Are you looking for crafts to make and sell to earn money from home?

A craft business is one of the most profitable businesses you can start today.

With a little investment, you should be able to start your handmade business.

Lots of women make good money making and selling crafts.

And you can too.

So if you are asking, “what can I make and sell?” Continue reading.

12 Craft Business Ideas: Things To Make And Sell From Home

We are going to explore:

  • 12 craft business ideas, and things to make and sell,
  • Whether you should sell complete handmade goods or craft supplies or even work with semi-finished craft products,
  • Where to sell your handmade goods, and
  • Ways to attract clients and make more money.

Let’s dive in.

Craft Business Ideas To Make Money

1. Hat-making/millinery


Hat-making is a very profitable craft business idea to make money from home because people wear hats for special occasions.

And most of the time, they want custom-made hats to go with their outfits.

In as much as you’d make and sell custom-made hats, you can also design and sell hats off the shelf.

Hat-design ideas:

See How To Start A Hat-making/Millinery Business. 14 Tips To Succeed!

2. Sewing


Before you start a sewing business, you need to learn how to use a sewing machine, and also how to cut patterns.

Once you know how to sew, you can start sewing basic things like pillowcases and dish towels to improve your sewing skills.

Here are a few examples of items you can sew and sell from home:

3. Knitting and crocheting


Knitting is no longer your grandma’s hobby. It is a great business to start from home and make serious money.

Starting a knitting business is very cheap, and you can find free crocheting and knitting tutorials on Pinterest and Youtube.

Knitting and crocheting business ideas:

4. Beading and jewelry making

Beading and jewelry-making are one of those crafts that make money fast right from home.

With your beading knowledge, you can make money creating statement jewelry, key rings, hair accessories, and lots more.

If you need design inspiration, visit Etsy, Pinterest, to see what others are creating. But DO NOT COPY!

Let me remind you that bead-making takes a toll on your neck and shoulders, so consider that when pricing your finished work.

You can check out EvonPink Accessories on Facebook for inspiration.

Few examples of beaded things to make and sell:

5. Wirework/wire jewelry making business idea

12 Craft Business Ideas: Things To Make And Sell From Home

Just like beading, wirework and jewelry making are crafts that make money from home.

And you may need some training to know the kinds of wires and tools you need for wirework.

Even after your training, you can check YouTube or Pinterest for more wirework tutorials and design inspiration.

These are some of the things to make with wire and sell:

6. Homemade skincare craft business idea

Another craft you can start from home is making and selling homemade skincare products.

Some people prefer skincare products that contain little to zero preservatives.

So you can make sugar scrubs, sugar wax, homemade body butter, etc., and sell them online.

Also, you can take skincare product formulation classes to learn about preservatives and how to use them.

Because this is a sensitive line of business, make sure to check the FDA fact sheet about selling homemade skincare products before you start.

A few handmade skincare products for inspiration:

7. Designing & selling digital products

A lot of people buy digital products to organize their lives.

So if you have graphic design skills, you can start a digital products store on Etsy, Shopify, or even your own website.

The best part about selling digital products is that you are not shipping anything to your customer.

So once your customer pays for the item, you send them a link to download and print the product.

With software like PowerPoint, Excel, or even apps like Canva, designing digital products can be easy and cheap.

Here are a few ideas of digital products to make and sell:

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8. Photography

If you enjoy taking pictures, why not turn it into a business?

You may need to invest in a good camera to take quality pictures and sell on Adobe Stock Photos.

Here are a few ideas for stock photos

  • food,
  • drinks,
  • cosmetic,
  • animals,
  • the environment,
  • the weather (Winter),
  • places you visit (the beach) and so many other things.

Visit Adobe Stock or Pixabay for inspiration.

9. Printing

12 Craft Business Ideas: Things To Make And Sell From Home

What I’m talking about is creating a design on your computer, then print them on mugs, tumblers, bags, and so many other things.

You can also draw your design, scan it to your computer, and then print it on a product.

Sometimes you may even get a contract to print on party favors.

Here are a few print ideas for inspiration:

10. Weaving

Weaving is one of those unusual crafts that make money from home. The most common materials for weaving stuff are straw, raffia, palm, and even wool.

You can weave and sell stuff like:

11. Hairstyling/making

12 Craft Business Ideas: Things To Make And Sell From Home

Hair making is a natural talent for some, while others have to get hairdressing training at a hair salon.

And since we are talking about crafts to make money from home, do not worry about getting a space outside your home.

Instead, you can buy hair extensions, mannequins, and hair-making tools to make wigs right at home.

Here are a few hairstyling craft ideas:

12. Woodwork

One more craft business idea you should consider is woodwork. If you are great at making things from wood, then this handmade business is for you.

You don’t have to create bulky furniture if that’s not your jam.

Some wooden things to make and sell:

Where To Sell Handmade Goods


This is one of the most popular places to sell handmade goods and craft supplies.

On Etsy, you can set up an online shop, add pictures and prices of your products.

Check out how to set up an Etsy store here.

Remember to share pictures of your items on Pinterest.


Another great place to set up shop for your handmade craft business is Shopify.

Shopify has a wide range of buyers and sellers all over the world.

Selling on Shopify is not free. So make sure to check the plan that works for your handmade business.

12 Craft Business Ideas: Things To Make And Sell From Home


If you sell digital products, Selz is a great place to start.

Selling on Selz is not free, so check the pricing and find what works for you.

Your own e-commerce craft store

If selling handmade goods on Etsy, Selz, Shopify, etc., does not work for you, create your own eCommerce website.

With your own store, you have full control of everything: pricing, shipping, payments, and profit.

And you don’t have to pay any monthly fees or commissions.

Though it is not easy to set up, you’ll be okay.

Other places to explore for selling handmade goods are

  • Facebook marketplace
  • Poshmark
  • Mercari
  • eBay, etc.

How Making And Selling Crafts Business Works

At this stage, you may have an idea of things to make and sell. And if not, that’s okay.

There’s no rush.

Before you begin making and selling crafts, you should know there are several ways to do it.

  1. You can make handmade goods from scratch to finish and sell them.
  2. Make craft supplies and sell them
  3. But semi-finished craft supplies, create your products and sell.

And whichever way you choose, you can still make money provided you put in the work.

Making handmade goods from scratch

This one takes the most time but it is great for you if you want to make a business selling customized handmade goods.

So if a customer contacts you make a hat for their wedding, you’d create everything from cutting the material, to adding the comb/headband, beads, etc.

Making crafts supplies

Unlike making handmade goods from start to finish, this time you’d be making them halfway, then other crafters can use them to finish their own work.

So in essence you are making and selling craft supplies.

This doesn’t take time to do, but it still is not easy.

Here are 50 Easy Unfinished Handmade Items To Make And Sell.

Crafting handmade goods with semi-finished craft supplies

Now let’s say you are the customer to the seller above.

You love to make and sell handmade goods but do not have time to start from scratch.

You can buy semi-finished supplies to make your products, and sell them to your customers.

Read more about How To Make Money Selling Semi-finished Craft Supplies.

12 Craft Business Ideas: Things To Make And Sell From Home

How To Attract Customers To Buy Your Handmade Goods

Social media

Share pictures of your products on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and even Pinterest with links to your online store.

Also, reach out to social media influencers or even celebs, and send them a few free products.

And when they use the product, they’d share a picture and tag you.

This can get you lots and lots of clients.

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Google ads:

If you have extra money to spare, consider advertising your handmade store on Google.

When you promote your business on Google, it shows up in search results based on the keywords.

Pinterest ads:

Pinterest is another great place to promote your craft business.

Advertising on Pinterest is quite affordable compared to Google AdWords.

Facebook ads:

That’s another platform to explore to run ads for your new craft store.

It is also budget-friendly and may get you some customers.


If you make and sell handmade goods or crafts supplies on Etsy, then try promoting there.

It is worth the try.

Trade fairs

Another place to get more handmade goods buyers is trade fairs. There you can meet handmade goods resellers, craft supplies resellers, and regular consumers.

So be on the lookout for trade fairs, and be ready when it is time.

12 Lucrative Crafts That Make Money From Home

Boom! Crafts Business Ideas To Make Money From Home

That’s twelve profitable crafts-making business ideas to make money from home.

I hope this gives you some inspiration for things to make and sell.

Remember to use quality materials, and make your work stand out.

Do you make crafts as a business?

Please share what kind it is, and tips to make money from it.

Thanks for reading!

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