Crosslist Crossposting App Review: Everything You Need To Know

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Did you know the Crosslist cross-posting app can help you import and cross-post your listings in seconds?

Imagine what that would do for your reselling business.

Because, let’s face it, manual cross-listing is a pain.

Fortunately, you’ve found the game-changing cross-posting app for your business.

In this post, we’ll talk about how the Crosslist app works, the pros and cons of Crosslist, and why it is a must-have reseller tool.

Let’s get started.

DISCLOSURE: This post is sponsored by Crosslist, but all opinions are mine.

What Does Crosslist Do?

Crosslist Cross-posting App: How To Save Time And Make Sales

Crosslist is a crossposting or cross-listing app for resellers who sell on some of the most popular marketplaces like Poshmark, Mercari, eBay, Facebook, and a few others.

With Crosslist, you can list your items automatically on multiple marketplaces without losing your mind.

To use Crosslist, first, you must create an account with your email and choose your plan with a 3-day money-back guarantee.

Who Is Crosslist For?

Crosslist app is for resellers who want to sell on multiple selling platforms and make money from every corner.

So instead of cross-listing manually — which can drive resellers crazy — you can use Crosslist.

Continue reading for more about Crosslist.

Resellers Can Create New Listings With The Crosslist Crossposting Tool

Crosslist Cross-posting App: How To Save Time And Make Sales

On Crosslist, you can create new listings, add pictures and descriptions, and cross-post them to multiple marketplaces.

And because Crosslist works with the most popular marketplaces, you definitely will find the one you sell on.

Or find a new marketplace to explore.

Sellers Can Import Existing Listings In Seconds

Crosslist Cross-posting App: How To Save Time And Make Sales

With Crosslist’s import tool, resellers can import existing listings in seconds unless your internet is slow.

And they are ready to be distributed to other marketplaces in minutes. That’s super-fast.

And it gets better. Keep reading.

Your Listings Are Imported With Descriptions

Crosslist Cross-posting App: How To Save Time And Make Sales

Resellers know manual cross posting is time-consuming, but you don’t have to worry anymore because Crosslist imports your listings with descriptions.

And it also adds the required information slots you need to fill based on resellers’ selected marketplaces.

For example, Poshmark requires both the original and listing price of your products and extra details like color and even availability.

And you can add those on Crosslist before crossposting.

The same applies to Mercari’s smart pricing and zip code options.

After that, you can add shipping rates on your marketplaces, adjust prices (I usually price higher on some marketplaces), and publish your listings.

Take note: you can only import listings on your desktop with the Crosslist browser extension.

Edit Your Pictures With The Crosslist Editing Tool

Crosslist Cross-posting App: How To Save Time And Make Sales

Whether you import listings or create new ones, you can edit your pictures directly on Crosslist before crossposting them.

The editing tool has many super-helpful features to improve your photos and add extra information.

For example, you can filter, brighten, brush, or crop pictures.

You can also add text and arrows or circle things on your photos. So when you say view all pictures, your customers know where to look.

I hope this makes sense.

Please leave a comment if you need more clarification.

And that’s not all.

The editing tool has some fun stickers you’d find helpful.

I’d use the stickers to block faces in my listing pictures because you don’t want strangers seeing the faces of your loved ones.

Isn’t that neat?

I’m sure you’d figure out other things you can do with the Crosslist editing tool when you start using the app yourself.

Okay, we’ve gone through everything you can do with the Crosslist app. Now let’s talk about the pros and cons of Crosslist.

The Pros Of Crossposting With Crosslist


Crosslist saves resellers lots of time and quickly gets your inventory to the marketplace.

Imports listings with the required information

Your listings are imported with the required information and details based on your chosen marketplace, which speeds up publishing.

Crosslist cross-posting app helps you sell in more marketplaces.

You can easily resell in more marketplaces because Crosslist can crosspost your listings to some of the most popular selling platforms.

Make more sales and money.

You’d surely make more sales because you cross-list and target buyers where they hang out.

Discover new marketplaces

Resellers may find new marketplaces when cross-listing with Crosslist. For instance, I found Grailed, and I think I’d try selling there.

Also, I guess I’d start listing on eBay now that I have Crosslist.

Motivation to list

Using the Crosslist crossposting app can keep you hopeful that you’d make sales even if your store has been dry for a while.

True story: I abandoned my Facebook Marketplace store for months because manual crossposting is time-consuming, and I don’t have enough of that.

But the day I crossposted existing listings with Crosslist, I made a sale and three more in three consecutive days.

Crosslist cross-posting app makes listing fun.

Crossposting manually on multiple marketplaces is tedious. But the Crosslist app does magic, and everybody loves magic.

Who knew opening tabs and hitting publish would make me so happy?

And what’s even better is seeing “SOLD!”, especially on marketplaces where I haven’t made sales for ages. *smiles*

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The Cons of the crosslist cross-posting app

These are my observations, not necessarily anything we can’t manage with the Crosslist app.

Import listings & posting

Several tabs open when you crosspost your listings to multiple marketplaces, but the draft doesn’t change.

It would be better to see a done or posted to notify you that it is done.

Conversely, it is helpful if you mistakenly close an incomplete listing tab. You’d always have the draft to work with.

Moreover, all your imported listings remain on your Crosslist account unless you delete them yourself.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that after you click post, the next step is to open the tabs, finish up and publish your listings.

No shipping rates

Crosslist does not have the option of adding shipping rates to your listings.

But that shouldn’t be a problem since shipping rates and methods vary with marketplaces. Moreover, the owners set the shipping rates, which can change from time to time.

Why Crosslist Crossposting App Is A Must-Have Reseller Tool

  • Resellers won’t have to waste time cross-listing manually anymore.
  • You can make sales from multiple marketplaces without begging likers to accept even your lowest offers.
  • It gives resellers time to buy inventory and stock up their shops.
  • The Crosslist editing tool allows you to edit your pictures on the app and not individually on your online store. That’s pretty convenient.

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How Crosslist Crossposting App Works

Boom! That’s how the Crosslist cross-posting app helps you save time, cross-list like an expert reseller, and make more sales and money.

Sign up for a 3-day money-back guarantee, and try it out yourself.

And when you start using the Crosslist app, remember to come here and share your experience with us.

Please share this post on Pinterest and other social media platforms to help other resellers learn about Crosslist.

Thanks for reading.

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