. Cinnamon foot scrub for an at-home pedicure

Salon pedicure is crazy pricey. So treat yourself to an at-home pedicure with this cinnamon foot scrub.

[Click here for the recipe]

16. Watermelon sugar scrub

Summer is just around the corner. Here is an oil-free watermelon sugar scrub to exfoliate oily skin, and moisturize without grease.

[Click here for the recipe]

17. Coconut sugar scrub bars

Handy scrubs are becoming my favorite. And these heart-shaped coconut sugar scrubs would make an excellent valentine’s gift for your girlfriends.

[Click here for the recipe]

18. Blueberry sugar scrub

Blend up some blueberries for a glass of smoothie, then scoop a few spoons to make this scrub.

[Click here for the recipe]

19. Oatmeal brown sugar scrub

Are you looking for an emollient body scrub? Then check out this oatmeal sugar scrub.

[Click here for the recipe]

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DIY Salt Scrubs/ Bath salts

20. Lavender salt foot scrub

This simple salt scrub cleans your feet thoroughly whether you use it in the shower or for a DIY pedicure.

[Click here for the recipe]

21. Baking soda coconut oil scrub bars

if sugar scrubs are too coarse for you, then you’d love these baking soda scrub bars.

[Click here for the recipe]

22. Orange zest bath salts/scrub

This bath salt contains both lemon and orange zest, plus a few drops of essential oils for a relaxing bath time.

[Click here for the recipe]

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DIY Coffee Scrubs

23. Oatmeal coffee scrub

Make this scrub because of how cute it looks, or take it a step further and exfoliate your body with it.

[Click here for the recipe]

24. Foaming coffee scrub

Foaming scrubs are one of my must-have shower products. And the smell of coffee in the shower is just out of this world.

[Click here for the recipe]

25. Coffee honey scrub

I call this a DIY body polish because I have not used a combination like this before. The coffee honey scrub speaks for itself.

[Click here for the recipe]

26. Coffee brown sugar scrub with coconut oil

Another coffee scrub but this time with coconut oil. So this is perfect for Fall/Winter skincare routine.

[Click here for the recipe]

DIY face masks

27. Honey oatmeal face mask

I love face masks, and anything with oatmeal always gets me. This is a moisturizing and refreshing DIY face mask.

[Click here for the recipe]

28. Cucumber face mist

Sunscreen is important before going out on sunny days, but this cucumber face and neck mist would calm your skin after sun exposure.

[Click here for the recipe]

29. Purifying banana honey face mask

Last but not least is our banana honey mask for purifying at-home facials.

[Click here for the recipe]

29 Simple DIY Skincare Recipes To Make Right Now


So that’s 29 DIY skincare recipes you can make at home today.

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